Crimson Empire Chapter 3

A new chapter of Crimson Empire is out 8D
After all these months!
Listen as the fangirl inside me screams in joy!
Especially because  my favorite character got some screen time in the beginning of chapter 3 ~

I’m pretty much just going to fangirl about this chapter. Best to read the chapter before reading this. The newest chapter can be found on mangafox :3

So, because it’s been so long since I last read this series, I have forgotten everyone’s names xD
Thus I’ll just be referring them to nicknames ~

Yeah my demon guy gets some time in the spot light 8D (haha, he looks like an old man in the above scene)

>_<||| Guess he’s one of those guys
Yeah, you know the ones I’m talking about
Well, as long as he doesn’t treat her like an item then it’s all good (we’ll see what later chapters bring)

So the demon guy met her when she was younger!? Nice how they neglected to mention this part when we were learning about the protagonist’s past in the last chapter D8 wtf…
(or maybe they did and I just don’t remember – what!? It’s been so long since I last read this series!)

For a scary demon, he provides some awesome laughs ~

I just put this scene in because of what’s going down on the upper right hand corner panel xD
Like, let me take this little kid on a tour through hell. That can’t mess her up anymore than she is now ~
Also, “You promised your future with me ~ kya <3
Lol, he sounds like a demanding girlfriend xD

Ah, I love serious characters – because it’s always fun to mess with them

OMG! It’s a new bishie
*pulls out bishie’dex alone with her bishie balls*
Lol, bishie balls do not sound kid-friendly xD

Ho Snap! Main girl actually going to kick some? She actually knows how to use that weapon? jk

And that is the end of Crimson Empire Chapter #3

There is other stuff going on
Something about the prince being targeted for assassination
Other stuff that I didn’t really care about xD

I saw on mangafox that Chapter #4 was released earlier too
I’m off to check it out ~

Also, thank you Boremance for continuing Crimson Empire 8D

6 thoughts on “Crimson Empire Chapter 3

    • If you read, you’ll smell a lot of males 8D
      It’s the scent of bishie ~

      There’s some dick who I think you’ll like in this series
      I notice those guys I think who are butt holes are your type xD haha


  1. AWWWWW a HAWT Megane male!!!!! I love Michael! And the way he said, “You will become mine!” OMG! If I had a Demon like that….


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