Stray Love Hearts: Room #7 Summary

Here’s Room #7, in all its late glory.
This chapter is kind of a boring one.
Nothing much happens.
Cain being his usual badass self.
Kuga being his usual awesome self.
The other guys…existing xD
It’s Room #8 the Cain fans will like, and Room #9 & #10 the Ren and Kuga fans will like
Without further ado, here’s Room #7!

Stray Love Hearts Room #7 Summary
Source: Stray Love Hearts bound volume #2

Not mine. Found on

***You can find the RAWs here (but they’re in Russian ^^;). This way you at least have pictures to go along with the summary (or if you read Russian, bonus!)***

Chapter opens up with Hiyoki explaining the whole situation concerning her heart being stolen by that guy with long platinum hair and a heart tattoo and her quest to find it. Yada Yada.

The scene shifts and we’re looking at A Dorm. Hiyoki is reading about the history of A Dorm in a pamphlet provided XD (so random!) because A Dorm is just awesome like that. Gai is trying to open the door but is unable to – it’s locked. Hiyoki is surprised because when she went to A Dorm back in Room #5, the door was wide open, just waiting for fangirls to storm in and tear the place apart :3. Ren grumbles about how it’s just like A Dorm to invite S Dorm out here then bar the doors shut.

"I know my way around here because of Uryuu. We're peeping buddies. I spy on Stella and he spies on Cain 83"

Kitoo says to use the intercom by the door (when did that get there!? And how did he know about that!?). Hiyoki pushes a button and Yamashina answers. Hearing Hiyoki’s voice, Yamashina says he’ll open the doors up. Hiyoki is a bit relieved knowing Yamashina is there (Kuga; D’:).

Hiyoki’s thoughts shift to when she bitch slapped Cain across the face (the scene showing that looks so hilarious – Cain is all, ahhh ~ ! >o< all dainty like XD). She didn’t mean to – it was an unconscious act. She wonders if he’s mad about it (Of course he is! She totally sent Cain crying home for his mama 8D).

Hiyok then asks herself if they’ll ever meet again…

Ren notices Hiyoki zoning out and asks if everything is alright. Hiyoki snaps out of it and says it’s cool. Time to go into the belly of the beast: A Dorm

Cue bad-ass theme song

And guess who’s there? NBC!

Where ever there is a scoop, we’re there >:3

NBC asks the boys questions (naturally side stepping Hiyoki). Then they notice Kitoo. The main reporter remarks how this tea party event may actually turn into a showdown. Before any more details can be pumped out, Asukai intervenes and gets Kitoo away from the reporter.


The main reporter instead decides to fanboy about how awesome A Dorm is and blah blah (I think he’s just reading what he memorized off that pamphlet provided…). Yamashina comes down and saves them from the reporter’s gushing. He apologizes that he’s the one coming to greet them. Ren sarcastically remarks no one expected some one great like the president himself to come greet them. Yamashina tells the boys to go upstairs to Hall D. Hiyoki is going to go this way…

“I’ve brought her.”

Whoa snap. Is this what Uryuu meant by…damaging/scarring her thoroughly (Room #6 reference)?

However, inside isn’t Cain. It’s Stella! Kind of…letting the girls hang out…>_>; Yamashina exits the room, leaving Hiyoki alone with Stella. Stella eyes Hiyoki:

“I’ve been waiting for you:  the Stray Girl of S Dorm.”

Naturally Hiyoki is all WTH!? Hiyoki changes that WTH to WTF when Stella pulls on Hiyoki’s shirt, saying: “Take it off.”

Stray Love Hearts – yuri edition XD Something for the guys ~

We flip over to the guys. Kuga remarks what a maze A Dorm is yet Kitoo is able to successfully navigate the group to D Hall. Ren mumbles out loud if Kitoo’s been here before, provoking Asukai to glare at him. Gai slams open the door to D Hall, screaming CAKE!!!!

Oh, there’s cake inside alright.

Man cakes XD (I couldn’t resist).

Man cakes

The male portion of the student councils are inside, dressed in Japanese attire.  Naturally the guys of S Dorm are staring in shock: Man cakes…not interested…>_>

The reason for the Japanese attire is due to the type of tea being served. Since they can get normal European teas from the café, this tea party decided to go different and serve Japanese teas instead. Apparently, Uryuu is versed in the ways of the Japanese (he can dance, he can do tea ceremony, and so much more, or so Hidaka says). Yamashina explains that while they couldn’t get kimonos for the guys (I don’t know how that’s possible…this is A Dorm…possible future rulers of us all), Hiyoki does!

