New project, thus new header :D

Holy man. I’m still mentally scarred by rushing through Petit Four like that.  @_@|||
Now that Petit Four is done, it’s time for a new project (but no bull-rushing it – I’m taking my time on it)!  I decided to do Stray Love Hearts over Majina because 1) I’m starting to enjoy S.L.H. now that I know what’s going on (I started on chp 12 which had me very confused at the time) 2) I randomly have chapter 12 and 15 on my blog so I figure I might as well finish what I started and 3) I want to spread the Joy of Comic Sylph :D

My bound volumes are on back order right now (nooo! My Clover no Kuni no Alice is also on backorder! I wants me Alice x Boris moments >_<) so I’ll start on chapter 13. I guess you all can expect it around 1/14.

A new project mean a new header! I was planning on having to photoshop the crap out of it but all I did was resize the picture. Came out pretty nice I must say.  I like Kitoo in the back going: hey guys? Can you move over a bit? I know I’m not exactly the most popular character here but can you at least pretend I’m good enough to stand next to you all? XD

And Ren…why are you a pirate? Now people are going to make yaoi jokes about you and Kuga – you’re a pirate out to get booty…if you know what I mean ;) Haha *jk*
Please don’t hurt me Ren fangirls…

Picture was found on this site here (has some great pictures of S.L.H. if anyone is interested!)

27 thoughts on “New project, thus new header :D

    • Lol, poor prez (or should it be lucky?). Well, at the rate you’re attacking him, he won’t be wearing that sourpuss expression for too long. After all, the best way to a man’s heart is food and…doing da nasty XD lol, stupid Rune Soldier

      If you want to thank anyone, thank the artist. This is an awesome picture! I’m just glad I got all the guys to fit on. *hugs Kuga*


    • Lol! So confident! XD
      But I must admit – you do read a lot of romance books so you’d definitely know how to make your man smile ;)
      Just so we are clear, you get prez and I get Kuga. I know Kuga is sexy but hands off ^o^ *jk*


    • Ah! I see!
      When I was typing Sakurai along with Stray Love Hearts into google’s search engine, I kept getting a voice actor’s name! Haha, I was freaking out that I forgot this character already!

      Asukai may be the right choice.
      After all, his costume is one of a devil/demon ;)
      I just noticed Kitoo isn’t even in costume, unless the raccoon pelt around his neck means something? XD


  1. In all fairness, Slyph doesn’t get nearly as much love as it deserves. I’ve gotten subscriptions to many magazines over the years and nothing comes close to the quality that Sylph delivers! I don’t know what makes it so awesome. It just is.

    I’m really enjoying your summaries of SLH, too! There’s such a huge gap between the current scanlations available in English and the current stuff unless you’re Russian, I guess? so it’s nice knowing what’s to come. Thank you!

    And I’m glad those scans of mine are at least of some use other than festering on Minitokyo, lawl


  2. I thank akadot for bringing Comic Sylph into my life. Had I not run across it during a sale they were having, who knows what kind of sad person I would be today haha *jk* I too agree that Comic Sylph is a wonderful publication, at least to me – I’m not sure if it’s because the stories are similar to my tastes, it talks about Otome games (a favorite genre of mine), or because of the hot guys + romance! All I know is it’s a magazine I’m willing to pay the sick price of’s shipping for :)

    Thank you very much for the comment! I was surprised others read my summaries for S.L.H. since these are just the product of me trying to improve my Japanese (so please excuse any poor translations on my part). Now I’m embarrassed XD I hope I don’t disappoint any of you in the future! (all 3 readers haha)
    Unfortunately I can’t read Russian – I’m barely getting by on Japanese haha! The only chapters I have as of now are #11 – 15. I’ve got the bound volumes on order (to support both the artist and Comic Sylph, and just cuz I want them XD) so until then, I only know a little more than you guys :P.

    Ah! Was that your picture of Room #13? Thank you so much for putting it online! :D I love Shouoto Aya’s artwork.


