Stray Love Hearts – Room #11 Summary

Sorry for the delay (only by 2 days; not bad if I do say so myself). Tests suck >_>; Esp when you suck at studying ^^ Oh well, now that the first round of exams are over I now know how to study for them.
Enough about me talking about life beating me down. Let’s talk SLH!

Title: ストレイ・ラブ・ハーツ! (Stray Love Hearts or S.L.H.) Room #11
Manga-ka: 硝音あや
コミック・シルフ vol. 5 (2009 March)

Not my picture. Found this on; also to answer the question. Neither. Where is Kuga? I refuse to cheat on Kuga! Even though it's guys + chocolate...damn...>_< must...resist...

Asukai: 駄目だ. 女の子なんて絶対部屋に入れない

“Go away. No girl will ever be allowed in this room.”

[Lit. No good. Girls will absolutely not enter the room]

Asukai’s words swirl through Hiyoki’s mind. Was that really Asukai? There was no mistake it was him but…he was different. Kousetsu (the head dorm guy) is pretty surprised about this turn of events. To think that Asukai hated girls that much… (the reason Kousetsu even appears in this chapter is because Hiyoki is forced to sleep in his closest, er “room” since Asukai won’t let her in his). Kousetsu teases that maybe it’s just Hiyoki he doesn’t like.

Hiyoki: D:


“Or could it be…he has something he wants to hide?”

[Lit. That or…he probably has a secret about something]

Hiyoki instantly thinks about the man who stole her heart. Could it be Asukai!? There are only two residents in S Dorm left for Hiyoki to investigate…

Hiyoki continues to be plagued by such thoughts during school. She’s zoned out, thinking, is it Asukai…?


Hiyoki yells in surprise. Behind her is Kitoo. Naturally the girls in Hiyoki’s class start staring and talking. It’s 3rd year student Nonomiya-senpai. The previous student president… (Hello! So this is what they were talking about in Room #13~! I was wondering what that one side character meant when he said that Kitoo was the original student council president. I was like, no that’s Cain. This is why you shouldn’t randomly jump into the middle of a series ^_^:)

Hiyoki asks what is Kitoo doing in her classroom? Kitoo says he thought Hiyoki might be a little down in the dumps over what happened with Asukai – and it looks like he was right. He pats her on the head, telling her to chin up. Hiyoki’s heart starts to beat hard in surprise.

Hiyoki...why are you staring down at Kitoo's nether-regions? >_> Is there a reason why the picture is cut off above his belt...

The girls in the classroom are having a field day over this. Wanting to avoid any more publicity, Hiyoki literally starts pushing Kitoo out of the classroom.

The scene shifts to a set of boxes and costumes (one actually VERY familiar to those who read Room #12). Uryuu (closed eyes guy) asks why does the welfare committee (whatever that is) want to store the stuff mentioned earlier in the A Dorm’s storage unit?

Hidaka (the secretary): 次の慰問でも使うかもだって空調整ってるトコしゃないとこの季節はカビるしさあ (I think Hidaka told the welfare committee he’d keep the stuff in A Dorm’s storage unit so the costumes don’t get all nasty from the heat (apparently A Dorm’s storage unit is special in that it has AC) and can be used again in the future). This may explain why Uryuu tells Hidaka if that’s the case, then he can move everything into the storage unit himself. Hidaka complains, saying he’s an idol and being caught doing that would be embarrassing. I love Uryuu’s comeback. He pretty much says if that’s the case, then wear the darn things to the storage unit XD (Hidaka: that’s even worse!).

Cain notices something out of the corner of his eye. He sees Hiyoki pushing a grinning Kitoo’s back past where he and the other student council members are. Cain does not look pleased. Him again…

Someone is about to get Cain-ed *bricked*

Hidaka looks to Cain for help, saying Uryuu is being a jerk XD Cain says to get to work, or does Hidaka want to spend a year in the closest with the articles in question?


Uryuu says he’s off to get moth balls/insecticide.


