Stray Love Hearts: Room 17 RAWS

It’s that time of the month folks when another chapter of Stray Love Hearts is released 8D Heck yeah! Time to delve deeper into the mystery.  Plus, Room #16 left us with so many questions: what’s going to happen now that Cain has been branded a sexual deviant? Will he have to go through some sexual therapy like Tiger Woods (sorry, been watching too much Jay Leno 8D)? And what of Hiyoki and Kitoo? Falling through a wall into a dark abyss can’t be good, right? Will this chapter show their funeral!? Or something else…hohoho XD

The RAWs can be found here on kissmygeass‘s LJ. As usually, please leave a thank you on her page to show your love!
(that and so we can get the next chapter when it comes out!)

26 thoughts on “Stray Love Hearts: Room 17 RAWS

    • That’s the bad thing about a magazine that is bimonthly >< It takes so long for the next chapter to come out!
      Especially the way Room #17 ended! The cliffhanger is almost as bad as Room #15's (when the big kiss happened!).

      I saw the cover for the 4th volume :3. If that doesn't say Hiyoki x Cain, I don't know what. My poor Kuga…haha. Oh well. At least the majority of the fans for pro-Cain so they'll end up happy.


  1. YESH!!!!!

    I loved this chapter even though I flipped through it very briefly (mostly cause I can’t do anything anime related, but I’m still here). After I’m ungrounded, I must get on Photoshop and piece together that beautiful color page. Talk about a cliff-hanger.

    Volume 4 cover. My freaking favorite.

    I noticed you changed your banner.


    • I feel like every chapter that comes out is a step away from my Hiyoki x Kuga dreams haha
      I too have only briefly looked through the RAWs but him being there in S Dorm was a total WTF moment (even though I should have seen that coming).
      This chapter’s ending was almost as bad as #15’s (because it’ll be 2 months before we get a continuation 8S)
      Love how the manga-ka keeps making EVERYONE look suspicious XD

      The color illustrations for Room #17 are beautiful 83 My new header does it no justice.
      I’m looking forward to seeing what headers/banners you will make ^^

      [Also, volume four’s cover makes me both happy and sad at the same time. Damn! Why do I always support the underdog in these types of manga D8 I should have learned from Fruits Basket!]


      • Think of it this way, Kuga has a lot of screentime in this chapter.

        I kinda expected Cain to be in S Dorm, but at the same time, I didn’t. I get it, but I don’t get it on why the hell he’s here (probably explains it in the chapter). I just know the text kept on saying “Saigo no heya…” (the last room). I saw it coming, but didn’t. I also have the feeling Cain’s the platinum haired man as well, but we’ll see.

        Shouoto does make it look like everyone did it. Like Ren (again?), Uryuu (I’m seriously convinced that he’s gay and wants to have gay sex with Cain. I mean, he stalks him, and in chapter 15, if you didn’t know what the hell he was saying, you would’ve thought he was trying to hit on him!), and Kousetsu (my friend’s convinced that he’s a pedophile for some reason) at the bottom panel for some reason when Hiyoki’s like, “Who stole my heart?” (wow, just reading this comment is like spoiler hell).


      • True. Actually it’s Rooms 9 and 10 that have Kuga love (and Ren love).
        (and of course, Cain love but he gets kicked to the side for the most part 83 jk – hey you Cain fans all had chapter 15. Time to share the love with the other fans ~)

        I didn’t read too closely (so this might be wrong) but I believe it was said that Cain and Hiyoki were originally going to be roommates. I think Cain was all hell no and left.
        I won’t know for sure for sure if that’s right until I actually sit down and read the chapter.

        “Shouoto does make it look like everyone did it”
        I noticed that too in every chapter I kept summarizing! Yamashina was possibly the one. Then it was Asukai who was possibly the one. Then later Kitoo could have been the heart thief. Then Uryuu (OMG your comment made my day :3 So glad I’m not the only one that sees the creepy I want to do you vibe Uryuu gives off around Cain). Now Ren and Kousetsu (xD lol to your friend’s conviction that he’s a pedophile haha!).
        I can’t tell anymore. I’m just like, you know what, I’m just going to say it’s Uryuu because that mofo scares me. And he’s got stalking and man issues to justify him being the heart thief. I doubt it’s actually him but whatever.


    • Lol, let me finish with the earlier chapters then I’ll get to this later one ^^
      Reading the earlier chapters helps provide some background info – these characters like to bring up the past a lot >_>
      (and the other way around – one of these earlier chapters had the dream sequence from Room 15 8D I was all, I know what that means! Whoot!).
      Plus, in #8, your guy has a nice shower scene (where’s my Kuga shower scene dammit!? DX)


    • If you’re talking about the scanalation group, I’m sure they’ll get to it soon. I believe they’re in a funk right now due to the need of editors and type setters.
      If you mean me, I’ll get to it soon ^^ I’m working on the older chapters first before getting to the newer ones.
      So I guess it just boils down to which of us two is faster, haha
      Hope that helped answer your question


  2. thank you so much for summaries :)

    actually I think heart thief stole Hiyoki’s heart to bring her to the academy.
    also I agree Rin.
    I wonder what hair color does Uryu have (I’d like see Uryu in colored pages).
    I suspect Uryu much,
    (I think Shoutu will introduce new characters too)


    • No problem. Thought since I had the manga, might as well spread the joy 83 (even if it may be poorly translated ><;)

      Hoho, I wonder why the heart thief wanted Hiyoki at the Academy? That sounds like a plausible plan :3

      Yea, another person that notices Uryuu's creeper-ness!