Stella got Hiyoki dressed up…to make herself (Stella) look better.

Hiyoki: =_=; (…)

Kitoo naturally is all corn-dogged up 8D Stella ~ (making Hiyoki question if this was the reason Kitoo came). Asukai brings Kitoo back to Earth with a good swat upside the head.

Kuga mentions to Hiyoki that her kimono suits here – and though he doesn’t mean anything bad – remarks she looks like a kid dressing up to the festival. Hiyoki doesn’t know if that was a compliment or not so she stares at him confused (though her face is all red).  Kuga is surprised Ren hasn’t flapped his mouth and looks over at the boy in question. Ren is too busy trying to melt Cain with his mind. Cain notice’s Ren’s glare. He does the Cain smirk and ignores Ren. This pisses Ren off.

Ren: (melt darn you...melt!!!)

Kuga intervenes, asking Ren’s opinion on Hiyoki’s kimono. Ren snaps out of it and remarks yeah, Hiyoki looks good. He too says Hiyoki looks like a kid getting dressed for a festival.

Hiyoki: ?_?

Stella moves over to Cain and asks what’s his opinion on her outfit. Cain just says she looks good as usually which pisses Stella off. She grabs Hiyoki and tells Cain to try again.  Hiyoki is nervous because she thinks Cain is still PO’d about getting slapped across the face.

Cain glare. I'll sue you bitch. No one slaps Cain around and gets away with it >:x

“Ah, as expected from the lone flower in S Dorm…simple beautiful.”

Stella is shocked. Hiyoki is blushing like mad. Then she remembers he’s two-faced. This is his public face – Mr Nice Guy. But…it feels different than usual.

“Though I shouldn’t let myself say that…she’s just full of surprises”

Cain says this while holding the cheek Hiyoki whacked off. He’s still pissed. Cain goes off to have his man tantrum. Ren, who was watching the exchange between the two, goes over to Hiyoki and asks if she’s an acquaintance of Cai – er, the student president. Hiyoki thinks about it – what is her relationship to Cain? Ren tells her it’s alright if she doesn’t answer. Hiyoki, confused to what’s wrong with him, tries to explain things to Ren when she hears Cain address Kitoo – as the previous student council president. Cain remarks they haven’t seen each other since the election – or, to be more specific, when Cain took power. Right after that, Kitoo secluded himself at S Dorm.

How's he still standing at that 45* angle?

Kitoo says he’s been doing okay and jokes that thanks to Cain, he doesn’t have to stress over student council work anymore – unlike Cain, who has been working non-stop. Cain remarks it’s because of the ideals Kitoo left behind. Cain wants to change that. He believes as the new transfer student who got voted into power, it’s his duty to do it for the people. Hiyoki recalls right there that Cain is the same as her – a first year.


Kitoo mumbles how interesting it’ll be to see things change. Cain questions if Kitoo is giving him encouragement, seeing as how Kitoo is someone who only knows discouragement

(Cain translator: he basically called Kitoo a loser and he can shove his words up his yaoi hole xD)

Before things can turn ugly, Asukai steps in.

“That’s enough. Let’s get on with this.”

"I'm gonna mess you up so bad you won't be able to tell your face from your ass"

Yamashina tells them all to have a seat. As they go to sit, Hiyoki remarks on the tense atmosphere.

Which is thankfully ruined by NBC! Yup, they got lost but they’re here and ready for their scoop. Yamashina tries to drive them out but Stella tells Yamashina they can stay (NBC said she looked beautiful and like the narcissist she is, she wants to keep her admirers close).

S Dorm is in the pits about everything. They just want to go home. Hiyoki agrees but they have to stick it out in hopes of fighting against Cain’s proposal. Uryuu announces he’s about to start. He leans over to Cain and tells him to keep his temper in check XD Oh!!! Cain got scolded haha!! Cain asks why should he (little baby XD).

“Oh? Maybe for the previous president’s sake. Or maybe…”

It’s tea ceremony time. A Dorm looks awesome. S Dorm…not doing awesome. No one knows what they’re doing. It’s even worse that they’re making fools of themselves in front of the media.

A Dorm...stylin' it up (wait, Yamashina! Get your butt back over to S Dorm's side and help them in the stylin' department!)

