About Stray Love Hearts #5

Just a quick update before turning in. I have Room #5 of Stray Love Hearts all summarized, but I haven’t scanned in any pictures. So it’ll probably be up sometime tomorrow – most likely later in the day (pending on how long work will take).

For you arkynox, I’ll have the illustrations up probably on Sunday – also later in the day (again work). I saw you updated on Atelier :D Yeah! Now it doesn’t look pathetic and goofy! (I’ll have that header up soon ^^: I didn’t think I’d be out all day nerding out so I didn’t get to do much haha)
Also, good to see you back in the states again :3 Your presence has been missed greatly.

2 thoughts on “About Stray Love Hearts #5

  1. 8D It’s good practice for my Japanese (and it fills up the empty gaps in my blog when I have nothing to talk about).
    I’m looking forward to the new chapters and seeing what our outfits look like. I’m telling you girl, you should go into fashion. Very badass, your style.


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