Light Novel Opinion: The Stories of Ibis

Another good book read 8D
Haikasoru‘s newest titles have been rocking my world
I’m hoping more novels in the form of short stories make their way over to the states (I’m super excited to read Otsuichi‘s Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse which is coming out soon ~)

Title: The Stories of Ibis
Author: Hiroshi Yamamoto

Not sure why the theme is water on the cover when Ibis is described as fiery...


Centuries in the future, the diminished populations of humans live uncultured lives in their own colonies. They resent the androids, who have built themselves a stable and cultural society. In this brutal time, our main character travels from colony to colony as a “storyteller,” one that speaks of the stories of the past.

One day, he is abducted by Ibis, an android in the form of a young girl, and told of the stories created by humans in the ancient past. The stories that Ibis speaks of are the seven novels about the events surrounding the announcements of the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in the 20th to 21st centuries. At a glance, these stories do not appear to have any sort of connection, but what is the true meaning behind them? What are Ibis’ real intentions?

The population of mankind has been dwindling ever since the androids rebelled and took control of the Earth. While traveling, a young storyteller encounters a female robot. Thinking it’s a security robot (for earlier he had just stolen supplies from a supply line the robots use) the boy does battle with the robot…and loses. This is no ordinary robot…this one was built to fight.

Rather than kill the boy, the robot takes him back to the robot colony and explains its reasoning for searching out the storyteller. Through a series of short stories, we learn about how the world is not at all as we think it is…

The Stories of Ibis was a fun read for me. I love short stories. This novel definitely reminded me of Zoo, another light novel series of Haikasoru’s that involves short stories. However, while the two are similar they are at the same time opposites. If I had to venture an analogy to use, I’d both are like fairy tales, with The Stories of Ibis as the Disney Princess version while Zoo is the Brothers Grimm version. Each story had a lesson in it.

I especially liked how the last story in The Stories of Ibis connected all the other earlier ones.  Though I’m still a little skeptical about certain bits in the end but that’s just me.

I don’t know why but even though I was fed a lot of information, I didn’t feel overwhelmed like when I read Usurper of the Sun like I was reading a graduate level textbook.  I was able to easily comprehend what was being told and was entertained at the same time.

Overall I enjoyed reading the Stories of Ibis. I’m happy the newer titles of Haikasoru’s have yet to disappoint me!

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Satisfied
Feelings: Entertained – favorite short story was A Romance in Virtual Space :3

7 thoughts on “Light Novel Opinion: The Stories of Ibis

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    • I am shocked by the mass amount of books I have been reading
      Usually I’m a bad child and read like 1 a month
      Prob because a lot of titles I wanted to check out came our recently
      Totally recommend you read this
      It may be sci-fi but it was fun sci-fi :3


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