Stray Love Hearts: Room #10 Summary

With this I finally have a connection between my older chapter summaries and the newer chapter summaries 8D
Never thought I’d see the day when I’d actually do all these chapter summaries for Stray Love Hearts
Thought I’d get bored and quit halfway ^^:
Thank goodness for my love of Comic Sylph

Title: ストレイ・ラブ・ハーツ! (Stray Love Hearts or S.L.H.) Room #10
Manga-ka: 硝音あや
Source: Comic Sylph vol 4 (January 2009)

Not my image. Found on

**You can find the Russian RAWs here**

The chapter starts with Hiyoki recapping what has happened in the previous chapter: her shopping bag with all her clothes is missing and her date with Kuga is in danger of being ruined (the manga’s words, not mine. Put down the sharp pointy objects, Hiyoki x XXX fans).

Kuga apologizes for not keeping a closer eye on Hiyoki’s things when she was away. Hiyoki says the one to blame is her, for leaving her stuff unattended. Kuga says he’ll make it up to her by sewing up new clothes for her – with similar designs to those she bought. Naturally Hiyoki is all whoa O_O

Alright guys - now that I realized I was going in the wrong direction, I'm here. Let's do this!

The scene changes to Ren (who apparently realized in the previous chapter he was going the wrong way and turned around) confronting the punks. He asks, where did they get the bag from? One of the punks replies that he bought it.

Ren: *eyes the pink bag*

*eyes the punk*

=_=; (…)

Ren states the bag came from a girly shop. Ren decides to try another approach and states the punks were dissing S Dorm earlier. The punks deny it. The guy who I’m assuming is the leader says he got the pink bag because he wanted to by some stuff to give to his girl (Hah! Can now instantly tell you’re lying right there dude – punks don’t have GFs in shojo manga >:D You’re forever doomed to spank your own monkey), and then proceeds to hand off the pink bag to some random girls.

The leader claims Ren is falsely accusing him and is just looking for any reason to fight – as expected from those in S Dorm he adds. Ren thinks screw this interrogation method – time to use my man power to make you guys squeal!

He grabs the leader by the collar when a voice rings out:

“What is with all this ruckus?”

And like the sea parted for Moses, so do the punks for Cain xD

That's right, bitches. Drink in this awesome (is prob what Cain is thinking)

Everyone is going wild over Cain appearing, like he’s some rare Poke’mon. Ren has an oh shit expression on his face. He lets go of the leader’s collar with a tight face.

Cain says he can’t stand by and let the law be broken. He looks over to the girls and asks them to return the bag to the store it originated from, and to explain to the owner inside the bag was “found.” The girls run off, probably Twittering about the experience.

The leader of the punks tries to claim his party is innocent but Cain shoots him down. He says as Student Council President, he can’t let an unsightly fight go unpunished. Then, in added insult, he says he’ll dumb it down so everyone can understand: if a fight breaks out, both parties will be punished.

“Do you wish to continue?”

The punks think screw this and leave. Ren isn’t a happy bunny either.

“Try to use that head of your more often.”

Ren gets pissed by Cain’s remark but is stopped from messing him up when Stella appears out of no where and GLOMPS onto Cain.

I just got this shot for Cain's facial expression. He totally has the =_= going on xD

She says meeting with Cain is fate – the “red ribbon.” Cain says he doesn’t believe in superstition like that. Stella isn’t phased by Cain’s blunt manner. Instead, she changes the subject and mentions that Uryuu is looking for him (pssfft, that’s a lie, lady. He’s probably on top of one of these buildings as we speak, binoculars in one hand, listening device in the other). Thus the two go one their way, leaving Ren to glare holes into Cain’s back.

“Don’t act like you care.”

Ren has a MANPAIN moment (ahh, warriorhope – that’s an awesome term you’ve coined) and questions why is he here at St Nazareth.

The scene switches to Hiyoki. She’s leaving a number to call in case someone finds her bag and returns it to the store. Just as Hiyoki and Kuga are about to leave, those Cain fangirls from earlier come in. They explain the bag was found and they were told to bring it back here. Hiyoki is happy 8D Yeah – someone really did take it by mistake ~ she thinks.

Kuga smiles but then tells Hiyoki he has something he wants to tell her.

The scene switches to them sitting on a bench in the park. Hiyoki is getting nervous over what Kuga wants to talk about. She hides her nervousness by telling Kuga thank you for helping her shop and stuff.

And who should happen to walk by?

Nope. Not Cain. He’s done for this chapter until the very last few pages (sorry Cain fans – he’s got to go pose. It takes a while to find the right position for maximum Cainage xD)

It’s Ren.

Somehow, despite the last chapter ending with the punks walking right past his job site, Ren must have really taken a long time to figure out he was going in the wrong direction because he’s clear across town now…>_>

Anyway he sees Hiyoki and Kuga sitting on the bench and decides to Uryuu  (spy on) them. sure you aren't related to Uryuu ^^: Or maybe his apprentice?

