Manga Opinion: Jihai volume 1

Wow, I have not read a book from CMX since…Land of the Blindfold I think. Even then, I never finished the series. It had so much potential but…nothing really happened. :/
Got to thank rightstuf for having those 3 day sales. I was bored and looking for some new titles to try out. I saw Jihai’s cover and thought, hey ~ cute guy with his chest almost exposed. Oh yeah! (no judging people; we all have our way of deducing if we want to try something or not).

Title: Jihai
Manga-ka: Toshimi Nigoshi


When his childhood friend is murdered, 17-year-old clone Aoi spends his last year to live looking for the killer! As he searches for revenge, Aoi uses his ability to travel through the Jihai (wasteland), where supposedly nothing can survive, to act as a courier. After a routine delivery goes wrong, a pistol-packing padre named Tristram saves Aoi, but Tristram’s buddy Dis accidentally runs him over!

Tristram and Dis take Aoi back to their home country – a place where clones are treated like people, not possessions – to heal his ankle. But Aoi quickly realizes something is amiss in this new land. What are Tristram and Dis hiding, and will they be allies in Aoi’s cause… or a threat?

Jihai is definitely a title I have never really heard of before. There are no scanalations to preview and I haven’t run across anyone who even knows of this manga’s existence. You know it’s bad when your mangaupdate listing is pretty much bare with no reviews. But I somehow stumbled onto Jihai and I’m actually pretty grateful I did.

Jihai revolves around Aoi, a young ravant (fancy word for clone). He’s on a mission to find someone. However, he’s short on time.  In order to do his mission fast, he needs to get some monetary funds, so he offers his services as a courier. When one of his jobs goes wrong, Aoi is saved (to some extent >_>;) by a group of men who just happened to be in town to do some grocery shopping. Unfortunately, during this ‘saving’ bit, one of the guys accidently mows Aoi down with his vehicle XD. Injured, Aoi is forced to stay with these people until he recovers. However, the more Aoi lives with them, the less his desire to go and find the one he searches for.

Until he learns of the pasts these men are hiding.

First thing I noticed after reading volume 1 is that there are almost no girls. This book is all about the bishis.

During one scene, a side character asks one of the main characters if the rumors about him taken in a bride were true. I half expected this character to look at the side character and go, of course not! There are no females in this manga foo! xD

Also, there isn’t really much in terms of action. It’s kind of bland actually. But regardless, I found the book entertaining. I liked the characters. Not only were they good looking but they were cute personality wise. I especially love Dis. He’s like the awesome big brother I never had. Aoi too is cute, in a I don’t know whether I want to hug you or punch you in the nuts little brother way.

There is definitely a lot of mystery surrounding not only the men who rescued Aoi but also Aoi himself. I’m interested in finding out what happened in everyone’s pasts. Also, I’m hoping future volumes talk more about ravants and the world of Jihai.

Overall, Jihai isn’t anything groundbreaking but I found myself greatly entertained. I liked the characters which that alone is enough to keep me hooked.  I didn’t notice much problems with CMX’s translations (just a few typos here and there). I’m shocked there was a colored page in the beginning 8O. I’m looking forward to see what happens with Aoi after the way volume #1 ended.

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Satisfied

Current feeling: Warm fuzzies

4 thoughts on “Manga Opinion: Jihai volume 1

  1. You do know this is probably a guy on guy book. They’re probably all piggybacking one another and that’s why there is no females new plots no action no nothing. ha ha ha ha


    • You know…you might be right
      I mean, they’re not doing human Legos but the main pair like to man hug a lot…
      Then again, guys like to hug each other…it’s manly…right?

      Shut up
      I like this manga ><


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