Stray Love Hearts Love and Auspicious is now 300!

Alright, thought I’d do a quick overview of what happened recently.
I got summaries of Stray Love Hearts out as well as some omake (Kuga and Gai – these are old for those who follow my blog but some people may not know about them so I decided to put them in this post. Spread the omake love :3)

I don’t have a set date for when Rooms #9 and #10 are going to be out (though granted I rarely meet the deadlines I make for myself any way xD). Expect it sometime in the middle of May.

Also, happiness for Auspicious now reaching lvl 300! Thanks for all the clicks you guys 8D

I’ll end this by saying 3 things:

1.) WTF Gumby was seen at my school (we totally took pictures with him 8D because come on! It’s Gumby!)

2.) In case you haven’t heard, the Room #4 has been released by Turtle Paradise (this is the link to mangafox) – yeah! Go get your Gai love people ~!

3.) I have finally started buying shojo manga again 8D Expect reviews in the future ~

12 thoughts on “Stray Love Hearts Love and Auspicious is now 300!

  1. ah~ Butterflies, Flower and 07-Ghost are great choices! (Skip Beat! is good too, but since I don’t have it, I feel like I can’t praise it as much). The only problem being that 07-Ghost’s poor publisher is basically dead. D: They claim to just be sitting things out, but we’ll see. I’d love to get more 07-Ghost, but who knows… :[


    • Your review pushed me to get Butterflies, Flowers :3 (that and it was in stock so I got the in-stock savings deal on rightstuf xD Yeah ~).
      I like me some good romantic comedy.
      Plus warriorhope says the main character actually slaps a bad guy which amuses me 8D

      I got 07-Ghost because Rin mentioned it on her site (I remember reading the scanalations awhile back and liking it a lot). I’m sad to hear Gocomi isn’t doing too hot. Other than 07-Ghost, the only other manga of theirs I own is Crossroad. Been meaning to get Cy-Believers because I like that manga-ka’s stuff (also Three in Love but that’s on hiatus too…>_>)


  2. OMFG Skip Beat~! Sorry, I just really love skip beat. Butterflies, Flowers and 07-ghost are awesome to, despite that go-comi is as, Kel said, basically dead. G


    • I’m so ashamed how far behind I am on Skip Beat! 20 volumes already out in English!? And me here on #6 D8 Mega DOH!
      I’m looking forward to trying Butterflies, Flowers, especially because you and kelakagandy both praise it so much :3
      And sadness to Gocomi :(
      I’m hoping they pull out of their slump…


  3. I love the little evil action figure you have a standing there in front that is the best! Fox I think you are starting to think like me except I know you are! And yes I am back blogging now!!!


    • I love my nendoroid <3
      I got one because I heard you can switch the faces and stuff with other nendoroids!
      (I have two others on order but apparently they're being shipped by the pony express from Japan because rightstuf hasn't gotten them yet. Oh well ~)

      I'm so happy you're back arkynox!
      It's never the same without you girl!
      This calls for a bro fist moment: *bro fist!*


    • Lol, yeah wordpress got a new theme so I wanted to try it out: Bueno
      It looks super cute but I’m not liking the font on the top of this page. Very manly. Very not me :<
      I'm probably going to change it here soon


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