Manga Opinion: Sumomomo, Momomo volume #1

It's always the cute ones that pack the biggest punch. Remember that kids.

Title: Sumomomo, Momomo volume #1
Author: Shinobu Ohtaka

I first encountered Sumomomo, Momomo in Yen Press‘s magazine, Yen Plus. Normally I’m not into genres like this one but Sumomomo, Momomo was too funny to ignore. The quick version of Sumomomo, Momomo is there is a girl who is betrothed to a guy. Simple right? Well, the girl is hella strong – like when she was nine, she fought a bear – 39 of them to be precise XD. There is animosity between the 2 fractions consisting of the 12 martial arts clans in Japan – the girl and boy are each members of two of those 12 clans – who don’t look on favorable to the betrothal (they actually want to assassinate the two so they can start a war with one another…yeah don’t ask) .  Oh, and the guy wants nothing to do with the fighting or the marriage. He wants to be a lawyer (and he’s a pussy willow (thank you Kaito from Psycho Busters for expanding my vocabulary XD)).

Sounds kind of silly but somehow it all works out. Sumomomo, Momomo isn’t meant to be life changing or make you question your existence. It’s just a manga about fighting and humor (and about standing up for what you believe in).  The jokes are very simple (no Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei level humor here). And for me, they are very entertaining (this made me laugh; the super strong characters are always doing things like that and the normal characters always stand to the side with a WTF expression on their faces XD).  Momoko and Koushi are cute together (my romantic side is happy)…when Koushi isn’t trying to kick Momoko away >_>; (romantic side: sigh…)

One note to make: this manga is definitely made to appeal to the male gender. There are some panty shots and suggestive scenes. I was kind of surprised by the sex ed lesson on the male anatomy in the beginning of the manga (I loved Koushi’s freak-out reaction XD Hey, I would too if someone started reading out loud a human reproductive textbook in public). Also, Momoko constantly asking Koushi to have a baby with her is kind of creepy…but again, Koushi’s blunt refusals make me laugh XD

Sumomomo, Momomo is a light read, something to read if you want to laugh and not think to hard. It’s got some fanservice geared towards the male gender so if you are squeamish about things like that, best to avoid Sumomomo, Momomo (or if you’re into that kind of thing, well there you go).  I like the concept of super strong girl protecting weak guy – something different :3 I’m looking forward to see what happens to these two in volume #2!

You can preview Sumomomo, Momomo here

Summary on the back:

Momoko is the only child of the Kuzuryuu clan, a powerful martial arts family with inhuman strength. But strong as she is, her father fears a woman will never be able to master the skills of the family. Unless Momoko marries and bears a capable heir, the Kuzuryuu line is doomed to weaken and die off! With this mission in mind, Momoko is sent to the rival Inuzuka clan, where she is to marry the son of their mighty leader. But Koushi Inuzuka abandoned the martial arts long ago. Now committed to his legal studies, the last thing Koushi has on his mind is marriage—especially not to the world’s strongest bride!

4 thoughts on “Manga Opinion: Sumomomo, Momomo volume #1

    • Seriously. Some lawyers are good but there are too many out there just raping the system.

      I wonder if the two are going to get together? They have some really cute moments – but they are ruined by the servicing of the fans. Sigh…=_=|||


    • I remember when you first showed me that one scene in Bastard. I was all O_O
      I couldn’t stop staring. My brain had stopped processing and all bodily functions froze for a minute. I’m lucky I didn’t shit my self in shock! XD

      I hope he just accepts the fact he obviously likes her. Actually, I hope the fanservice gets tuned down (but so much for that. I got volume 2 and while it’s funny, it’s also got some creepy scenes. >_>; I’m a shojo person. I can’t believe I’m reading this…haha)


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