The scene shifts to Hiyoki and Kitoo. Kitoo asks what’s up. Hiyoki says she’d like it if Kitoo told her what’s going on with Asukai?  Kitoo tells Hiyoki even he isn’t allowed in Asukai’s room.  This depresses Hiyoki. So I guess that means it’s no use…Kitoo tells Hiyoki this is her chance – to map out Asukai’s room :3. Kitoo is smiling and glittering (yes glittering) as he says this. Hiyoki looks at Kitoo in disbelief: you seem to be having fun with this…Kitoo says he’s not having fun! He’s truly worried about Hiyoki. But his expression betrays his words. He’s grinning ear to ear.

Hiyoki tries to shift tactics. Since Kitoo and Asukai are so close, if Kitoo asked, surely Asukai would let him into his room. After all, Asukai said no girls allowed. Kitoo closes his eyes. He opens them and looks at Hiyoki. There’s a secret behind all this, he says. One Kitoo can’t reveal to Hiyoki (Hiyoki’s heart pounds at the word secret). Kitoo uses an analogy to describe the situation: it’s just like he can’t reveal what’s underneath a girl’s skirt (o_O; uh…Kitoo…was that the best analogy you could use…). Hiyoki freaks out and spits out words in Wingding font XD while backing away from Kitoo.  Red face, Hiyoki thinks she now understands how Asukai must feel.

And speak of the devil, Asukai comes up. He’s looking for Kitoo. Their teacher is calling for him. Hiyoki is so surprised to see Asukai she yells out his name. Asukai is likewise surprised to see Hiyoki. He makes a face and says “So you’re…together…

Kitoo just goes meh. Hiyoki apologizes for what happened yesterday. Today they’ll…

Back off Hiyoki. He's going to mess your face like he did to Kitoo...XD

But Asukai cuts Hiyoki off before she can finish. He doesn’t want anyone in his room. Hiyoki looks at Asukai in quiet shock. Kitoo is looking off to the side in silence. Hiyoki thinks she can’t leave things like this. She tries to push her case: that she won’t be a burden on Asukai. Kitoo smiles at her: “You can do it.”

Asukai is quiet. He suddenly turns around and starts to walk away. Kitoo calls out to him. Asukai looks over his shoulder.

“Even people…have things they want to keep secret.”

Asukai leaves.

Kitoo mumbles secrets, huh?

Hiyoki is looking out at the area Asukai departed to. She thinks he must be angry with her. She makes a sad face. Asukai has always been so nice to her. Having him hate her is a shock. Kitoo ruffles up her hair, telling her not to make such a face.  Kitoo says he doubts Asukai is angry with Hiyoki.

Kitoo likes to pet things doesn't he...*dirty thoughts* XD


Kitoo tries to cheer up Hiyoki by joking that Asukai always says things like that to him (so he’s able to endure the pain ;3).

Hiyoki: :'<

After failing to cheer up Hiyoki (lol) Kitoo changes tactics and mentions how long ago, Asukai used to be so adorable. Back then, they weren’t holding any secrets from one another. Asukai would be right behind following him. Hiyoki is surprised to find out Asukai and Kitoo knew each other when they were younger. Kitoo continues: but now, Asukai is like another person. Kitoo reckons it must have been because of that. Hiyoki thinks how sad Kitoo looks as he reminisces about the past. She wonders if Asukai lets her into his room, maybe he’ll open up to Kitoo again (at this point Hiyoki and Kitoo return back to class but Hiyoki is still in deep thought) .

Hiyoki thinks she has to give it a try – to get Asukai to let her into his room. If possible, she’ll try to do it without nosing into Asukai’s business – because she too has secrets of her own she doesn’t want others to find out about.


(the scene shows Hiyoki running into Asukai. She tries to invite him to have some tea but he gives her the cold shoulder. Hiyoki becomes even more crestfallen)

Hiyoki remembers Kousetsu’s words about her dying if she doesn’t find her real heart and of Cain saying he’s going to destroy S Dorm.

