Stray Love Hearts Omake: Kuga

Seeing as today is (well, now “was”) Good Friday, this meant only one meal was allowed – the rest of the day was spent fasting (religion thing). As my body tried to devour my muscles to keep alive (because the body is a bastard and eats its muscles before it eats its fat. Actually, it’s a survival thing but still), I had no energy to run around and frolic. Instead, I stared at my computer and used the power of the internet to keep my mind off food. One of the things I ended up doing was translating one of the Stray Love Hearts omake in the back of volume #2. Naturally I chose the Kuga one since he’s my favorite character of the series.  After eating my one HUGE meal, I had more energy and messed around on photoshop. Here is the final product:


Hiyoki: “Besides “Raiz,” what other songs do you have?”
[I wanna hear]

Kuga: [Other songs?]
There’s “A Kingdom on the Edge” “Flower of Repentance” “Tower of Pain” “Death Clan

Hiyoki: “There sure are a lot with scary titles…”

Kuga: “…”
“I have some that don’t sound as fierce…”

Hiyoki: “Oh? Like what?”

Kuga: “Give me back my $100 Ichikawa Ren” >:(
[I never got a cent back so I channeled the unbridled rage produced into making that song]

Hiyoki: “But isn’t the meaning behind that song scary!?”
[That’s a song!?]

12 thoughts on “Stray Love Hearts Omake: Kuga

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    • >.<;;; (tries hard to guess the lyrics)
      : Gimme back my 100 bucks Ichikawa Ren,
      or else i'll lock you up in a lion's den
      You'll soon be crying in the tower of pain
      Your loss will be my gain
      If i dont get those 100$ this instance,
      None will save you , even the flower of repentence…
      My kingdom of patience has reached the edge….XDDDD


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