Anime Opinion: Rune Soldier Louie

Title: Rune Soldier Louie

Armed with Merrill’s cunning, Genie’s strength, and Melissa’s prayers, this all-female band has no trouble raiding ancient ruins, unless a magic seals blocks the way. They set out to hire a magician, but all the magicians they meet prefer ereading to raiding-except Louie, a brash novice who seems to do better with his fists than his spells!

After watching Gungrave, I was planning on watching Full Metal Alchemist. However, I wasn’t expecting the emotional rollercoaster Gungrave would bring me. I heard later on in the series, Full Metal Alchemist would go the same way. Wanting something a little more lighter and would give me some laughs, I instead turned to Rune Soldier Louie.

Basically the whole anime follows the misadventures of a magician named Louie and a bunch of girls whose party/team – due to certain events – he ends up joining.  This wasn’t a hard anime to follow. Really. No brain cells were used when watching this anime. And that was fine by me.

Character wise, I liked Louie the best. He’s an idiot with heart. That and we had the same thoughts on things (like when Genie said she was attacked by slimly worms, everyone felt bad thinking of her getting beat up. What I thought was of something akin to tentacle rape and so did Louie! Haha! Perverts think alike XD) The girls took awhile for me to like. At first I thought they were all angry bitches. It was like they were all PMSing at the same time. Later in the series, the girls became more bearable – but they were still PMSing; just taking turns on who was going to be the angry one in this particular episode. I also liked Ila for some reason – maybe it’s because she wasn’t angry all the time?

There’s no real story in Rune Soldier Louie, though the last 4 episodes did deal with the kingdom going to war. I loved how Louie ended up saving the day. I have to say that I have yet to see a hero use the tactic Louie did (and really, it was an accident). I had to pause the DVD for a minute because I was laughing so hard at how completely random it was (and also the way Louie said it. Like, what? It’s not a big deal. We all have to do it at some point. And it was there. So…yeah.).

The ending kind of sucked. It just…ended. I would have liked a bit more – like what happened after everything transpired, who the heck is Louie (I mean, seriously; you don’t have an orphan in an anime without some shocking past history), etc. I guess since this anime was based off a still ongoing light novel series (or so wikiepedia says), you can only have so many answers provided. The ending does leave it open for a sequel, which I doubt but you never know!

Overall, Rune Soldier Louie was an average anime that didn’t require too much thinking and provided me with some laughs along the way. Louie’s stupidity made the show fun for me and kept me watching just to see what troubles he’d dig himself into. If you have low expectations, like fantasy RPGS, and don’t mind angry abusive women, then this show is for you (also, there’s fan service for the guys. And Louie going shirtless for the girls ;) Rune Soldier Louie caters to both sexes haha).

8 thoughts on “Anime Opinion: Rune Soldier Louie

  1. hmm kind reminded me of Rayearth? *dont shoot me just cuz my hot smexy guy lived and you’er like always dies* Or Slayers, You would love slayers if you liked this. the main girl is kick ass and I loved the ending to season 1, the demon/monster/it yells that there is no more power stronger then his and she basically summons like the king of all evil and he runs*dies* away.


  2. Gah! *foams at the mouth in anger over Rayearth*
    Damn anime! The manga was better because my freaking guy wasn’t standing in front of a damn meteor or whatever that blasted him to non-existence >:O
    *Still seething in rage*
    I have Slayers on my shelf, waiting to be watched. I read some of the light novel so now I’m looking forward to the anime. I love my comedy fantasies ;)
    Right now I’m watching Tokyo Majin – which is all sparkly and bloody :3


    • I seriously have no idea what’s going on but it’s so pretty I don’t care.
      I’m just like *droooooollllll* His head go boom boom XD
      There are 2 seasons so hopefully one of them will make sense of all this.


    • I heard it’s a really good show but…the ending (well for the manga) kind of blows…(don’t quote me though)
      Why do all the shows you like tend to have sucky endings? (except Eureka 7; that’s the kind of ending animes need more often)


    • I saw someone’s review of the manga’s ‘sequel’ and I think they do get together?
      Don’t quote me on that either.

      I don’t know why lots of anime like endings that either don’t make sense or end in such a way that it’s up to the viewer to interpret what the @#$% just happened…


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