Manga Opinion – Angel Diary volume #10

More Angel Diary :D (and what says Angel more than having a resident of Hell on the cover? XD)

Title: Angel Diary volume #10
Story: Lee YunHee
Art: Kara

Summary on the back:

Enraged at the wounds sustained by Se-In, Ryung Jin lashes out at the injured Black Turtle, Dong-Young, who tries to protect him, and even at his own beloved brother, Bi-Wal. Will Hell’s family ties ever be re-bound?

The last of my Angel Diary binging for awhile (volume #11 doesn’t come out till March), volume #10 was definitely a good volume to leave off on.  This volume picks off exactly where volume #9 had the cruelty to leave off.  We get the conclusion to the cliffhanger scene back in volume #9 – all I can say is the bad day Se-In was experiencing just got pooped on by a flock of pigeons.  The same can be said for the Black Turtle.

The majority of the volume deals with fighting – Heaven vs Hell. Family against family. It all sounds really dramatic, and naturally it is. But this volume has to be one of my favorites. Not because of the fighting – but the type of fighting and who the fighting was done by. The best part in volume #10 had to be when the King of Hell got into a fist fight with his brother. They were smacking into each other like two drunken hillbillies in their neighbor’s driveway. I loved how Dong-Young just stood on the sidelines, gaping in shock.

It was great.

The volume ends with the Hell family (that sounds so wrong) meeting up and finally letting out the insecurities and feelings they had kept hidden inside.  A very sweet spot to leave off on.

In conclusion: I’m definitely glad I got back into reading Angel Diary again. The only bad thing is I have to wait for the next volume to find out what happens!

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