      Here's a picture of Uryuu (lol that he's glaring at Hiyoki for being within a 3 foot radius of Cain xD)

      Oh, more characters are definitely welcomed though it's going to be interesting to figure out how things are going to turn out then


      • could it be that Cain isn’t normal human? Uryu mentions in chapter 15: ,,living in human world is impossible for you”

        this is my theory:
        Cain’s heart was also stolen(or something terrible happened to him) and he should find destinied person who would ,,save” him
        so Hiyoki is that fated person
        at first Cain couldn’t believe about HIyoki being that person (he was being rude to her) but then he accepted that (maybe they will search together for their hearts).


      • I’m wondering what Cain is.
        I think he has powers to see the future (Room #13 hints this).
        He also hears voices in his head (Room #8 & 10) which Hiyoki seems to somehow be able to silence.
        Yeah, and Uryuu saying that as well made me go, huh?

        I’m believing the something-terrible-happened-to-him thing (esp since Hiyoki went into his dream back in Room #15 – Cain changed when he looked into the room holding his mom).
        That would be awesome if Hiyoki is fated to save him somehow X3
        The only way to find the real answer though is to wait for the chapters to come out – but they come out so painfully slow. The next one won’t be out until May D’8


  3. On my suspect list are:
    1.Anonymous (someone, who hasn’t been introduced yet)
    2.Dorm manager
    3.Uryuu (I don’t think he is the one (but he is suspicious), because he couldn’t believe about Hiyoki being fated person for Cain, in room #8 he says on Hiyoki :” It can’t be, that human is….” )

    I don’t know Japan, (I study Japan)
    But in room #17 I think Cain said something like that(also he mentioned word ,,Fortuna”): “I’ve seen many people in the academy waiting for that person and that person was you”.


    • I wonder who the manga-ka might throw at us at this point in time?
      (then again, I saw the latest scans of Barajou no Kiss and like, random Roses have appeared despite the series being 4 volumes deep. Ah, Barajou no Kiss. How behind I am on that series – I’m back in volume 1 xD So it is possible someone new might come in Stray Love Hearts)
      2. As Rin said, the Dorm Manager might = pedophile xD and that’s always suspicious haha!
      3. I say Uryuu might know more than he’s letting on =_= Plus he’s creepy for Cain (like…let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel creepy…)

      I’m adding Ren just because he’s related to Cain so he too might have special powers like him.

      I haven’t read chapter 17 fully yet so I have no idea what’s going to happen 83
      I’ll get to it here soon once RL stuff winds down…T-T


  4. I think there will be love triangle between: Hiyoki-Cain-Ren
    and maybe Ren will show us his darker side.

    1. About Ren being not a normal human, at first I was thinking that too…

    2. Also could it be Ren’s mother was Cain’s nanny? so Cain was jealous when Ren was with his mother?
    (rich kids usually aren’t able to see their parent often and spend time with them, so nannies are like mothers to them) << and I was wondering…….

    3. [b]A[/b]
    We got circle of mages :D
    Cain isn't normal human, Uryuu doesn't seem to be normal one, Ren too…. , also Hiyoki is dream-seer :D
    I wonder what kind of family is Kumoide clan? it's related to darker subjects, also Cain seems to hate his family and doesn't want to go back.
    why does Uryuu want Cain return to his family, he always tries to mention that subject and pisses Cain off.


    • *pats Kuga on the shoulder when Marim mentioned a love triangle not including him haha xD*

      1.) I have no idea what’s going to happen love-wise. I’m really thinking Cain x Hiyoki, just because Cain is always getting into “spicy” situations with Hiyoki (esp in Room #8 – since you have already read it and know what I’m talking about, you lucky monkey :3 Knowing Russian is awesome! Cookie bonus points for you ^o^)
      But Ren might have a fighting chance
      (better than Kuga)
      Kuga: 8,x

      2.) I have no idea what Ren’s mom was to Cain. In Room #15, Cain called her a concubine which was a real WHOA shock factor. I’m not sure if Ren and Cain’s dad had like a harem going on or what…
      It was hinted Cain saw something that shocked him enough to kick Ren and his mom out.
      You might be on to something…
      I wanna know what Cain saw!

      3.) Of course Uryuu isn’t normal – he’s a creepy stalker who wants to have gay sex with Cain (ah, I love that term. Credit to Rin for that xD)!
      Jokes aside, Uryuu must be something because he knows about Cain not being normal. Cain himself is a barrel of mystery. Now Ren is being added as well.
      And Koutetsu too.

      Only future chapters will be able to clarify what’s happening with Cain and his family. And Uryuu’s creeper-ness.
      I sense family drama on the horizon though ^^

      This is fun talking about Stray Love Hearts. It’s cool having someone to theorize with!

