Manga Opinion: Sumomomo Momomo Volume #2

Why do fighting girls never seem to wear pants?

Title: Sumomo Momomo
Volume: 2
Author: Shinobu Ohtaka

As if being the target of Momoko’s affections isn’t bad enough, now Koushi is a target for assassination! Iroha Miyamoto is the next to make a move, determined to regain the honor of her fallen clan. But there’s more than one way to break up the union of Kuzuryuu and Inuzuka. Why kill Koushi off? Why not marry him instead?!

Sumomo Momomo continues with volume #2 and it’s as disturbing as it is funny.  I say disturbing because the fanservice is REALLY not my thing. I’m not into seeing girl’s panties or seeing VERY suggestive scenes (I’m forever scarred on seeing people drink out of a straw now). I know other people like that stuff but it’s due to that stuff that I refuse to remove this manga series from the safety of my shelf/room.  The thing that makes me like Sumomo Momomo is the stupidity in it. I love watching the characters battle like DBZ characters randomly in the street or in the living room. Random giant dragons popping up, nuking the shit out of things while other outside characters just gawk in shock just tickles me pink.

I also like the characters. Momo’s simple nature is very entertaining. She may not be the brightest crayon in the box but her loyalty and sincerity make her enduring to me. Likewise is our main boy Koushi. He’s an ass sometimes and a pathetic wimp but I just can’t seem to hate him. He’s slowly changing and opening himself to Momo (which makes the romantic in me scream in joy XD). He’s still the ass’s hole but not as bad as he was in volume #1. Even the side characters who I thought would make me wish for their speedy deaths turned out not to be as bad as originally thought. Though there are girls lusting for Koushi, how Koushi feels about each girl is really different than what I would have expected. Especially towards the student president (? I think that’s what she is…I may have Stray Love Hearts on the brain).

I guess I should talk about the story at some point, huh?

In this volume, those masked individuals we saw at the end of volume #1 make another appearance here in volume #2. After an interesting attempt on Koushi’s life, we get to meet both characters. One is the daughter of the Snake Clan – that I guess is also part of the Yakuza – who wants to knock off Koushi so her clan can get its reputation back (and REALLY needs to wear pants more often). The other is her loyal sidekick whose life she saved (I just mention him because he’s a video game buff whose into dating sim games XD I don’t know why but that just humors me).  Basically the volume deals with the Snake Clan making it’s move and the conclusion (which had me laughing at what happened to poor Koushi XD Pssfft snake rape). After the Snake Clan’s appearance, we next meet the Horse Clan (though in a way we already met someone in the Horse Clan) who have REALLY creepy training methods (that’s what people with kinky fetishes do in the bedroom – not in a dojo DX). Rather than fight Koushi, the Horse Clan is there to protect him. Due to who the Horse Clan member is (I don’t know why I’m being all secretive about it. If you read the back of volume #3 it tells you right there who it is) Koushi gets involved in another battle! Will he live!? (he friggin better!)

Overall I’m still glad (though somewhat reluctant to admit to others) that I started reading Sumomo Momomo. I’m looking forward to future craziness in volume #3. Especially after the semi-cliffhanger ending in volume #2.

8 thoughts on “Manga Opinion: Sumomomo Momomo Volume #2

    • I just feel kind of dirty afterward…
      Even though I was laughing my face off, I remember those scenes and shudder (serious arkynox; it looked like the girl (not the pink haired one; the Snake) was giving a BJ when she was sucking on that straw o_O; And the training thing the horse clan does. It’s what people do in the bedroom. One partner riding the other like a horse…O_< *sorry, my eyes are bleeding from the visualization*)
      At least in Ranma, all they did was run around without their tops on/panty shots
      New school fanservice takes things to a new level


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