Light Novels ~ <3

Man I haven’t been on my blog for a while ><;

Stupid RL things getting in the way.
Didn’t help that work wtfpwned me DX (by the time I came home, I had like 2 hours before I had to go to bed and get ready for the next work day).

Sigh ~

Anyway, I was taking a break from studying and finally getting around to cleaning the rat hole I live in when I noticed the vast amount of light novels I have to read courtesy of my recent rightstuf order <3. I felt the compulsive need to take a picture:

Tell you all what, I was shocked by OMG huge-ness of Twelve Kingdoms #4 (feel bad that I have 1-4 but I haven’t read any of them ^^; I’ve been meaning to read them either during or after seeing the anime but things keep distracting me – thus the reason the anime is on my shelf collecting dust on its plastic wrapping as well).

Really looking forward to Kieli #2 (this has stuff that happens after the manga 8D yeah ~ Harvey x Keili <3).  Yen Press always does a good job with their releases (except that weirdness with Shoulder a Coffin Kuro and its flaking cover). I’m happy Yen Press continues to have colored pages inserted :3 When you look at Gosick, you can’t help by feel embarrassed for the poor light novel – its beginning pages are in B&W…not really that impressive >_>.  But I’m still happy it’s slowly being released.

***Not included in the picture is Slum Online. I’m reading that right now. I’m still stuck in video game geek mode from Brave Story xD***

Any hoo, I will slowly get around to answering comments and checking out my usually lurks (lol, I sound like a creeper). As for Stray Love Hearts, I’ve got the summaries for 7 & 8 on my computer but I’m going to be swamped with my lab finals next week so they’ll be coming out Friday April 23.

Have fun all ~ Try not to go crazy like I probably will ~

2 thoughts on “Light Novels ~ <3

  1. I am so amazingly jealous of the newer volumes that you have! I can’t wait to buy The Stories of Ibis (for whatever reason, I really, really want to read it).

    And poor little Gosick does look a little sad there… Poor Tokyopop light novels. :[

    (and Nendoroid love~)


  2. One of the few things I’m on top of is my light novels. Everything else…not so much :p
    Ibis has an interesting cover. I’m wondering if it’s going to play out like Otsuichi’s Zoo – but instead of each story being a stand alone, they’ll all be connected somehow.

    Yeah. Tokyopop doesn’t put as much love into the appearance of their light novels compared to others…
    Vol #2 I’m hoping is going to be better quality since they jacked the price up :/ (although from all the buzz I heard about Twelve Kingdoms recent volume, maybe not…)

    (I decided to put her in the picture because she came with my books. My first Nendoroid ~ She’s really top heavy though. I feel like a perv when I have to adjust her stand thing – because it hooks up right under her skirt xD)


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