Stray Love Hearts – Room #14 Summary

Alright, with this chapter I finally have a bridge between the first chapter I summarized for Stray Love Hearts – Room #12 – and the Room #15. I still regret not having read the earlier chapters because of the details concerning Kitoo. Meh. What can you do?  Well, enjoy:

Title: ストレイ・ラブ・ハーツ! (Stray Love Hearts or S.L.H.) Room #14

Manga-ka: 硝音あや

From: コミック・シルフ (Comic Sylph) vol. 9 (2009 November)

Quick Version (highlight to see)

Hiyoki and the gang are trapped on a deserted island

They do stuff

Asukai gets sick and collapses

They run into Cain (yeah…on a desert island…don’t ask)

You’re now ready for Room #15

Detailed version:

Room #14 picks up right where Room #13 left off. Hiyoki and the others are looking around their surroundings in surprise. Palm trees, the shore, sand…something just ain’t looking right here. Hiyoki is the first to speak up: WTF!? How did we end up here!?

The scene shifts back into the past. It’s the morning after the Summer Party event.

Hiyoki: “Go to the harbor by boat?” (we’re already on a boat fool! XD)

Yamashina explains his student council boot camp thing has some food supplies located at a nearby harbor. To get to it, he’s going to use a small boat.  That harbor is located near Asukai’s family villa as well. If Team Hiyoki wants, they can hitch a ride and get to Asukai’s family villa faster. Naturally everyone is pleased by this.

[From what I’m guessing here, Yamashina is going to get supplies and rendezvous with Cain and the others at the student council boot camp…location place XD (it’s not said in the chapter but this may explain why Team Cain (minus Yamashina) isn’t on board the boat along with Team Hiyoki]

So Team Hiyoki + Yamashina go on board the small boat. Hiyoki asks where the captain/driver is. Yamashina says he’s the driver – he has some experience with boats. Then he turns around to look at the control panel, instruction booklet in one hand haha! This isn’t good. Hiyoki looks out to the horizon and sees the sky darkening. That isn’t good either. Basically, a storm causes the boat to capsize and hurl everyone into the water where they later awaken to find themselves in their current predicament.

I wonder who those little figures flying off into the oblivion are supposed to be?

The boys are having a hard time believing that a storm is the reason they ended up like this.  Yamashina thinks it can’t be that simple. It must have been his driving or…(Yamashina. Shut up. They aren’t suspecting you. But you might want to hide that Jack Daniels in your pocket…). Kuga wonders if this is perhaps God’s punishment for someone’s wicked ways to which Ren screams Me!? You’re saying this is my fault!? (look to Room #13 to understand the reference)

Hiyoki is shocked when she notices someone else with them. He’s clutching his head, moaning his hair is dying and he has no strength to go on…XD

A new male to add to the reverse harem!?

Hiyoki: =_=||| (what’s wrong with this guy…)

Suddenly Asukai comes up behind the boy. He shoves his hands into the sand and then starts messing with the boy’s hair. Suddenly, the mysterious boy turns into Kitoo! His hair is back up and he’s ready to start living again XD

Gai calls out to everyone. Seems he went out to see if there was anyone on the island but he’s come across no one on the side he just checked out. Does this mean they are on a deserted island!?

Someone comments despite the situation the fact that no one was seriously injured is a blessing. Some boys pull out their cell phones but say they have no GPS service (how the heck are those things even working!? I mean, didn’t everyone fall into the raging ocean during a storm!? Witness the power of the Japanese cell phones…).

Time passes – Ren says he went with Gai to look on the other side of the island but they came across no one. There’s no sign of life anywhere.

Someone wonders out loud if they are even still in Japanese territory.

Yamashina says it’s best they not move from the spot they are currently at. The wreckage from the boat is here so if any search and rescue boats/planes/people come looking, this will mostly like be the best spot to be at.  (As he is saying this, Hiyoki uses a stick to draw out SOS (could you have made it any smaller Hiyoki? ^^;) in the sand.) Yamashina mumbles how they might have to live on the island for a while…

Gai gets the bright idea that he should try to swim out for some help.

Yamashina: Σ( ̄ロ ̄lll) (Dear God how are you even still alive with that kind of thinking!?)

Yamashina tells Gai that even if he managed to find help, he wouldn’t be able to remember the island’s location. Gai accepts this line of reasoning and gives up on his idea. Hiyoki is the brains here saying it’s dangerous! Plain and simple.

Yamashina tells Gai to just be patient and wait for help. Gai decides to take this moment to pull off his shirt (pauses for fan girl screaming; hey, Hiyoki is screaming and blushing so  don’t be afraid haha).

