Manga Opinion: Jihai volume #3

Can’t believe this is the final volume of Jihai
My first ever CMX title completed ~
I’m sad that my last volume didn’t come with a color insert like the previous two did
But I’d rather be missing that than the volume itself
Like a certain other company likes to do >_>

Title: Jihai volume #3
Author: Toshimi Nigoshi

Final volume. Dis can unlock the secret to extending Aoi’s lifespan – if he’s willing to resume his old identity as the murderous war hero Arcline Cole! But that’s a price Aoi is not willing to have his friend pay. Meanwhile, Tris is about to be replaced in the church, but he’s resisting. And when tragedy strikes one of the gifted kids, all bets are off.

We finally have arrived at the end ~

Volume #3 starts with Dis taking Aoi sightseeing. Aoi is happy to be spending his last days with Dis. Instead of choosing life and making Dis be someone he despises, Aoi chooses death by keeping mum about the conditions which would result in his life span being extended. There are lots of man buddy moments between Dis and Aoi which are entertaining to watch :3 Shirakusa comes back to town (yeah ~) which makes it even better.

Lots of drama happens between the four main males of Jihai: Aoi, Dis, Tris, and Shirakusa. I won’t go into too much detail but I’ll leave off with Tris being involved in a shooting and Dis telling Shirakusa once Aoi has passed on, he plans on going back to being Arcline! OMG!?

I’m happy with the way Jihai ended (sylphalchemist approved xD). It was super cute and made me extremely happy that I bought this series (despite no one knowing what it was about).

Volume #3 has lots of man hugging, in an I’m your bro for life, man way. I know it’s sexist, but seeing guys man hug is funny for me xD (so that added to my enjoyment).

Characters who made an appearance in volume #2 come back in #3 which surprised me – usually secondary characters are kicked to the side like dog turds.

I would have liked to see more about the “Ravant Paradise” but that’s just me being curious.

The only thing I didn’t like about Jihai volume #3 was someone bite the bullet, literally. Actually, 2 characters bit it :< I never like it when characters die, especially when the reader has gotten so attached to that character

In conclusion, I found Jihai to be an entertaining read for me – from beginning to end. It’s a good book about friendship (and I love the eye candy). I like Jihai so much I plan on reading this manga-ka’s other work released in the states by CMX: “Flat Earth/Exchange.”

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Greatly Satisfied

Feelings: Warm fuzzies

3 thoughts on “Manga Opinion: Jihai volume #3

  1. OMG!!!

    bought it !!!!!

    god! a question .. have seats?

    be willing to make the volume scanners for something?

    esque my parents will not let me buy anything online .. i do not find where I can read it online D:

    please TAT


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