Spoilers: Brave Story (book ver)

I was still on a high from reading Brave Story so I decided to look up Brave Story articles on sale at ebay.
OMG there was this adorable dragon plushie (I think it’s supposed to be Jozo)
I want! 83
But it’s probably fake and filled with lice (because the price was so cheap)
I was surprised by the mass volume of doujinshi I kept encountering.
Wataru x Mitsuru
Every one of them…

Mitsuru: Mitsuru’s drive to change his destiny resulted when his father murdered his mother and sister, then committed suicide because the mother was cheating on the father with another man. Mitsuru was supposed to have been killed as well but was instead spared due to him being away at the time.

It is Mitsuru who brings Wataru to Vision, citing they are similar in their unfair circumstances. In the world of Vision, Mitsuru is a powerful sorcerer. Unlike Wataru, he travels alone.

Though Mitsuru finds all the gems before Wataru, he is unable to meet the Goddess of Destiny due to being unable to pass her final test. The methods he used to obtain the gems were bloody and filled with apathy to those he encountered (he often used murder to get what he wanted). Because of this, he was unable to accept his other self: his hate. Failing the test resulted in Mitsuru’s death. However, just before he dies, a thin ray of light shines on Mitsuru. Wataru realizes this light represents Mitsuru’s murdered little sister (for it is believed by those in Vision that the dead become light before they are reborn again). Mitsuru fades away into mist.

Because Mitsuru failed to meet the Goddess of Destiny, he becomes the Half (sacrifice) from the real world instead of Wataru. In the real world, it is hinted he may still be alive – for other characters mention his family moved away just after Wataru returns to the real world.

**For all his was an ass, I still felt sad when Mitsuru died D’: I thought he was going to redeem his ways and become friends with Wataru. Or at least NOT DIE!
**In the movie he lives, because he and Wataru have a bro moment so that placated me a bit**

Wataru: Wataru goes to the world of Vision after his mother goes crazy from his father’s news and tries to kill the both of them. Wataru starts out lower and weaker compared to Mitsuru, however with the help of his friends he is able to collect 4 of the gemstones and make it all the way to the Goddess of Destiny.

The fifth gemstone was obtained by Mitsuru but because he failed his final test whereas Wataru passed his, Wataru obtains the final gemstone.

When he meets the Goddess of Destiny, he uses his wish to save the world of Vision from the demons that Mitsuru unleashed when he took away the fifth gemstone (this gemstone kept the demons sealed away in the Mirror of Eternal Shadows).  Wataru cites since Vision is a part of him, saving Vision will save him. Even if bad things happen to him, he can’t go and change it just because he doesn’t like it. But if his Vision is safe, then he knows he’ll be able to get through it all. The Goddess of Destiny grants his wish – she shatters the Mirror of Eternal Shadows into tiny shards and spreads them all over Vision (which breaks the portal the demons were coming into the world of Vision from). Wataru returns home (though before he leaves he gives Wayfinder Lau his Highlander bracelet and requests the old man take it to his friends – Meena and Kee Keema).

Wataru slowly loses his memories of what happened in Vision. However, though he may forgot what has happened, how it affected and changed him remains. He is able to work things out with his mother, who regrets trying to kill them both.

The story ends with Wataru running into Kaori and them talking.

Kutz: Kutz gets killed trying to protect some children from demons :( (it’s strongly hinted she still has feelings for Ronmel)

**I cried when Kutz died. I liked her character – a lot! Bah, the curse lives on DX

Ronmel: Ronmel gets chosen to be the Half from Vision. When Wataru tells him about Kutz’s death, he says he hopes to watch over her reincarnations until the 1000 years are up and he is free from his duties as the sacrifice/becoming the Lord of the Underworld.  He hopes he can be reincarnated again – hopefully with Kutz (it’s strongly hinted that he still loves her)

Meena: Meena lives. The end of the book shows her trying to suppress her sadness at Wataru returning back to the real world (strongly hinted she had feelings for Wataru). She’s shown helping the wounded after the big battle with the demons.  The last scene shows Meena and Kee Keema hugging one another after Wayfinder Lau gave them Wataru’s Highlander bracelet per Wataru’s request. Though they are sad they will probably never see Wataru again, they look up to the sky and wish him well.

Kee Keema: Kee Keema lives. He’s depressed by Wataru’s return to the real world but he accepts this. The last scene shows him and Meena wishing Wataru happiness.

Onba: Onba was the voice who was talking to Wataru during his quest. She represents the frustrations Wataru suffered from back in the real world. Onba tries to get Wataru to destroy the Goddess of Destiny but Wataru remains steadfast and refuses, instead destroys Onba – turns out Onba was another test Wataru had to pass to meet the Goddess of Destiny.

Kaori: She turns back to normal. For some reason her soul was trapped in Vision, in the form of a white bird. At the end of the book, Kaori and Wataru meet at the construction site – where they first met. They smile at one another.

Kenji: The douche bag from the beginning. He gets his soul returned too, for it was trapped like Kaori’s – except his was in the form of the black bird. At the end it’s hinted that Kenji has started to reform his bullying ways.

So in a nut shell, Wataru gets to the Goddess of Destiny first. Makes his wish to save Vision. Mitsuru and Romnel get sacrificed. Wataru goes back. Sees Kaori all better. The end.

Now I’m curious to play the video game. Heard you can have Wataru and Mitsuru join your team though how that works is going to be interesting. Think I heard the movie ends differently because I recall seeing those two have a bro moment in some AMV.

I remember reading the manga awhile back too. I’m surprised by how different it was compared to the light novel. Like, Kaori is running around and kickin’. Everyone looks older. Random monsters attacking RL.

Too bad Tokyopop stopped releasing it…


2 thoughts on “Spoilers: Brave Story (book ver)

  1. For characters that are going to die. You sure like them. Sounds like a cute story I would need more action and I would probably like the bad guy that dies in the end.


    • Mitsuru!!!!
      For all he was a bastard, I still loved him.
      I mean, if my dad hacked up my mom and little sister, then was waiting for me to get home from school to do the same to me before taking himself too but then he jumps the gun and kills just himself, I’d be pretty messed up too…
      I was hoping he and Wataru would have become friends…
      But the movie ends with him being alive (total bro moment between him and Wataru. Explains the massive amounts of Wataru x Mitsuru doujinshi out there…>_>:)
      I really think you’d like this. It’s kind of like old school Alanna mixed with Diana, but no romance.
      I was hooked :3


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