Hakuouki Jurenka (the manga in Comic Sylph)

I saw this on mangafox and went, yeah! Another Comic Sylph title! Then I actually read through it and changed my statement to huh?

Harada is the guy with reddish hair; Todo is the boy in front of Harada

For anyone who is confused about this manga, let me help clarify things. The very first chapter on mangafox is actually chapter #3 in that particular series. The very first chapter deals with Chizuru starting her journey to find her father and getting mixed in with the Shinsengumi. Chapter #2 is follows the  Chizuru x Harada (the guy with the spear) path (which I thought was done very well – I kind of wished Petit Four did something like this.). Now chapter 3 is the one on mangafox which is dedicated to the Chizuru x Hajikata path.

Okita - looking fine boy :3

For the so called second chapter on mangafox, that is actually part 2 of a spin-off series also running in Comic Sylph. Basically in part I, you just meet Okita and get some cute Chizuru x Okita scenes – but at the same time we learn there is something wrong with Okita (which you find out in the second chapter). And yes, part 2 is the end of that spin-off. SPOILER (highlight to see): If you play the game, you’ll understand that’s not the end of Okita (I haven’t personally played the game but I do have the art book (I’m slowing crawling my way through another game drawn by the same artist – Hiiro no Kakera – I love her artwork so that’s why I have art books for games I haven’t even played yet haha). Trust me, he isn’t going to stay crazy and die.  It’s part of his storyline.  Your character still gets with him if you choose his route – due to the nature of the main character (I guess her blood counteracts his crazy blood or something – like I said, I haven’t played the game so I am only going on pictures here). I don’t know why they decided to just end that spin-off like that though.  Had I not had the art book, I would have been WTF!? Why would you show me something like that! I want a successful romance not no Romeo x Juliet meets zombie shit (okay, they’re not zombies but I don’t know what else to put).

The next volume of Comic Sylph will have a new spin-off series for Todo (the guy with the huge ass ponytail on the top of his head) – which hopefully won’t suck end like Okita’s did. Stupid tease.

I hope that helped clarify things up. :) I’m glad more Comic Sylph stuff is being released for all you people out there. Comic Sylph got some great stuff in it (ignores Okita’s spin-off series), especially if you’re a fan of bishis.

You can find the translated portions on mangafox here.

8 thoughts on “Hakuouki Jurenka (the manga in Comic Sylph)

    • Hey hey hey!
      There are a few of these guys I want for my collection too.
      A bunch we haven’t met yet (like my scarf guy)

      Dude the evil bad guy is HAWT! Like evil HAWT but HAWT nonetheless. I’m shocked. Usually evil bad guys look like someone’s loser second uncle or something. Damn hot evil guys. Making it hard to stay good XD Looks like he’ll have to be shown the path of good…through any means necessary >:3
      (I notice I should not eat chocolate then start posting comments because I’m having some random stuff come out here)


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