Manga Opinion: Cat Paradise volume #3

I knew it! I totally knew this was going to happen!
I have mad skills people – so predicted what happened in volume was going to happen!!!

I shouldn’t gloat because it happened to the character I liked D8
This is why I have emo sad Chizuru as my icon…

Title: Cat Paradise volume #3
Mangaka: Yuji Iwahara

Summary on the back:

While the council members are away, the cat demon will play!
The Matabi Academy student council (and their cats) are on high alert: Spirit Beasts could be possessing students and hiding among the student body, waiting to make a move! Amidst all this tension, Yumi (with Kansuke in tow) decides to unwind at a dorm slumber party with some friends and a good scary story. But when an actual ghostly encounter cuts the party short, Yumi wanders off the school grounds…and right into the maw of another Spirit Beast, Daraku of the Deep! To make matters worse, she’s not the only student council member to take the bait, and with the school practically defenseless, the evil cat demon, Kaen, is about to strike on their home turf!!

We’re already up to book 3 in the Cat Paradise series. And we FINALLY get some answers! Yeah!

I’m surprised the whole motivation for the beast spirits is purely biological in reasoning. One can think of evolution, only with mythical spirits and a bit more hardcore. Definitely stuff Darwin wouldn’t have stumbled across. What’s more surprising is Kaen’s role in everything.

However, we still don’t get the whole picture – just some surprising little bits and hey, even more questions!

Book #3 shines more light on another ‘pair’ – Yamamoto and Hisui. I like the fact that for a cat, Hisui has an angry jealous girlfriend personality going for her. Very random – I’ve never seen a cat in RL like that (but then again, I don’t really hang much with cats haha).

And as expected, someone from Team Good Guys did turn evil. Pay up people. I totally called it. I’m kind of hoping that this character will be rescued in the end, and not sacrificed or something to save the world…Too many good characters go down that way >_>;

To sum things up, volume #3 finally starts giving up some answers. However, we still have yet to see the full picture about what happened in the past. With two more volumes to go, this manga-ka better spit out some answers soon.

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Satisfied

Current feelings: Sad yet gloating about the fact she totally called Tsubame going evil

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