First order of business: food!

It's about time the girls get something out of these beach scenes!

With those words, Gai flings himself into the ocean. Ren follows Gai’s example, stripping down to his trunks. He says he feels like this really may be all his fault so he’ll help too.

For all the Ren fans. May your dreams be more fantasical ;)

On the shore, Yamashina smiles. Just watching them makes you want to go out and play in the water, he says. Kitoo comments on how energetic they are. Hiyoki smiles, wishing she could go in too. Gai comes over and invites her in. Hiyoki says she can’t because she doesn’t have a swimsuit on.  Gai hands her his T-shirt. It’s so big it’s like a dress on her! Hiyoki is happy. Now she can go into the water too!

A beach scene with not a single boobie bouncing around. Wow.

Yamashina: …

[I’m not sure if I got this next part right so bear with me:]

Yamashina: ケモノ*にひよきさんの服が透けるから隠そうという発想があったことに. 今コロンブスが大陸を発見した時以上の驚きを感じています

If Hiyoki-san’s clothes got wet they would become see through. So beastboy’s solution was to hide them with his own shirt. I must say right now Columbus’s shock when he stumbled upon America is nothing compared to what I’m feeling…”

[Lit. From the beasts – since Hiyoki-san’s clothes will be see through – hide from them type of plan exists. Now I’m more shocked than when Columbus discovered America/continent.]
*ケモノ is a term Yamashina likes to call Gai (referenced in Room #11); it means animal or beast
I’m thinking Yamashina is shocked that Gai thought of all that XD

Kitoo: イヤだわ!なんだかフクザツ!!

“Don’t go there! You’re over-analyzing his reasoning!”

[Lit. No! Somehow advanced.]

Asukai: べっ別に!考えすぎだろッ!

“O-of course not! You’re just thinking too deeply about this!”

[Lit. N-nothing! You’re probably thinking too deeply!]

Both boys are blushing over this.

Well, if you know Japanese, you can read that and see if I was close to the mark or not. Let’s go check on Hiyoki. She’s in the water with Gai and Ren. Ren tells her to be careful – the water is deep. Gai announces he found a fish. Said fish jack slaps him in the face (pssft), causing Ren and Hiyoki to laugh. Hiyoki thinks, even though we’re shipwrecked we’re still managing to have fun. She turns and calls out to those on shore. Yamashina says the ocean is no place for someone who wears glasses so he’s staying on shore. Kitoo says for a celebrity(?), the ocean is something to admire not play in (cue sparkles). Asukai says it’s hot and he’s not too big a fan of swimming. Kuga mumbles the sun is too bright. Hiyoki acknowledges in her head, to each his own.

Ren however does miss a beat to tease Kuga. >:3

“What’s up with that excuse? Don’t tell me you’ll melt if you get hit by direct sunlight, Kuga-kun. Or maybe you’re the type who doesn’t like having fish touch him?”

I don’t know how that last part is offensive but it sure got Kuga into action. He flings his shirt off (YES!!!!) and dives in as well.

I just put this picture in because 1. it's Kuga, 2. he's taking his shirt off and 3. please refer back to 1 and 2 until you understand >:3

Kuga tells Ren if he gets Hiyoki mixed in with his punishment from God, Kuga will drown Ren as a sacrifice to the sirens XD Ren runs off screaming like a little girl. Seeing everyone in the water, Asukai says he’ll go in too (but he’s not taking his clothes off – sorry Asukai fans. This is karma for having more than 2 chapters dedicated to your guy haha). Yamashina says he’ll look around in the forest for stuff. Kitoo waves the two off.

So everyone is enjoying themselves in the water. Hiyoki comes back to shore to drop off  the provisions found. She notices Kitoo KO’d under a tree. Just as she thinks, poor guy must have been tired, the scene starts to turn black.

Is this…could it be?

I’m in Kitoo-senpai’s dream!?

Hiyoki tells us (just in case we forgot) she has the power to go into dreams and that Kitoo is the last person left in S Dorm for her to check out. Could he be the man who stole her heart? She remembers the clues she has: the assailant’s hair color…and the heart shaped tattoo on his chest.  Well, Kitoo. You’re going shirtless whether it’s on your terms or not. As Hiyoki reaches for Kitoo the scene is still dark.

Why is it so dark?

Kitoo opens his eyes and looks at her. “What’s up?” Hiyoki blinks, realizing she’s back to reality. Kitoo mumbles he must have nodded off. He again asks Hiyoki what’s up. Hiyoki is still stuck on her thoughts: Was that really Kitoo’s dream?

Hard to imagine 10 pages ago he was crying into the sand, saying his life had no meaning because his hair was ruined...