Hiyoki mumbles they should get cake after this. Kuga just nods his head and falls silent. Ren wonders what’s up with the atmosphere between the two (and why they mentioned cake). Then he thinks OMG DON’T TELL ME KUGA IS GONNA CONFESS!

“Remember when we all had to go to that tea party…”
Hiyoki: O_O (Did Cain hug you while naked too Kuga!? OMG you’re not alone!)

“Have you noticed a change in Ichikawa since then?”

Ren is all dur!? Me?

Kuga is curious if Hiyoki has heard anything relating to the change in Ren. Hiyoki smiles and asks if Kuga is worried about Ren. Kuga explains he’s not yaoi for Ren – he’s got a debt to pay back.

I just liked how Kuga looked in this shot. No significance to the plot whatsoever xD

Flashback time: Kuga has just entered St Nazareth. We see some punks picking on him. Ren is walking by and notices this. He saves Kuga from the bullies by kicking a tree and knocking down bugs on the punks (because everyone knows that arthropods are a bully’s main weakness, next to teachers)

They run and hide in some random cellar. Kuga asks why Ren helped him. Ren says that had Kuga gotten into a fight with the punks, he might have hurt his hands (I thought Kuga was a singer…). After all, Kuga is in a band right?

Again, I put this shot in here due to Kuga. I bought the magazine so I have the right to fill my site with Kuga goodness xD

Kuga looks at Ren for a moment: how did you know that he asks. Ren pauses too. Then he goes WTF I LIVE IN THE SAME DORM AS YOU! NEXT DOOR!

Kuga says he doesn’t give a hoot about who lives around him to which Ren says he doesn’t give a shit about Kuga either. Ren says because he lives next to Kuga and the walls of S Dorm are so thin, he could hear the music Kuga was composing.

Kuga says he was in a band, past tense. Ren asks if it’s because St. Nazareth doesn’t have a music club (WTF!? This school has a giant mall and a friggin cruise line but it can’t spare a few pennies for a music club =_=; well…it’s always the clubs that get cut first I guess…). Kuga says yeah. Ren sighs: even if there isn’t a club, he says, as long as you have a place where you can gather people, you can sing anywhere – because of your love for music. Kuga smiles at hearing this, calling Ren meddlesome. Ren grumbles that at least he isn’t weak to which Kuga kicks the wall next to Ren’s face, demanding to know who he is calling weak. However, what Kuga kicked wasn’t a wall. It was a door. And he kicked it in.

Inside is a giant empty room.

Ren explains he stumbled upon this place while doing one of his jobs. Realizing he let it slip he is working when he’s not supposed to, Ren tries to get Kuga to keep his lips closed on the subject. However, Kuga is in another world…

Later, while eating, Kuga tells Ren of his idea of using the room to stage his performances. Ren is cool with the idea as long as Kuga keeps mum about the fact it was Ren who showed him the place.

“But, it’s good. This is gonna be interesting.”

While goes off to the side to joke about Kuga gathering in that basement with his own kind, Kuga asks if Ren is interested in music too. Ren has a MANPAIN moment before saying money is his love ~ <3

I wonder if this music thing has any relation to the Cain hate?

We return to the present where Hiyoki is putting two and two together – that place mentioned in the flashback was the place where Hiyoki saw first saw Kuga perform in back in Room #2.

Kuga goes on to say Ren is the type of guy not to rely on others, and that he feels Ren has some issues going on in his life.  That makes Kuga worry (Ren gets all embarrassed about this :3).

Hiyoki sits up from the bench suddenly (sad that she didn’t get a love confession? It’s okay Hiyoki…maybe next time *slaps Kuga over the head with a shoe*), startling Kuga. She turns around and smiles.

“It’ll work out. He’ll tell you about everything one day. After all, you guys are friends ^_^”

Kuga and Ren are all >_>: yeah…friends…(with benefits! 8D *bricked*)

Kuga adds that he wants to pay off his debt to Ren so that the battle between them will be fair (Ren snorts behind the tree he’s hiding behind, thinking that the debt between them had already been paid off long ago). Hiyoki doesn’t understand what Kuga means…naturally. She just thinks guys are hard to understand. Let me spell if out for you girl:


The two return back to S Dorm after their shopping adventure. Hiyoki is sad that the cakes Gai was looking for were all sold out. Noise from the dining hall catches the attention of the two. Inside, they find Yamashina, Gai, and Ren getting ready to mack down on some cakes: Gai’s cakes!


Hiyoki asks how did they manage to get the cakes – after all, they were sold out. Ren said he had a feeling someone here wanted to eat cake so he bought some. Hiyoki replies that it was amazing he knew Gai-senpai wanted the cakes.

Ren: O_O WTF it wasn’t you!?

Gai is giddy as a school boy over the cakes. Ren is crushed because he went back to work to make those cakes.  He nearly blows his cover when he says part of this sentence out loud and Gai overhears. But thankfully Gai is very simple (as his omake shows us) so he drops it. Hiyoki is giddy as a school boy too. Ren smiles at her, thinking at least he got a smile out of Hiyoki.