    • (ahaha, crap, I look like such a jerk cuz my strikeouts were eaten OTL)

      I actually found out about Sylph after coming across the first chapter of one of Shouoto’s other works, Barajou no Kiss, in Asuka, and I had to see what else she’d done… so I got a couple issues of Sylph when a friend did an Amazon order xD I usually get them there myself now, but I putzed a little bit with a couple issues and ended up spending like $40 apiece for them on auctions. It was the worst D’=

      But like you said, the magazine is totally worth it~ I agree, it’s got to be because of the otome games, too. Manga versions are still sort of rare so I love seeing more info in print xD I really liked Awai no Mori and Torikagoshou, too.

      And honestly, I can’t read Russian either… I’m just slightly bitter because whenever the scanlation group I’m part of releases a chapter of SLH, someone comes around and says, “The Russians are faster! WHY AREN’T YOU AS FAST AS THE RUSSIANS?!”

      But that’s enough of my blabbering. I’ll just continue enjoying your summaries from the sidelines!


      • (No problem. WordPress is a jerk sometimes with posts. Once it ate half of my comment on someone else’s blog, then added a random smilely. >_>; Made my comment look like not only was I under the influence of something when I was writing it but that I was apparently happy about it XD Anyway, credit is due to the scanner. I’m kind of new to blogging so I have no idea how things work. I just saw the pictures and saved them on my computer for later use. Sorry again!)

        Ho snap. $40!? I bet even though a part of you died over the price, another part of you was rejoicing at acquiring the issues huh? ;)
        I had a scare once on when one of the issues I wanted to order suddenly went out of stock (I usually place a order when 2 issues are out). I lamented over the event for a whole month before it randomly popped up on akadot.
        Me: O_O SCORE!
        It was truly random because akadot only had the first few issues then had a big gap before randomly acquiring this later issue.
        The only issue I’m missing is #2 (akadot ran out and removed it from my order :,< What sucks is there was an issue of Sylph #2 on ebay but that was during the time my order with akadot was being processed. The listing was gone by the time I checked again)
        My favorites so far are Zeele Sacrifice and Majina :D I like Hakuouki Jurenka too!

        Lol, that sounds so wrong. Like we're back in the days of the Cold War. We must not let the Russians beat us *jk* XD
        Joking aside, I can understand the long release period. I just summarize. As a scanlation group, you all have to acquire the RAWs, clean them, set the font, translate, proofread, and make everything look pretty. And that's not an easy job – esp if you want a quality release.
        I'm not sure if I said this, but thank you for taking the time to release SLH. :)

        I love comments so don't be afraid to say anything!
        I hope I don't disappoint with future summaries :D


  3. *hugs arkynox*
    Thank you my dear friend *raises her own glass and clanks it against arkynox’s* ;)
    As you can tell, I was VERY scared and tried to not make any “sudden movements” to incite an “attack” *wink wink* Haha, that sounds weird but so true >_<|||

    At least now I know you have my back if anything happens

    **Also: WHOOT! You got your computer back!** :D


  4. yeah sorry i got kicked off and have been slaming my head on the table trying to get my bleach eps to load * i =went to 5 diff sites trying!* so now after i shut it down and went throght Firefox it seems to be working…

    and dude were sis, i will always have youer back,


  5. Poor arkynox.
    The world is trying to deny you your Bleach goodness.

    Just pray the ending is good (and your couple gets together – I’m just holding out that my fav character doesn’t die!)

    Thanks man! *bro fist*


  6. ok i am going to watch my bleach , review it, cuz the new chapter is sick baby!
    and then i will post some more and then and then, maybe i can post on ur blog, fuckers



    • Yeah! My inner comment-whore is happy ^o^ (that maybe better turn into a definitely >:3)

      Alright, I’ll leave you to your Bleach. I’ll check your blog for details!
      Don’t forget those book reviews too. Especially the “Enchanted” ones ;)


    • You’d be amazed but it’s the grandpas that are the scary ones!
      And I don’t know what the deal is with these hardcore old timers. Even though they’re scaling the ceiling in their mad dash to get in front of you then stop and jam everything up, they never have any real food in their carts! It’s usually cat litter, gallons of soda, and a chuck of cheese. I don’t know why – if that’s all they are going to get – they have to go down EVERY aisle and stand there, staring at the shelves like they’re debating what to pick up! Rawr! X<


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