I’m back and so is the internet!

Sorry for the lack in updates and replying to comments @_@
I got back in town a few days ago but unfortunately my internet was down (long story short, my family changed the internet service provider we had (not saying names because apparently they stalked me on my Twitter account when I was bitching for the umpteenth time about them – lesson here, use code names and not real names xD) and the “new” modem our new provider gave us was, to put kindly, a defective piece of shit. After having to deal with customer service and going through their little “check list” of possible problems, they found that it was in fact the modem that was defective.
Love how my dad whispered no shit, dude! to me xD
(he works in computers so he knows what he’s doing)
We had to wait a few days for a new modem to come and WA-LAH!
Internet working!
You go, dad! (totally going to be calling you if I have internet problems when I move this fall)
Anyway, I doubt anyone cares about RL drama like that.
What people care is about SLH apparently! ^_^ (right on!)
I’ve got Room #18 almost completely summarized – just need to finish a couple more pages and scan in some random pictures. Should be up in the next couple of days.
Also I’ll get to comments left and check out my usual lurks soon ~ Muhaha >:3

10 thoughts on “I’m back and so is the internet!

  1. Welcome back! (hehe first one to comment because I stalk you LOL)

    Wow. Your dad seems funny but congrats on getting internet. I seriously can’t wait for SLH summary (mostly because that teaser has me dying to know what happens). LOL I saw the Twitter status about Cain saying “I heart you”.


    • Thanks! (haha, I was wondering how you replied so fast ;p hey I stalk your page too so it’s all good :3)

      My dad is awesome
      *spoken like a true daddy’s girl*
      (he defeated me in this iphone game called “Word with Friends” using the word “Shat” the other day. I was all, SHAT!? Really!?)
      (Dad: >:3)

      Hopefully then the summary will not disappoint ;3
      Esp for you, since you like Cain (one day Kuga…one day)

      I love online translators
      If Cain ever said “I heart you” that would be the end of the world xD
      I also love looking up words because if you misspell by accident, oh man. The words I accidentally encountered…several times I stopped to scream WHAT!?
      (one time I screamed WTF!? Why is Ren talking about his menstrual cycle!? Since when did he have that!?)
      Really need to double check what I type in sometimes haha


      • Shat? Of all things, shat? New replacement word.

        Cain: I heart you
        *big earthquake that destroys the world*

        Ren: Whoops. I think I started my period!


      • “Words with Friends” is such a cheap game. Half of the time me and the person I’m playing against just make up words. Somehow “Mony” is an acceptable word. And “Oxo” (I kicked major ass with that one). “Equid” too.
        Lots of “wow, I can’t believe that was a word” moments xD

        Lol, recently Ren has been pretty mood-swingy lately. Maybe he really DID start his man period…
        (wait…or was it menopause that makes you have mood swings? =_= no…never mind. I don’t need an answer to that question)


    • Room #18 will make you scream WHERE’S #19!?
      The ending is left on a cliff-hanger that will make most go WTF!? (well, I did because I never saw that ending coming!)

      Be sad my fellow comrade. Kuga only gets like 3 pages of screen time before Cain boots him out of the way ;_;
      (damn you Cain!)


    • Haha, it’s alright
      I figured SLH would get more love than little ol’ me. Which is actually the reason I have this blog – to further promote Comic Sylph manga (like Stray Love Hearts) – so it’s working at least…even if it’s just a little ~ :3


    • Thanks 8D
      The picture I used was wintery, thus the theme was forced to be wintery
      Think of it as a “Christmas in July” thing…except Santa is a bishie ;3

      Ah, warriorhope. I noticed lot of posts I must check out on your blog.
      Expect comment spammage here soon ~


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