He thinks that if Hiyoki knew he could make stuff like these cakes, would she still continue to make him rice-balls (back in Room #1)?

The mood gets less angst (thanks Ren…I thought you were supposed to be the happy bad boy sterotype) when the subject of who Hiyoki is staying with next comes up. Asukai is cool. The boys unanimously agree on that. But the guy afterwards…Kitoo…yeah

(I find this hilarious because I just finished Room #17 which deals with Hiyoki’s stay with Kitoo xD)

Gai screams that Yamashina is the one who’s dangerous (because he got trapped in a net set by Yamashina and dragged away to slave over school work – Room #10). This prompts Yamashina to end their cake break and drag Gai back to study

Gai: Noes D8

As the party breaks up, Hiyoki thinks about Asukai. For an older student, he’s pretty friendly to everyone – except when he’s abusing Kitoo. She hopes that things with her next roommate will end up ok (but because you just thought that Hiyoki, it’s now going to suck).

She knocks on Asukai’s door. No one answers. Hiyoki is confused because she was sure Kousetsu said Asukai was in his room. She knocks again and finally the door starts to open. Asukai peeps out.

“Go away. No girl will ever be allowed in this room.”

(shit, he looks so crazy in this picture, had I not read Room #12, I would have sworn he was doing drugs)

Doesn't he look like he's on crack or something? Where'd those bags under his eyes come from!?

Hiyoki is all o_O; uh….

The scene switches to Cain trying to sleep.

And failing by the way he’s grunting and wailing around.

Here's Cain. Told you he left to get into position...

He shouts out shut up.

Suddenly he thinks of Hiyoki.

“I need to make her mine…”


Gah! What’s with guys being so possessive in manga/anime!? D8
This is why I am forever a Kuga fan
Just because of what he says to Cain in Room #18
Well, I finally have Room #10 done :3
Now those holding themselves back from reading the newer chapters due to this gap can go wild! Note that the “newer” chapters were some of my first chapters so they may suck.
Oh, yeah
I was lol-ing at this:

If you notice, Ren has his hand on Cain’s shoulder. After reading all these chapters, my mind thought, wait a minute. The only way Ren would ever be caught touching Cain would be if he were to murder him. Thus I decided to make an alternative cover:

Naturally Kuga would be the focus of the cover instead of smashed to the back in the original. And you have Ren’s one and only reason to touch Cain: to throttle him :3 Like how no one looks like the actual characters xD

6 thoughts on “Stray Love Hearts: Room #10 Summary

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  2. “Hah! Can now instantly tell you’re lying right there dude – punks don’t have GFs in shojo manga >:D You’re forever doomed to spank your own monkey), ”


    “Ren thinks screw this interrogation method – time to use my man power to make you guys squeal!”

    “My mind went places with that sentence….
    Ren has a MANPAIN moment (ahh, warriorhope – that’s an awesome term you’ve coined)”

    Sadly not mine. I got it from here:

    I think she got the term somewhere too…

    “Hiyoki: O_O (Did Cain hug you while naked too Kuga!? OMG you’re not alone!”

    Everyone hugged Cain when they were naked during the cultural festival…

    “Kuga smiles at hearing this, calling Ren meddlesome. Ren grumbles that at least he isn’t weak to which Kuga kicks the wall next to Ren’s face, demanding to know who he is calling weak.”

    The bromance is born~

    I really like how this chapter went into Kuga and Ren’s weird friendship/rivality. I also felt sorry that Gai was the most excited boy about the cakes. Next time.

    “Gah! What’s with guys being so possessive in manga/anime!?” It’s only cute when it involves arguements about measurements.

    I like your verison of the cover. I think that’s what probably happened immedateily afterwards.


    • “My mind went places with that sentence…”
      Haha, since there are only guys there, I’m guessing your mind went the yaoi route? xD jk

      “I got it from here…”
      OMG that’s awesome 8D
      It’s like a flow chart for all that is generic shojo xD

      Wow, that would be one crazy cultural festival to remember…
      Massive group hugs…everyone in their birthday suits…*bad images*

      And in the future, we’ll see some trouble in that bromance
      (seriously – seeing how Kuga is all, you’re hiding something from me. Don’t hide things from me. Tell me. And Ren is all, no I’m not *obviously lying due to MANPAIN expression on his face & sitting alone in a poorly lit room*)

      I was really wondering how Kuga and Ren became friends
      Knew there had to be a story behind that :3
      And Gai being school boy crazy over the cakes was awesome
      (one of Gai’s few shining moment)

      Ah, possessive boys and their need to know of their girl’s 3 sizes…pervs xD

      Thankie ~
      I couldn’t stop staring at the cover (specifically at where Ren’s hand was)
      There was no way that picture was happening


    • ARKYNOX!!!!

      You can do whatever you want with Cain my friend – he’s yours
      Just leave Kuga be muhahaha >:3


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