New avatar!

While working on Room #14 of Stray Love Hearts, I saw color page and thought: that’s my new avatar! It reminds me of Hawaii. Sigh ~reminiscences~
Plus Hiyoki is smiling. She looks a lot more friendlier than Alice’s apathetic glare

I’ll Kill Your Dog While You Watch is what her look says (o_o; so unfriendly Alice)

Jya ne, Alice!
I want to use another Heart no Kuni no Alice avatar in the future but I want one where Alice looks a bit more…cheerful. I feel bad leaving a comment and Alice is glaring at the readers haha

22 thoughts on “New avatar!

        • @kelakagandy (darn reply button loves sending my replies where ever it feels like >_<|||)
          Alice appreciates your compliments ;)
          Even though she looks grumpy I like her character for some reason – or maybe it's just that I like the current situation she is in hahaha (I’m such a weirdo).
          Heck I wouldn’t mind trading places with her :D (but there would need to be a necessary enforcement on fire arms laws in Wonderland. People there are a WEE BIT too gun happy)


          • haha, I don’t blame her! (though I’ve only read the first chapter, so I’m not too sure about all those guns! Once I get the first volume though next month, I should be able to fully appreciate~)


            • Ah, when you get the manga, you’ll be wondering how you lived without it for so long XD *jk*
              I’ve only read the first book. The second and third are on my shelf but I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet. Bad I know.
              I’m practicing my Japanese right now with Shugo Chara (Nakayoshi is much easier on me at my current level – I’m shocked by how fast I’m going now. Before I used to struggle through the pages 8O Maybe this means I can start reading Hana to Yume manga *gasp*). It’s strange reading the English translation vs the Japanese original. Don’t know how to explain it but they sound different :3 Ikuto sounds more sexy in Japanese XD


    • I was amazed how cute she looked in the picture!
      Usually most of the time she’s either got a stupefied expression (O_O) on her face or a OMG expression 8O (though she does have some cute ones of her smiling)
      Seeing the picture reminded me of when I used to live in Hawaii. ^w^


    • Thanks! (I like your new avatar too :D)
      Lol, it’s okay. There aren’t too many colored pictures of Alice (manga version wise). I found that picture randomly in photobucket (I don’t remember seeing it in the manga).
      In the future, I want to get an Alice that’s smiling (I was going to use the Alice on the cover of the 2nd manga but Blood’s hand wouldn’t get out of the picture so it looked creepy XD). For now, it’s Hiyoki’s turn – to spread the word of Stray Love Hearts!


    • I lived in Hawaii most of my life but the military (my dad’s job) forced my family to move D: Nooo!
      You know, I lived in Hawaii yet I never surfed. I think I was too freaked out I was going to die haha (me and the water were never good friends)

      I’m not promising anything but I’ll give it a shot ;) (does it have furigana? If it has furigana we have a better chance of me being able to understand ^_^)


  1. It is really cute, and she dose look like she is in Hawaii, I miss it even though I was there in oct, *mom wants me to come back for x mass but i dont know if i can* I like mine a lot, it got the darkness thats me and the light that i am alway reaching for and trying to help, pulse i look cool and hot and mysterious! but a new one would be cool maybe i will look on d art…*crys over her art*


    • Hey at least you got to go back! My $1.00 manga!!!! D: Nooo! Why did I have to move AFTER I started taking an interest in reading Japanese manga!?
      And the food! The stuff! Shirokiya!!!!
      Ramen! Soba! Friggin Curry! Gyoza!
      *It’s going to be a tight year with everything you’re going to do so yeah…unless mom makes it a Christmas present?*
      Your avatar is cool. I just wanted something different – maybe because I’m summarizing S.L.H. and I like Hiyoki a lot (maybe like Alice, I want to take her spot in the manga! haha)
      *slaps arkynox with a tuna* How many times do I have to tell you!? Take pride in your art man! *slaps again, only with two tunas this time*


      • its not as nice as it once was, to me any way. ppl were not as friendly but i had a good time just being home.

        mmmmmm food

        she said she would pay of it but i have to work to pay off all my freaking bills!

        *yes ma am*


        • @arkynox
          The heck, everyone unfriendly now?
          Esp here. People are angry and f-ed up in the head (who breast feeds a cat for goodness sake!?)

          Sigh ~! The food! My precious good eats (I love soba…it made me have to poo due to all the fiber haha XD)

          Thus the continuing problem with money :/ Stupid bills. Stupid taxes. Always a stupid something…


    • I’m thinking it says “とりはだ/torihada” which means “goosebumps”
      If you look closely at the last character, you can see what looks like a ten ten (which turns “ta” into “da.”)
      (that, and the fact that’s the closest thing I can find with my Japanese to English dictionary XD)

      Is the character freaking out because of something? (if so, “goosebumps” may sound plausible)

      Hope that helped ^_^;


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