That’s right…I don’t have much time to wait…

Hiyoki tries to interact with Asukai on several occasions but he always ignores her.  Returning to class after another failed attempt, Hiyoki notices a letter sticking out of her desk. There is no name it identify the sender. The letter reads: I know your secret. It tells her to meet the sender after school at 廃庭 (sorry, not sure what that means ^^:). Naturally Hiyoki freaks. A secret!? HER secret!? Which one!? She has so many! (lol)

Old school text messages

Hiyoki deciphers 廃庭 to mean the spot she and Cain keep meeting. And who guess who’s there waiting for her? That’s right! Uryuu*jk* It’s Cain.

You came.”

Is it me, or whenever we see a full figure Cain he's always in some kind of pose? Makes me laugh thinking he was posed like that this whole time, waiting for Hiyoki to come. Cain: Hurry up! My leg is cramping! I can't feel my man-ness XD

In her head, Hiyoki shouts I knew it! Out loud she asks if Cain is the one who sent her that letter. And what did he mean by her ‘secret?’

Instead of answering, Cain leans in close to Hiyoki’s face, mumbling to himself.

Hiyoki’s head is racing through all the possibilities: about the reason she came to S Dorm; her power to see dreams; or could it be –

Suddenly his evil I caught you smile appears on his face. Cain says if he worded it like he did in the letter, it was only natural for anyone to become curious and come >:3. In other words, he tricked her.

Hiyoki gets super flustered over this. She tells him to please stop messing with her! The letter, that time during Satsuki*…

*(The Satsuki (皐月) event took place in volume #2. Skipping details, I’ll just tell you a certain event happened in which a very naked Cain (well, I think he had a towel on (however there was a lot of steam so I can’t be sure but most likely he’d be wearing on – however it makes me laugh to picture him doing what he did naked XD) ends up embracing Hiyoki and…).

Cain twitches at the mention of Satsuki. Hiyoki’s face turns bright red as she remembers the details. She thinks, crap, why did I make myself remember that?

Cain finally opens his mouth and tells Hiyoki he wasn’t feeling good at that time, so don’t take what he did to heart. Hiyoki says of course she didn’t!

Hiyoki’s face is still aflame though. She thinks this guy really is unbearable!

Cain mumbles how even though they only did that it still left a nasty taste in his mouth. He changes the subject: “Let’s get down in business.

He asks if Hiyoki wants to prevent the destruction of S dorm. He’ll delay the motion to demolish S Dorm if in exchange Hiyoki does whatever he commends. Hiyoki is confused by Cain’s proposal – why would he even suggest such a thing? Cain cites personal reasons. Will she accept or not? Hiyoki’s face turns red when Cain says personal reasons. Cain tells Hiyoki not to worry. This proposal is purely work-related – he has no interest in Hiyoki that way. Hiyoki says he didn’t need to say what was already understood ><.

Cain leans in close and whispers to Hiyoki that what transpired between them is now a secret only he and her know about. Cain smiles at Hiyoki’s red face.


I wasn’t lying when I wrote that letter ;).” (Cain…you butthole).

You've been pwned courtesy of Kumoide Cain >:3

Hiyoki is back at S Dorm (the dining hall I believe).



She thinks back to Asukai saying everyone has secrets they want to hide. Another flashback – one of Cain telling Hiyoki that if she wants their secret to be kept hidden, she’ll come back here tomorrow during lunch period.

Hiyoki is happy she got to delay the motion to demolish S Dorm but she doesn’t like how she obtained that extra time. She’s flustered about what’s going on and what should she do.

The door opens, and in walks Ren, Kuga, Gai, and Yamashina. It’s dinner time!

I'm not sure what humors me: that Gai is always in the background during group shots or that he's floating in this picture XD

Making conversation, Yamashina remarks about not seeing Asukai in a while. Hiyoki fibs and says school has been keeping Asukai late. In her head she thinks she can’t let the others know about what’s going on – it’ll only end up making them worry. Also, she doesn’t want everyone to start fighting. Ren accepts Hiyoki’s fib, saying it’s Asukai they’re talking about so there’s no reason to sweat about it.