Kitoo mistakes Hiyoki’s silence as her being smitten with him. Hiyoki instantly replies NO in surprise which crushes his male ego (D’X). Hiyoki apologizes while in her head she is relieved that this is still Kitoo in front of her.  She says she’s off to get more provisions and bids farewell to an emotional damaged Kitoo haha.

Hiyoki is in the water, dazed. She can’t help wonder why Kitoo’s dream was so dark like that…

Ren jumps out of the water to surprise Hiyoki. She slips in the water and starts to fall. Ren grabs her hand and pulls her up.

Ren! Making progress!? Kuga! Where are you!?

As Hiyoki looks up at Ren’s face, she is suddenly struck by the feeling he looks like someone else she knows…

I’m a retard. When I saw that picture, I didn’t know what Hiyoki was talking about. What do you mean he looks like someone familiar? Then I read Room #15 and went OHHHHH! If I squint I can tell…sorta…

Ren apologizes and asks if she’s okay. Hiyoki’s heart is going wild from being held by Ren. Thankfully Kuga appears and, with his seaweed lasso, pulls Ren off Hiyoki before her heart goes too crazy.

Second best picture. Ever. I mean, look. It's Kuga using S&M on Ren. With seaweed. XD

Hiyoki thinks her mistaking Ren for someone else and what happened with Kitoo must be due to her getting too much sun. It’s just too weird.

Everyone meets on shore to show the spoils they found. Asukai says the next task at hand is to make a fire. Ren smiles. He grabs Yamashina’s glasses (who emits an aura of pure anger at having his glasses removed – Hiyoki freaks out at this XD). Ren lifts the glasses in the air. He then moves the glasses so it’s aimed at…Kuga (OMG hahaha!).  Hiyoki asks what Ren is doing? Ren says when he was younger he would use a magnifying glass on dark black items to make them catch on fire. Hiyoki freaks that he’s going to light Kuga (who is wearing a black shirt) on fire.

Characters with glasses are hands down usually the most psychologically challenged (or wussy) characters in a series

The scene changes. Yamashina has his glasses back though he still looks a bit pissed. He says all the items needed to start a fire are ready. He then asks Gai to start the fire building process by rubbing sticks together – which Gai does with super human speed (o_O;) Ren, hanging upside down from a tree, tied head to toe with rope (pssfft), asks why is he hanging like a piñata.  Yamashina explains, with a dark look on his face, that even though they have fish and vegetables, there are still some nutrients they are lacking as living organisms that are necessary for survival.  That’s why Ren is going to be used as bait to attract any animals the gang can use as food/meat. He tells Ren the price of stealing his glasses is a heavy one. Ren and Hiyoki are both freaking out at Yamashina’s words and face.

Kitoo comments that everyone’s will to survive is impressive. Asukai says Kitoo has been of no use so far. Kitoo replies he could be used to attract female animals hohoho (that’s ok. We have Ren. But once he’s…done his duty and the position of ‘bait’ has opened up, we’ll give you a call ;)). Asukai doesn’t reply. Looking at Kitoo, Hiyoki keeps thinking back to the incident with Kitoo and his dream. Maybe he really is the one she is looking for.

Kitoo: “…Hm? Asuka? No comeback?”

Asukai is breathing rather hard. His face is pale. He suddenly falls over, shocking Kitoo.

Kitoo: “Asuka?” “Asuka!”

Man down

Asukai isn’t responding to Kitoo’s calls. Kitoo shakes Asukai to wake him. He continues to call Asukai’s name. Hiyoki rushes over. Looking at Kitoo’s face, she’s surprised by how emotional he is. She tells Kitoo to please calm down. Asukai might have just fallen asleep.

Kitoo: “Might?” “And what if he’s sick!?”

Hiyoki flinches at the vehemence in Kitoo’s words. Yamashina comes next to Hiyoki. The voice of authority, he tells Kitoo to do as Hiyoki says. If Asukai is indeed sick, then they should let him rest. Yamashina says based on the symptoms and the timing, the chances it’s heatstroke is slim. For now they should keep an eye on his moisture and salt intake. In times like this, a doctor would be the best solution but…

“This is a deserted island…”

What should we do, Hiyoki thinks. No! I must what I can do! Hiyoki gets up and walks to the nearby foliage. Someone calls to her. She says she’s going to find water and a large leaf to carry the water back.  As she turns around the foliage in front of her rattles. Out pops…Cain!? O_O

Alright kids, where's, Cain? Come on kids. It's not that hard...there's only 1 person in this picture...

Cain is just as shocked. He’s all, the hell. What are you people doing here?