Uryuu says that since not everyone from S Dorm managed to drink their tea properly, they win. On to the next game.


That’s right. This is the May Festival/tea party 10 point match. The games chosen are Japanese type games. Naturally S Dorm gets their face handed to them (no point in summarizing their failures in each game…it…it was bad).

I just added this because it tickles me pink to see Cain smirking like a school girl, and Uryuu blocking NBC saying don't take pictures of Cain right now

After getting thrashed, the tea party is done with and S Dorm can go. Yamashina comments that everything went okay. Hiyoki thinks in her head that yeah, for the most part.

Why does Kitoo remind me of when McCain was randomly walking around the stage during a debate between him and Obama? He's like all the way in the distance staring blankly at the wall xD

However, it seemed earlier like Kitoo and Ren were acting different. Hiyoki is about to ask Ren something when NBC comes sliding in and bumps Hiyoki away (man, what butts!). Ren gets pissed and is ready for a fight but Kuga stops him. Kuga points at Hiyoki who is signaling NO FIGHTING! Hiyoki knows that if they fight, then it’ll make S Dorm look bad. Ren (not knowing this) is confused about Hiyoki’s request – why should she care about A Dorm?

NBC wants to take pictures of the S Dorm boys. Kuga notices Hiyoki not coming. Hiyoki says she has to change out of her kimono so the boys can go home ahead of her.

As Hiyoki waves them good bye, a thought crosses her mind:

“…this is…for the best…right?”

Room #7 END!

Like I said, nothing really interesting happens in Room #7. It’s like Room #3. Just there to transition the story. Room #8 is where the goodness is 8D. I’m not sure how long it’ll take to get Room #8 up. I got the summary but getting these images up are a pain. Especially when photobucket is being a whore :/ That’s why it took so long for Summary #7 to go up.

Alrighty. Laters ~

24 thoughts on “Stray Love Hearts: Room #7 Summary

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  2. “Hiyok then asks herself if they’ll ever meet again…”
    NO SHIT HIYOKI! You’re in A-hall! Of course you’re gonna see Cain! God! This girl’s dense sometimes. And yes, I must agree with you. It was a boring chapter. And I can’t wait for chapter 8. I read the Russian raws and saw the glory! And chapter 9 of Russian was out and I also fangirled.


    • I’m glad I understand russian and I undesrtood what was going on,

      Cain was pissed off about Kimono, because it seem he hates his family and he said in room #8 that kimono had old smell of his family.

      At first I thought the kimono Hiyoki wore was for Kumoide family head’s wife :D


    • @Rin Haha, sometimes what Hiyoki says makes me want to perform a facepalm xD (I let this one slide since she slapped Cain, an act which increases one’s cred points by 20%)
      I was translating that, thinking ummm…okay ^^: You know Cain’s going to appear Hiyoki. There hasn’t been ONE chapter YET that he hasn’t appeared in!
      The world would go boom if that ever happened *jk*

      Nice 8D
      I’m glad there is the Russian release so others can experience the joy visually. My summaries can only do so much! ^^;


    • @Marim I’m still jealous you know Russian :3

      Yeah, Cain went ape shit when he learned about that. Really emphasizes he must have a thing against his family or something…

      Hoho, that would be amusing. But I’d figure Stella would have grabbed it and wore it herself if she knew.


      • Ah, I’m not part of the scanalation group so I have no idea what their release schedule is like. I think you want to ask TurtleParadise that question ;3

        [Also, as of this comment, TurtleParadise has just released Room #7]

        Hope that helped ~


    • Thanks!

      Sorry I didn’t get around to sending the announcement on MAL for the club (Hontou ni Gomenasaiiiiiii!!!! DX)

      I had been hoping I could have gotten both Room #7 and #8 in one swoop but photobucket was being a jerk >_< I only had time to upload one chapter's pictures and had to fight getting them to appear here (I should just upload them to wordpress and save me the hassle shouldn't I?)
      After some studying, I'm hoping I'll get Room #8 up by tonight (seeing how photobucket will tolerate me)
      If you've read the Russian releases, you know it's a good one ;3


      • Don’t worry :)
        I thought you forgot about it…
        that’s why I made this instead of you xD

        Aaaa… I can’t wait!
        “If you’ve read the Russian releases”
        yeah, but I can only excited pictutes…


  3. “Room #9 & #10 the Ren and Kuga fans will like”
    Eeee~ ^_____________^

    “the history of A Dorm in a pamphlet”

    Heh. awesome.