      I’m curious why Ren keeps randomly bringing out that origami crane and looking emo over it (you can see it randomly in Room #16 and I think at the end of Room #17, though I don’t remember honestly ^^;)


  5. Thank you :)

    1. I wanted to add Kuga too but, on the cover was only Ren Hiyoki and Cain (I actually meant in this volume, I should have edit my comment), but I have love square in real (Ren, CainxHyokixKuga).

    2.It hints that Cain’s dad was dead when the scene jumped, because Cain called himself ,,head of the family” (he is eldest son too), also he was wearing black kimono, you know what does this means.

    3.Ren is jealous because of HiyokixCain (he has emo expression because of that) and I agree with you about Ren’s fighting with Cain because Hiyoki.

    4.I agree with Rin about Kousetsu being pedophile, because in room #9:

    *Asukai wasn’t back in school and Hiyoki decided to sleep in closet(or somewhere else, I don’t remember clearly) When she was about to fall asleep when Kousetsu stared at her face and said:
    “It would be better if you cared about me ”
    and Hiyoki was WTF? then he said he was just joking.

    Isn’t that suspicious?^^

    5.I’m translating room #4 and going to translate other chapters from Russian to English(actually my english in grammatic isn’t very good but hope you’ll like when it will be done),

    Too bad Russian relases come painfully slowly :(

    6.Kitoo acts suspicious too, I wonder if Kitoo isn’t normal human too.

    7.I wonder if Uryuu is gay, but he hate HIyoki I’m sure about that, in room #8 he glared at Hiyoki and said to her:,,what are you doing here alone?!” (it was when Hiyoki stuck on the door),



    • 1. Yeah, I doubt there is any chance of Kuga x Hiyoki but I still won’t give up until the end! ^^
      2. Ah, I didn’t think about that. Good eyes!
      3. I think there’s a lot more drama between those two than we know about…(I still want to know what’s up with that origami crane!)
      4. Oh yeah, I remember seeing that in #9 when I flipped through (will look into that; and yeah, he’s a weirdo ^^)
      5. Oh noes! TurtleParadise beat you to it D8 (but you can still put it up if you want – I’ll check it out :3)
      6. Everyone is suspicious to me (except Gai. I can’t picture Gai evil xD)
      7. Lol, if it turns out Uryuu is a good guy, I’m screwed. I don’t know how many times I’ve called him a creeper/stalker/pervert/horny for Cain/etc. ^^:


  6. 3. Maybe Hiyoki gave it to him as a gift?
    7. Lol me too :D,

    at first, when I saw colored picture of Uryuu I noticed he has the same colored eyes as Hiyoki and…
    could it be Uryuu is Hiyoki’s brother (or realted by blood to her) and he is jealous when he sees her with Cain(you know when brothers see their sisters with another guys they are jealous)? I think he wants to keep her away from Cain because of some reason, maybe to be near Cain is dangerous? perhaps this is the reason to go to Kumoide family.

    This is Crazy right? :D :D I will be screwed up if this will turn out to be true :D :D :D but there is no way!

    also why was S-hall created anyway? I don’t think it was only for left-overs
    There must be secret behind this, also what was that S-hall in the past; Hiyoki should look some clue in the past, there something happened in the past in this school I believe.


    • Maybe Uryuu is just a possessive creepier who wants Cain all to himself
      Uryuu: Muhahaha you have uncovered my true motive >:3
      Hahaha, jk

      Wow, if it turned out Uryuu and Hiyoki are related, talk about mega soap opera drama!
      Well, I wonder what kind of parents Hiyoki must have because how does she have her dream powers? It could just be a random thing but I wonder…

      Yeah, S Dorm is also a mystery since a lot of “special” people live there.
      So many questions! x3 Ah, this is why I like Stray Love Hearts ~
      It’s so fun to think what may happen next!


  7. Maybe Hiyoki’s parent’s are former magicians or something,
    About Ren and Cain,I think Ren’s mom was Cain’s former lover and she became pregnant with Ren, but Cain’s dad married to Cain’s mom and he sheltered Ren and his mom with him, but when Cain found out about that he got mad and banished them.

    There are so much questions

    Why is Cain’s dad dead?
    Also I’m suspection that Uryuu is a girl but dressed as a guy.


    • I have no idea how the magic system works in SLH ><;(sorries)
      From what Cain and Ren are showing, it's maybe a family thing, but Hiyoki makes no mention of her family having powers (heck, she rarely mentions her family at all ^^;)
      Uryuu I have no idea either because we know nothing about him other than the fact he is in man-love with Cain and likes to spy on him from his closest ^^ (ah, Uryuu – how fun it is to tease you ~)
      Maybe the manga-ka hoped we'd be too busy drooling over the bishies to ask these kind of questions ;P jk

      I'm hoping the new chapter will explain more about Cain and Ren's pasts more because except for Room #15, we don't really get much to look by ._.;
      I think Cain was creeped out by whatever he saw in that window in Room #15 that turned him into a cold bastard.

      Also, I would lol if Uryuu turned out to be a trap 8D


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