Stray Love Hearts Room #17

Alrighty folks. I finally got around to reading Stray Love Hearts Room #17…two months after it was first released ^^:
I had stuff to do, people! Finals to survive. College to graduate from. Interviews to suffer through for graduate school. Having heart attacks over recommendation letters. Then whooting in joy at receiving my acceptance letter in the mail 8D
Was not a fun experience
But the end made it all worth the pain
I guess…
Anyway, enough of the RL stuff
We’re here for one thing: Kuga
Well, unfortunately in this chapter, Kuga doesn’t get much love.
It’s pretty much all Kitoo and, naturally, Cain.
I decided that instead of doing a summary, I wanted to see how my translation skills have improved since I started this whole fan project. Thus I’m going to do like what I did with Room #15 and have translations with the RAWs (don’t expect future Rooms to get this treatment – I like doing summaries a whole lot more than straight up fan translations).
Kissmygeass has been kind enough to let me use her RAWs again on my blog for my fan translations. If you have time, please visit kissmygeass‘s page and leave a comment to thank her for all her hard work (that and she has some awesome stuff for Durarara fans and G Fantasy fans ;3)
Just click on the icon below for her site.

Just wanted to say this again:

Thanks again kissmygeass!!!!!

For your viewing pleasure, I divided the chapter into 3 sections (just because I don’t want anyone’s computers to freak out due to loading so many images at once):

Part I

Part II

Part III

5 thoughts on “Stray Love Hearts Room #17

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    • No problem :3
      I wanted to test how much my translation skills have improved since I started this project
      I did this chapter pretty fast (not sure about the accuracy though xD) compared to Room #15
      But it took forever to paste together into wordpress D:


  2. thanks for the translations AND the summaries! they really help me a lot since the manga chapters are only available until chapter 7(?) online…


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