Kuga walks over to Hiyoki. He tells her if she has any problems to talk to h –

Ren jumps in before Kuga can finish and tells Hiyoki to talk with him. Kuga remarks even if Hiyoki went to Ren with her problems, Ren is of no help in the first place. Ren tells Kuga to shove it. Yamashina laughs at their bickering. Suddenly he poses a question (I like how Hiyoki is in the background saying she doesn’t have any problems! None at all! XD): when you have something bothering you, what is the one thing that’ll help you over come it? Ren says Guts! Kuga replies Love. Yamashina scoffs at their answers: IT’S COLD HARD CASH!

I like your thinking Yamashina >:3

Ren and Kuga balk at Yamashina’s answer. Yamashina looks to Hiyoki, saying if she has any problems she should go to h –

And Yamashina is blocked by Gai XD (oh you S Dorm boys!).


“It’ll be alright. This is you we’re talking about, Hiyoki-chan! Now come on and smile!”

Hiyoki smiles, thanking everyone. They were able to see into her. She really loves the atmosphere of S Dorm. Hiyoki is sad to hide secrets from the others but if it means spending more time with them then she’ll deal with it.

She also wants more time to get closer to Asukai. To help Kitoo. To find the one who stole her heart. So many reasons. If she has time, she can do all that. Even at the cost of keeping another secret.

The sky starts to darken and rain is falling. Asukai isn’t back from school yet. Hiyoki wonders if she should go fetch him. Just as she thinks this, a bolt of lightning flashes. Hiyoki flinches. She doesn’t like lighting/thunder it seems.

When the thunder clears she notices voices coming from the entry hall. It’s Kitoo and Asukai.

Kitoo: ーだから、ひよきちゃん可哀想じゃないか

“I mean, don’t you feel bad about what you’re causing Hiyoki to go through?”

Asukai tells Kitoo that’s not of his business.

Hiyoki realizes they are talking about her. Though she wants to hear more, Hiyoki feels that eavesdropping isn’t the right thing to do. She attempts to leave but more lightning flashes.  She’s rooted in her spot in fear.

Kitoo: 関係ない。。。なんてことはないだろ。。。冷たいなあすか

“None of my business? …as if I could turn a blind eye to this. That’s pretty cold of you, Asuka.”

Asukai gets PO’d by Kitoo calling him ‘Asuka.’ He says they aren’t kids anymore. Asukai is about to say more but then he notices the look on Kitoo’s face. Uncomfortable, Asukai instead says Hiyoki wasn’t the reason he wanted to talk with Kitoo. Kitoo is confused by Asukai. Whenever he talks about girls, Asukai acts as he is now. It’s like he’s jealous or something. Asukai loses it:


Asukai: “You!

オメエがあんなこと言うから僕は –

It’s because you said that, I…”

Lightning flashes. Thunder follows, making it hard for Hiyoki to hear anything. But her ears do catch this:

好きになっちゃったんだ –

“ – ended up falling in love –

Hiyoki is so shocked she looks opens her eyes and looks over to where Asukai and Kitoo are. What she sees is Asukai’s face bent right next to Kitoo. Are they…kissing!?

Whoa snap! O_O

The chapter ends with Hiyoki staring in shock


“I found out…his secret…”

Room #11 END!

Sorry if it gets annoying when I put Uryuu (closed eyes guy). I forget side characters SUPER easily. When a characters brings up a side character’s name and it’s been awhile, I think it’s a completely new character XD So this is more for my benefit.

Well, another chapter down! Random tidbit of history: this is actually where I first started looking at Comic Sylph. So that means when I checked out SLH I stared in shock at the last page. I thought SLH was yaoi. ^^ No hate to yaoi but it’s not really my thing so I skipped reading it until I saw the scanlations on mangafox. Then it all made sense. I was like oooohhhhh! 8O  End of story, I became super interested in SLH, as you can tell by my summaries :D It’s my second favorite manga in Comic Sylph; Zeele Sacrifice being my first (I don’t know why but I just love it XD)

I won’t be on the computer for the next couple of days. I’m having my computer wiped and cleaned :3 So you all take care and hopefully see you with Room #16’s summary (which is coming out sometime in the future XD)!

