Spoilers: Be With You

On # 6 of SPOILERS!
Tokyo Majin is still the most popular of the 6 though ^^
(I’m sort of honored because that was my first ever SPOILERS edition)
This SPOILERS rendition is going to be a quick one: Be With You

Nothing much to say.

Mio comes back and we get to see how she and Takkun got together and married. Turns out they were classmates in school but they never really noticed their feelings for each other. They graduated and went their separate ways.  However, when signing Mio’s yearbook, Takkun left a treasured pencil in her book. This event brings them together and they start to slowly date.

Things are going good until Takkun collapses one day from exercising too much. From here, he starts to develop many of the problems he has in the beginning of the book – he can’t go into movie theaters, he can’t ride in cars, he has anxiety attacks, etc.

No one can figure out what’s wrong with him. Worried about Mio, Takkun decides to keep his problems to himself and break it off with her. He doesn’t want to be a burden on her.

They go their separate ways when one day Mio gets into contact with Takkun. Mio says she wants to be with Takkun despite all the problems he tells her about (he finally confesses everything).

Yeah ~ So they have Yuji and life goes on until Mio dies.

Now Mio has come back. But Mio doesn’t remember anything. No one’s too bothered. They’re just happy to have Mio back. Mio begins to fix Takkun and Yuji’s life so when she has to leave again, she knows they’ll be able to handle themselves.

Unfortunately, Mio does eventually go back to wherever she came from.

Takkun later comes into possession of a letter Mio left right before she died. We find the reason Mio approached Takkun all those years ago. Turns out she got hit by a car and went unconscious. She (spiritually) ended up in the future – she’s the Mio Takkun and Yuji meet! This is why she has no memories of them.

When Mio went back (to the past), she had no memories of the time she spent with Takkun and Yuji in the future until later. She knew that even though she was going to die in the future she wanted to be happy with Takkun and have Yuji, so she chose to go find him and be with him.

Mio tells Takkun to take care of Yuji and that she’ll be waiting at Archive (it’s a place Takkun tells Yuji where those who have died go) for him.


Be With You was really sad yet happy. I read it pretty quickly because I wanted to figure out how Mio just randomly came back from the dead…Well, now you know she didn’t come back from the dead. She came from the past ^^

4 thoughts on “Spoilers: Be With You

    • (not a problem ~ :3)

      I just found out how to capture screen shots on this computer (it was funny because I learned this in my physiology lab of all places!) so I decided to try it out on the first episode of Hakuouki. I had lots of shots captured but my computer was a whore and restarted itself (damn windows and its updates), deleting all my captured shots I hadn’t been able to make into icons yet D8 (sadness)

      When I finally get around to watching the later episodes of Hakuouki I’m going to make more (and save them before my computer decides to restart itself again…)
      Particularly, of Saito xD (Saito = <3)

      Saito thanks you for your love kelakagandy haha


  1. Holy cow that’s so sad and yet so awesome and yet and yet again to learn it really good and I read it and yet I don’t because I don’t want to cry. I sort of feel like crying mood like I need a she dies or where he dies hard break tears r going to fall story…


    • Dude, if you want sad: Socrates in Love
      Heard even grown men start crying like a leaky faucet after reading it
      I’m mentally preparing myself for the tears before I get that book
      That and I have too many other books I need to get out of the way before that
      Ah backlog, how you never seem to shrink haha


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