CMX going bye-bye?

Shinpachi here is expressing what I’m feeling right now folks
Saw on Anime News Network that CMX is going to close its doors in July 2010
Sadness because I just finally started buying manga from CMX too
Looks like there will be even more series on my shelves that will never be completed (or at least, not for awhile until my Japanese gets better)
Broken Blade and Polyphonica
Noes ~

I’m glad I got to finish Jihai at least ;_;

There is a silver lining…maybe:

The website reports that details about CMX’s other unfinished titles are still being worked out.”

So there is a chance they may come out
I don’t know if that means someone else will rescue these titles or what
But hopefully future volumes will come out
*crosses fingers*

All I know is I’m going to grab me the rest of Flat Earth/Exchange‘s volumes before they go OOP

7 thoughts on “CMX going bye-bye?

  1. I really need to get the Emma manga now while it’s still in print! (I read it all at my local library) I also need to get the final 3 volumes of KKJ that I didn’t get yet. I only have 4 volumes of CMX manga, but they were getting ready to publish a lot of series I was planning on getting (Polyphonica, NyanKoi, Shisso Holiday), so this is rather depressing. :[


    • I have some of the titles CMX carries but I got them in Japanese because they were dirt cheap (Shinigami no Ballad, Teru Teru x Shounen, Shiranai Kuni no Monogatari, etc).
      The only English ver I carried were Broken Blade, Jihai, and 1 vol of Emma and Flat Earth/Exchange.
      Sigh, I was really looking forward to their newest acquisitions though (Polyphonica, Nadeshiko Club, Ah! Itoshi no Banchousama, etc)
      Tis a sad day :<


  2. That sucks! I need to finish buying KKJ too and get Nyankoi and Nadeshiko Club. This and Go Comi sinking really shows the market is in the toilet. Hopefully, Viz or someone will buy out some of the releases like Funi been doing for anime.


    • Yeah, as Kelakagandy says, Nyankoi and Nadeshiko Club are screwed :<
      I'm a jinx or something with these smaller publishers
      I just get into Go Comi stuff again and they sink
      Next I get interested in CMX's stuff and away they go into the deep blue…

      I really hope someone saves their titles (both Go Comi and CMX)
      I'm hoping Yen Press for 07-Ghost
      And Viz for the shojo titles


      • If someone doesn’t save 07-Ghost, I’m thinking about getting the Chuang Yi English versions if possible. It might be kind of expensive to import from Singapore, but it’s better than no English version. :]


  3. @kelakagandy
    I’m grabbing me the Japanese version in the future if that’s the scenario ><
    I really hope someone rescues 07-Ghost because I'm really liking what I'm reading
    Teito is adorable ~
    And his pink dragon thingie too ~
    The world must not be denied 07-Ghost D8


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