Team Hiyoki + Yamashina follow Cain to a building (I thought Gai and Ren said there was nothing on the island…). Yamashina is trying to explain to Cain what’s going on. Talk about coincidence –Team Hiyoki + Yamashina ended up washing up ashore at the location where the student council boot camp thing was supposed to take place. Hiyoki is surprised when she finds out this is also the president’s privately owned island (how rich is this guy!?). Cain says since he hadn’t heard from Yamashina he had wondered what had happened to the fellow student council member. And now here he is, only he brought friends along.

Team Hiyoki is VERY uncomfortable. Ren looks especially pissed. Hiyoki thinks in her head, we can’t tell him we thought we were shipped wrecked on his island. That’s just too embarrassing. Hidaka (the little secretary guy) says what Hiyoki was thinking in her head out loud.

Hiyoki: *dies*

Hiyoki’s face is all red. She risks a look up at Cain to see his reaction. She thinks he’s going to say something mean.

Cain: “Regardless…”

Cain is interrupted by Uryuu (closed eyes guy). He reports Asukai’s condition is stable. Now all he needs is rest.


Hiyoki breaths out a sigh of relief.

“I have prepared rooms for you honored guests as well.”

I think I liked you better when your eyes were closed. Now you look evil...>_>|||

The last line is:

Night…is coming…

Room #14 End!

Well, talk about hardcore karma. Not only does Asukai not go shirtless but he also gets taken down first >:3. This is why you have to spread the bishi love. *jk* Give me a damn Kuga x Hiyoki chapter already! *rawr!* For the time being, I’m going to do Room #11 (to cushion for time until I get the bound volumes on hand). Hopefully by then I should be able to do earlier chapters. Until then, people!

Not sure if I should do a keyword preview for Room #15, seeing as I already have it on my blog.

Nah. XD

22 thoughts on “Stray Love Hearts – Room #14 Summary

  1. Lol!
    I freaked out when Hiyoki found Cain in the bushes.
    All I could think was: peeping tom. Pervert. XD

    I don’t think there has been a single S.L.H. chapter without The Cain in it (well, of the chapters I have read anyway)

    You do what you want with Cain. He’s all yours.
    *bats eyes at Kuga*

    Kuga: o_O; [Ah! A girl! *runs!!!!*]


  2. Haha
    I was going to put another picture* up but then remembered your fav ship namelissis.

    *The other picture had Asukai starting to fall over but it looked too humorous to be taken seriously. It was like one of those dramatic shojo sways XD
    I think I did the right thing going with this picture ;)


    • Thank Mr. Scanner for not messing up the picture.
      Mr. Scanner sometimes is prejudice against certain things I scan (he’s been doing pretty good so far :))

      Haha, go wild :D
      What’s the point of putting pictures up if they aren’t used? ;)


  3. OMG….I am so thankful for your summary but can I ask where can i get the raws?…i mean “room 10-15”?…. and i am in love with cain…and kuga-kun wishing for more shirtless scenes for him in the future…^_^

    thanks in advance!!keep up the good work..



  4. Excuse me but Kuga is Hiyoki’s *Hits Kuga in the face to get his attention* and possibly MINE but we can share enough Kuga to go around if you have a printer. *Made 100 Kuga copies* YAY ALL THE KUGA I WANT. XD. GO S.L.H


    • I know! I thought they had such great chemistry! But then Cain started to take his meds and act human. And Kuga started to fade into the BG…
      My dreams of a Hiyoki x Kuga pairing will only live in my head…

      :D Kugas for everyone!
      Kuga: o___o; wtf…
      Look Kuga :D It’s you!
      Kuga: *stares*
      Kuga: *stares back*
      Kuga: Man, I’m one sexy mofo.
      Uryuu: *crawls out from behind a shelf* But Cain-sama will always be #1 ;9
      All the Kugas: o__O where did he come from!?


  5. OMG I so love this chapter hahaha. I really adore Shouoto Aya when it comes to detailed drawings. I love KUGA and REN so yeah I prefer Hiyoki with Cain xD

    I found out your summaries when I’ve read a discussion on Mangafox about SLH English summaries available here and I found out THIS. One word to describe your summaries: EPIC! The way you summarized made me smiled all the way including those “side comments”. I already portrayed the scenes on my mind using your playful use of words. GOOD JOB AND KEEP IT UP! ♥


    • I love this manga-ka’s art (specifically the bishies xD)

      I’m glad you like the summaries :3 (and to think, I was just doing this project for practice haha)
      I gotta thank the material in SLH for the jokes x3 Sometimes it’s so crazy, you have to tease haha

      Thank you for your comment :D


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