    I think we all want some mancakes.

    “I just added this because it tickles me pink to see Cain smirking like a school girl”

    Cain probably takes school girl smirking lessons from Naoki Irie.


    • I’m looking forward to Rooms #9 and 10 as well!
      I needs my Kuga screen time <3
      My man cake

      Ho snap. Naoki Irie looks like Cain's not as hot but still not bad on the eyes younger brother (*pats Naoki Irie on the shoulder in sympathy* *Naoki Irie: D8 Dwah!?)
      Rin mentioned Cain also has possible long lost twins in the form of Seto Kaiba and some dude from 07-Ghost.
      Man either Cain's dad has been working to spread his seeds or there are a lot of look-a-likes in the world of manga *jk*


  4. @sylph I agree with you about Stella, she was jealous in room #7 when Cain said that Hiyoki was only girl in S-hall and was beautiful.
    In room #8 Stella said:”It can’t be Cain knows that homeless girl!”


    • I think Stella is more grumpy about being upstaged by Hiyoki than actually jealous ^^
      However, you’re right: she did ask what is the relationship between Hiyoki and Cain (seeing how Cain was acting). Stella answered her own question, claiming there is no way there is anything between Hiyoki and Cain.
      I say Stella just likes Cain similar to how a pretty girl likes have pretty boys/accessories around her – to make her look better (but that’s just my interpretation. We’ll see if later chapters prove my hypothesis wrong ^^)


  5. I also wonder what kinds of traditions did past student council had?

    Cain said to Kitoo that:”I removed the traditions you made, I want students be happy”


    • I may be wrong but I don’t remember seeing that when reading Room #7 ^^:
      Let’s see if I got it right:
      When Cain and Kitoo are talking, Cain first starts off by saying he hasn’t seen Kitoo since the election – or to be more specific, when the role of the student president was transferred to Kitoo. He continues by saying Kitoo holed himself up in S Dorm ever since.
      Kitoo jokes that thanks to Cain he doesn’t have to do mess with the hustle and bustle of student council work. Kitoo asks if Cain is hard at work. Cain replies yes, he’s working on removing and replacing the legacy/tradition Kitoo left behind. Cain says that he believes he owes it to the students who voted him – a new transfer student – into power.
      Kitoo mumbles to himself about Cain’s plans.
      Then Cain gets snarky and Asukai interferes.

      Did I get that right?
      (I guess the best way to know if I read this right is to wait for the scanalations to come out and check ^^)
      I can’t picture Kitoo being a crazy tyrant but hey, you never know.
      Never pictured Uryuu to be a creeper but look at him now haha


  6. Dude I love your picture at the top. I want some cake! I want a piece of cake right between his legs… Maybe it should be called ice cream cake. Laugh.

    I wonder why cain gets so pissy the with the other boys? I still think the guy with his eyes closed stole her heart but that’s just me.


    • I want a piece of cake right between his legs… Maybe it should be called ice cream cake. Laugh.”

      Haha, I’d think it’d be called cheesecake xD (Lol, me and my dirty mind)

      I have no idea what goes through Cain’s mind. You can figure that one out, Cain fangirl. I’ve got my Kuga. He sings ~
      Your guy just…man grunts
      And has a creepy stalker who wants to have man sex with him 8D
      *instantly thinks of Brittany Spears “3” song*
      I can’t believe I thought that song was about cars…Fail for me…


  7. Bahahaha I found your summary more entertaining than the chapter. Poor Ren, I’ve also tried to do the brain-melting stare before but it never gotten me any results. I feel the boy’s pain.I have to say I hate the name Cain. It reminds me over the slogan for a frozen food company. “Ah McCain you’ve done it again” complete with smiling children. It doesn’t suit his emo angst.


    • Haha, thanks you :D
      I wonder if Ren will be willing to teach us the correct method to melting brains? I’m sure one of his jobs must have taught him something like that [for what reason, I wouldn’t know. The world of manga is a strange unexplainable one sometimes :3]

      Heh, Cain = frozen food company xD
      Lol, when you said “McCain” I thought of the guy that tried to run for president. During one of his debates with Obama, he was just randomly wandering all over the place. Now I’ll see Cain as not only a frozen food item but as a senile old man xD
      Love it <3
      At least they didn't call him "Franklin" or something.
      Franklin is a name you don't associated with emo, or at least I can't picture it.

      Thanks for the comment!


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