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  1. Lol, arknyox! This is an older chapter! ^^
    Read my summary of chapter 12 to refresh your memory :D
    Or you could just read this spoiler:


    Asukai didn’t kiss Kitoo. He accidentally poked Kitoo in the eye when he was yelling at him, and was looking REAL up close to make sure the eye was okay (that’s when Hiyoki peeked around the corner and saw the two face to face).
    And when he was screaming, I ended up falling in love – he actually said it was because of Kitoo he fell in love with girly things. Kitoo said let’s get married when they were kids. Asukai didn’t know what that meant so he went to look it up and saw a picture of a bride in her gown. From there, Asukai became a closet girl :3
    Does that help?
    I know my summaries suck so sorry for the misunderstanding ^^;


    • Haha
      I figured you’d like that picture ^^
      Room #11 & #12 are pure Asukai love (naturally where there is Asukai there is Kitoo so double the love for you!)
      I’m looking forward to Room #9 (I think) because it has Kuga love :D
      *glomps Kuga*


    • Ah, Room #12 was one of the first chapters I tried to summarize ^^ (if you click on the SLH icon located on the right sidebar it’ll show you the other chapters I have summarized). I had #11 but I wanted to do #12 just because Asukai looked so cute XD

      My translations suck compare to the scanlation group’s :3 I’m still learning haha.
      It just takes a while to work on scanlations – esp when RL stuff comes and takes up a lot of one’s time (even I had to reduce the # of summaries I do from 3 a month to 2 a month due to school). I’m just happy someone is working on SLH. It’s a really cute series :3

      I barely remember I have a LJ on top of this blog ^^
      I’ll join that thingie so you can get karma points though (bc most likely I’ll forget about it haha XD)


      • Yeah… I checked it a while ago (Room 12)
        Oh, ;___; but sadly, like you said RL stuff must be prioritized so I can’t blame turtle paradise if it’s taking time -___-”

        And lol, plurk is more like when you feel like SAYING KYAHHHHHH~
        and all those non-sense fangirling stuff. And it’s timeline is organized as compared to twitter~


      • Sorry about the confusion. I should have put this was an older chapter ^^ I was doing this one then Room #16 because that was all the chapters I had left until my bound volumes came.
        Now that they are here, after Room #16, I’m going to go back into the past and work on the earlier chapters :3 *Kuga ~*

        I signed up for that plurk thing ^^ I have no idea what I’m doing but here’s the link:

        “And lol, plurk is more like when you feel like SAYING KYAHHHHHH~
        and all those non-sense fangirling stuff.”

        So you mean I can scream like the crazy fangirl I am and others will scream in joy with me (instead of looking to the side, muttering loser)? 8D


  2. Thanks for the summary. I remember seeing the “kiss” somewhere on Google when I searched up SLH in Japanese. So this is the chapter that it’s in.


    • Not a problem :3
      Glad I could help clarify things concerning said kiss.
      I guess I should have done Room #11 first, then done #12 for things to make sense but for some odd reason I went with Room #12 instead >_>; Like I told namelissis I think it’s because I liked how cute Asukai was in #12 ^^


  3. i think your doing your best for translating but i don’t read it coz i actually don’t know what happened between chapter 4 and chapter 11 unless they don’t have things in commen ^^
    what’s actually that plurk-thing that everybody’s talking about?*curious*
    what does it do?
    (srry that i always ask questions but in belgium we don’t use that kind of things ^^)


    • Ah, turns out in this case, it means “abandoned/desolate” garden – which is a reference to the place Hiyoki found Cain asleep
      (back then I had no idea what this meant because I hadn’t read the beginning parts of SLH xD)

      But thank you for your comment :3


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