New theme, new header ~

Ah, I’m loving the new themes wordpress has been dishing out recently
I keep changing my blog’s theme just to test them out haha
I still haven’t found that one theme I can call “me” yet but we’ll see!
Right now, the theme being sported is the Bueno.
I’m liking everything except the fugly font for my blog’s name (the one on the very top of my header) and the fact I have to use a really light background or else no one can read the stuff on the right column (laments over not being able to use her Trinity Universe background).

Because this theme uses a different header size than Twenty Ten I decided to make a new one.
Actually, just took a picture from the upcoming PS3 game Atelier Totori (yeah for Atelier games ~) and adjusted it sideways haha
I didn’t want to make anything hardcore because I may end up changing the theme again (because that fugly font is really bugging me ^^;)

The background I found on the internet, specifically here.
I figured since I’m doing a pink theme (one of the neat options you can use for the Bueno theme is color scheme), I might as well have something pink and Japanese –> SAKURAS ~

Ah ~ Now that school is out, expect lots of stuff to be posted.
Or not :p
Depending on how the summer goes ~
(I am being forced to go to my first convention. Will be interesting ^^:)

Ah, don’t worry. I won’t neglect this blog (because how else will I keep in contact with you @arknyox? Darn you and your “my phone won’t have a signal for texting/calling/communication/keeping in contact with the world” new job location *shakes an angry fist* jk I’m happy for you girl. A new change is just what you need :3)

With the summer means time which means working on my backlog 8D
And finishing off those remaining chapters of Stray Love Hearts (I have not forgotten people ~)

The summer of not having to attend summer classes has arrived ~

Also, yeah for Akismet for blocking 540 things of spam ~
I didn’t think  my blog was worthy enough to be spammed jk xD
Don’t know why I put this bit. Probably because I wanted to go “Yeah ~” haha

17 thoughts on “New theme, new header ~

    • Thanks man! *hugs*
      You will be. Along with 11 million people ^^

      Yeah, I’ll save your new blog ~
      Of course I’ll comment. I’m a comment whore remember? I like getting comments and leaving comments (I think I scare a lot of people by doing that haha)
      And I’ll make sure not to neglect this like I am doing my facebook (I’m just not interested in it >.>)
      Also remember I play on LJ too since my friends from school don’t believe in blogging T-T
      Plus I have pictures of Gumbi there hoho


    • Thanks ~
      I’m surprised how well the two came out

      Lol, I’m not sure if she’s a he or not. I haven’t played the game yet (it’s going to be released in Japan first and then maybe *crosses fingers* in the US, depending on how its prequel sells (coming soon, not sure when though)).
      Isn’t it funny how if the female character doesn’t have cup size D honkers we instantly get suspicious? xD


  1. The banner’s cute and the background’s pretty. And lucky! You get out of school early! I get out in June! Because Six Flags and other amusement parks wanted longer summers and so they made summer longer and thus making school longer as well. If only Six Flags was still open.


    • Thank you ~ :3

      Haha, the only reason I’m out early is because my school wants to make some money$ for summer classes. The second we’re out for Spring semester, part I of the Summer classes start. Then somehow in June, part II of the Summer classes start.
      My school is all about the money >_> It’s sad really…

      I learned something new today ^^ I had no idea about that. I seriously live under a rock under the sea sometimes…


    • Thank you ~ I love how girly it is ^o^

      Yeah, for college we get out early for Spring Semester so they can suck more money out of us by instantly having Summer Semester ready to go 8x
      Can’t say much because Summer classes are SUPER easy (no one cares – both the students and the teacher which is great if you want to take hard classes and get a good grade on them – like I did with Organic Chemistry ~)


  2. hi
    i’m so thrilled that i found this site. that article was so helpful. thanks again i signed up to this article.
    are you planning to post similar posts?


    • Hello there
      If you’re talking about my header changes, I do it sporadically (no set schedule xD) but I have a page dedicated to my old headers if you ever miss anything :3
      If you mean the anime + manga goodness, you betcha!
      Thanks for the comment ^^


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