Super Stray Love Hearts Love

Totally  just exploded this blog with Stray Love Heart posts
Sorry for the lack of updates folks
Stuff has been going on
Now that the RL drama has simmered down a little, I was able to sit down and work on some SLH related posts
Let’s see, here is a list of what I got updated:

*thanks to kissmygeass for the RAWs

With all that, I’m almost all caught up with SLH 8D
Just Room #18 and a few Omake :3

Ah yes, and you’ve probably seen this being spammed all over the place on my blog
I have a poll going on
I’m curious to know who you the readers think the Heart Thief is
Please take a vote
I let numerous votes allowed because I have multiple people I suspect xD
They all look guilty!

Now, I’m off to crash
I stayed up way to late to post all these D8
That’s how much love is in these updates jk

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