Manga Opinion: Elemental Gelade Volume #7

I can’t believe how behind I am on Elemental Gelade! (there’s already like 11 out now D8)
The reason I stopped collecting the volumes was because I was grudging against Tokyopop at the time (that’s when a lot of the series I was collecting from them had their future volumes canned/put on hiatus/whatever)
Only reason I got these recent volumes of Elemental Gelade is because rightstuf had them discounted in price (ah, rightstuf <3)
So now I get to see what happens to Cou and crew on their journey to Edel Garden ~

Title: Elemental Gelade volume #7
Manga-ka: Mayumi Azuma

Summary on the back:

Fearing that Coud will be arrested, the party avoids the train and instead climbs up a mountain to a ropeway station – which has been closed for six years! While Coud works on fixing the ropeway car, Rowen and Cisqua become suspicious about Viro’s unusual behavior. But before they can get any answers from her, her boss shows up and attacks them! Who – or what – is Viro, and what is her true purpose?

Volume #7 was dedicated purely to Vivo. We’ve seen some hints in the previous volumes that she’s not really who we think she is (especially the way #6 ended!).  After being confronted by Cisqua (at gun point no less!) everything gets revealed. I figured she was probably somehow related to the evil bad guys but I didn’t see her being what she was at all!

We also get to see that crazy sonofabitch from the end of #6 again. Gawd he scares the crap out of me! Seriously hope he gets taken down before he chops off anyone else’s limbs :|

Most of volume #7 deals with fighting although the beginning did have some funny scenes. Enjoyed the fact the girls (minus Vivo and the Edel Raids) were very pissy at Cou for denying them their train ride (love the evil aura radiating off them xD).

This is random but I definitely saw some Rowen x Vivo moments. I’m surprised – I didn’t know Vivo was Rowen’s type (considering who is Edel Raid is haha).

Overall, Elemental Gelade still entertains. Volume #7 ends on a sad note as we say farewell to someone from Team Cou :’<

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Satisfied

Feelings: Depressed over the way the volume left off

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