Spoilers: Ending of Rondo of Swords (well, one of them)

I can’t believe I almost forgot to do this!  I mean, I played the game so I might as well blog about the ending (well, the one I got)  BTW I’m surprised how well the first rendition of Spoilers went (I count anything with more than 5 page hits well XD). Seems there are others out there like me who just want to know how it all ends :3
Thus, without further ado, I give you entry #2 into the Spoilers archives.

My route was: a) let Marie live b) kill Sedric with Sedric

So, after fighting God knows how many battles, you finally get to meet the evil bad guy. Serious wtf moment because then who were those other people I murdered? He wants to cover the world in darkness because he’s the villain. Sedric (the fake one; I forgot his new name) kicks his butt and listens to the evil bad guy monologue. The bad guy says this isn’t over to which Sedric is all yes it is! I won’t let evil come and take over!

Then Sedric lets the bad guy go on his merry way. As if the bad guy never murdered the guy that took care of Sedric when he was found unconscious in some ditch. Or reanimated said guy’s corpse to kill Sedric. Or killed his BFF’s family. Or waged a war to kick Sedric out of power and have him dead. Or that the bad guy himself said he’ll do whatever he was doing again. It’s like Sedric was thinking it’s all in the past. Nothing big. Just let it go and start a fresh chapter :3

Thus, the bad guy just got a stern warning and was set loose…

After that lame scene, time has passed.

Marie is Queen

Kay and Alicia leave together to her kingdom; still haven’t admitted their true feelings to one another

Margus stays with Marie as her knight; still horny

Ansom and Sasha go back to his kingdom; still haven’t admitted their true feelings to another another

Owl becomes a farmer

Selmer, Elmer, Arios, and Alhambra go back to the magic city; Arios wants to “examine” Alhambra with the possibility of generating a “cure” to her catgirl-ness. Alhambra isn’t too happy with the thought of being “examined” by Arios.

Aegil goes back to do her Pope duties

Yumiluna and Alberich go on a pilgrimage; Alberich is with her because he feels bad about killing everyone before he joined your team

Simon goes somewhere; looks sad because no one invited him to hang out

Cotton goes off to find her memories

Rukia goes off to find Sedric and steal his sword

Izuna and Shino go off to do stuff (possible to make Izuna 3)

Igraine sticks with Marie because Sedric asked her to

Sedric himself went off somewhere; I think to find himself (and maybe his brain too)

And I missed one hidden character so I have no idea about that person

There you have it. One of the possible endings to Rondo of Swords. I’m not sure if what I got was a good ending because it was kind of…lame ^^; I wonder if the other endings gave any detail concerning Sedric’s past? Because how can you have a guy who looks exactly like this other guy and not have a reason for it? Are they twins? Is he a clone? Some sort of alternate reality mix up?

Sedric had amnesia for a reason. It’s standard video game and soap opera law to have an awesome/OMG past and not remember it until right when it’s needed.

6 thoughts on “Spoilers: Ending of Rondo of Swords (well, one of them)

    • I was just sad because I think Marie had a thing for Sedric even though he looked JUST like her brother (bc her brother was the one that took him in when he was found unconscious – and later decided to keep Sedric and use him…*dirty thoughts*…as his body double). So part of me was like, get together; while another part thought, is this pseudo-incest if they get together? >_>;

      Plus WHO THE HELL IS SEDRIC!? You can’ t have a character with amnesia and not tell us who that person is later on! That…that defeats the whole purpose of having amnesia D:


    • Ah, the reason is very simple. Someone left a comment (on your site actually haha) and I clicked on their user name to visit their site. I think they had like a wordpress.org blog (the fancy one where you get to customize your blog more). One of the features she or he had was having a little icon featured with each post (think LJ, how you can choose a icon when you post something). I thought that was neat so I wanted to give it a try :3
      [It was so much fun trying to make icons. Plus it makes the page look a little more snazzy ^^ (to me at least)]
      Sorry that Kyoshiro mislead you. I couldn’t find any good pictures for Rondo of Swords to make into an icon so I said @#$% it and went with Kyoshiro – a man you can never go wrong with X3


      • Maybe? It was one of your more recent commenters. I think the name had a ‘blossom’ in it (could be wrong). All I know is her or his blog was cool looking and made me jealous over their blog’s icon ability. I love having lots of icons (like on LJ, but on LJ you have to pay money to have more than 15 icons which sucks :<).
        Haha, I'm glad I finally know someone who can appreciate Kyoshiro's hotness ;3 Ah his presence just made Shattered Angels great XD


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