Shugo Chara! Encore! Chapter 2

Can’t believe the next chapter of Shugo Chara! Encore! is out already 8D Seems just like yesterday the first chapter came out!
=_= Wow…I just sounded like an elderly person right there…

And as expected, it wasn’t about Ikuto or Amu. Peach-Pit is probably going to torment us fans for a while before we get that couple…Especially since it’s hinted that Yaya may be the main focus for chapter #3

●『しゅごキャラ! アンコール!』 PEACH-PIT

It’s time for the super popular character – Yaya – to have her story told!
[Shugo Chara! Encore!] Peach-Pit

Ah well, what can you do? 83 A Yaya chapter is still welcomed ^^ Anyway, on to chapter 2!

Naturally spoilers lay ahead :3 Make sure to read the chapter before checking out my fangirling

Chapter 2 is a Nagihiko x Rima ship 8D Yeah ~

Story: Nagihiko is conflicted about who he wants to be. His mother notices this and gives him an assignment: to find a “flower blooming.” Nagihiko goes out and runs into Rima. She seems depressed about something. What could it be?

This was a nice chapter that explored a bit into Rima’s past (I skipped the middle of Shugo Chara! so I’m not sure if that was already explained or not ^^;). I liked the development between Nagihiko and Rima 83 No where near the awesome level of Kuukai and Utau though (who I think had the best chapter thus far)

XD Awww~! The ending was sweet (though I noticed we never got the conclusion to Nagihiko’s dilemma – about whether he’s going back to dance school or sticking to what he’s doing now. I assume since he’s dressed as a girl, he’s going to stay?).

Finishing up, just wanted to say another great chapter (and thanks to Pretty Anon for translating it so quickly!)

6 thoughts on “Shugo Chara! Encore! Chapter 2

  1. I loved this chapter sooo much more than the first one~ xD All the RimaHiko-ness just made me happy and fangirly. :]

    And I hadn’t heard the next chapter was about Yaya! I actually really like Yaya (I know a lot of people don’t like her, but I think she’s fun), so I’m rather excited now! :D


  2. While you didn’t get your Kuukai x Yaya chapter, at least you got your Rima x Nagihiko chapter 83 So that counts for something, right?
    And now Yaya (supposedly) is going to be in chapter 3.
    [I saw sparks between her and Kuukai but was there anyone else who could have gone with her? I’m just asking since Encore! seems to be shipfest and I was wondering if the tradition was going to continue with her]
    I thought Yaya was alright. She didn’t annoy me or anything – her little tantrums were amusing. Actually, I don’t think I hated anyone really in Shugo Chara (shocker!)


    • It does indeed count for something~ :3

      [a lot of people think she’s going to end up with Kairi, which is just kind of weird for me, since I didn’t see anything between them, and that’s not even from a rival shipping standpoint. Yaya just seems to have literally no interest in him like that.]


      • Yaya x Kairi?
        Never really saw anything between them but then again I skipped the middle parts of Shugo Chara.
        I think others mentioned a Yaya x Tadase (I guess to give pity on Tadase since Amu x Ikuto is really popular). That’s even weirder (for me to picture).


    • What’s funny is one of those characters cross dresses as a girl for first few volumes.
      Basically he’s a trap ^^
      Was quite a shock!
      When I first heard that, I was all, no f-ing way that girl has a penis.
      I was wrong…
      Very wrong…


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