Spoilers: The Stories of Ibis

Ah crap, I forgot all about this post
Forgive the crappy SPOILERS edition here folks
I’m actually typing this up right before hitting the hay
My phone alerted me that “hey, we published that post of yours you scheduled for today”
Me: (just about to turn the lights off) DAMMIT!
So here is SPOILERS #7 for The Stories of Ibis light novel ~
The last story in this light novel basically ties everything together. Those earlier stories Ibis was telling the main guy (MG for short) were stories her master told her about.

From what I remember, the whole thing starts with some people doing fucked up things to their AI (like rape them, or beat them, or do pedophile things to them). Ibis’s owner gets super pissed because I guess a copy of her was tortured and stuff but nothing was really done because AI don’t have like, rights. So her master and some of his home dogs work to get AI rights (because, WTF, who rapes and beats someone and claims it’s justifiable because it’s not a real person =_=).

Naturally there are those who are against giving AI rights, saying they’ll try and take over the world or by raping those AI they prevent real people from being raped (nice logically thinking there idiots – weren’t you people the ones saying video games breed crazies. So basically by raping these AI, don’t they become like the crazies and do what they do in video games in RL? =_= sigh whatever). So there are fights on both sides.

Then around this time, androids are being made. The first is some person. The second is going to be Ibis’s friend Raven and later down the line Ibis will get a body. When Raven first gets made, some hillbilly extremists attack her and break her. No real charges are pressed because AI still don’t have rights (WTF her owner/master/whatever was there too! He could have been shot/beaten. Isn’t that attempted murder or something? Endangerment? Anything!?).

Anyway, this pisses Ibis’s owner more because he’s afraid for her – and his friends get pissed because wtf these crazy extremists are nuts. Blah blah. Ibis gets her body made. She notices that everyone fighting for the AI rights are actually becoming crazy angry like the other extremists so she and all the AIs decide to “revolt.” Basically she and Raven do a mock battle in public (because both were originally battle AI – think Street Fighter or Mortal Combat except more extreme) to get attention and when the battle is done, look to the crowd and camera crews and tell them: hey man, we don’t want you people to be all crazy and shit. We want this hate to end. We won’t fight against you – we’ll win this through pacifism. Other androids and AI all over the world clamor the same thing. People get the message that hey, maybe these AI aren’t bad.

Time goes on. AI get their rights – the extremists lost face when they kept attacking the androids but the androids didn’t attack back.

This is where is gets kind of dumb. Some of the humans who said fuck you androids went off to live some where. Those humans that thought, hey, AI are cool suddenly “realize they are a problem to the earth so stop having kids and decide to die off and let the AI rule everything.” =_= Serious WTF. If you realize you are  a problem, why not use this new info to become a solution? I mean, what person would go I’m pollution so I won’t have children so I won’t destroy the earth more?

By these AI friendly humans dying, that only left those humans who hated AI. They continued to have babies because I guess they weren’t enlightened like the AI friendly ones. The anti-AI humans eventually make up shit about the androids taking over and causing the downfall of humans – that’s how we have that mindset in the beginning of the story.

Ibis and the other androids try to help the anti-AI humans but they are dumbasses and say F U (that’s like some country that’s been hit by a disaster going, shove your pity money and doctors. We don’t need that. We can look after ourselves – which results in hundreds of people dying. Yeah. It’s pretty sad and pathetic ). So the androids do stuff to secretly help the humans (like letting their cargo trains get raided by humans – so the humans will get the supplies without thinking the androids helped them).

Blah blah. Ibis takes MG to space to show that hey, we’re spreading out and exploring other worlds. It was the human dream to travel in space but humans with their pathetic meat bodies can’t do it so we androids will do it instead.

Raven makes a cameo, decked out in Angel lingerie

MG: *nosebleed*

So MG goes back to earth and takes it upon himself to try and change the way humans think of androids, one story at a time…(because Ibis gives him a shit load of chips filled with stories for him about human x android interactions)

The end

I liked everything except the whole nice humans letting themselves die off part. That just sounds so against normal nature for me (my biologist mind can’t wrap around that) but that may just be me and the pressing need to sleep talking haha.

3 thoughts on “Spoilers: The Stories of Ibis

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    • Haha, damn straight ~
      Send me some bishies ~
      Yeah, I really don’t understand why to good ones stopped having babies :/
      That was just dumb
      But other than that, I found the book interesting :3


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