Manga Opinon: Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro volume #2

Real girls have coffins

Title: Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro volume #2
Manga-ka: Satoko Kiyuduki

Hot on the heels of Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro volume #1 is Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro volume #2! I’m so glad I bought both volumes at the same time because the way volume #1 ended was really suspenseful!

Volume #2 continues to follow Kuro on her travels but we also get a peek into her past life. Seems something happened to not only Kuro but also Sen (and here I thought he was just a lovable mascot character :9). Though we get to see her past, we still aren’t given much in terms of answers. Instead, we are given more questions. Why are Kuro and Sen looking for the Black Witch? And why did she do what she did to the two? Who is Kuro?

Also, the twins might be more connected to Kuro than originally thought (then again, I could have interrupted that scene wrong but it’s too coincidental to brush off).

New characters are met, as well as old characters , which is always fun.  The artwork is very cute (like I said in my opinion of volume #1, I was attracted to the series due to the art haha!). For some reason it reminds me of Yggdra Union. A lot.

Overall I’m glad I tried this series. The humor and Grimm fairytale feel are well balanced together. I enjoy the characters – there was no one I wanted to slap over the head or wish for death to claim them, haha.

The only negative I have is that only 2 volumes have been released so far. From what mangaupdates has listed, Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro is on possible hiatus so unfortunately at this point, only 2 volumes are available in both English and Japanese. I’m hoping the manga-ka gets started up on Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro soon. I want some answers here, dammit! XD

Summary on the back:

With Nijuku and Sanju in tow, the road winds on for Kuro and Sen. During a lull en route, Kuro takes a turn down memory lane, revisiting an unfortunate incident during her early days as a traveler that resulted in her imprisonment! One by one, the secrets surrounding Kuro and her journey with Sen are disclosed…and the fate that Kuro will suffer should her quest fail is finally revealed!

6 thoughts on “Manga Opinon: Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro volume #2

  1. she is cute, good art is a big part in my manga and anime reading/watching. emma would of been a great anime ex the art suck ass and was painful to watch, uggg. you know me if it an’t good it can fuck off.


  2. I have book #1 of Emma but I’m kind of hesitant to continue.

    It looks like one of those I don’t want to be with him but okay maybe actually I kind of do. But I can’t because of my status. Yeah, that’s right. It’s not because I’m afraid to actually admit I love him. No. In fact, I’ll prove it by dating Mr. B over here. Yeah. Oh noes! He just saw me with Mr. B. No, I should be happy. Happy, yes. Don’t touch me Mr B. I actually don’t like you. Sure you like me but sucks to be you. Don’t you know the cast off male like yourself is never loved. Crying won’t solve anything. Go stand in the corner and make fangirls lament over the fact no one wants you except them.
    Add in Mr. C, Mr. D, the fiancee, some jealous bitch, some angry bitches, some nice people that help the girl gather her courage to finally admit she likes the guy, and BAM!
    They finally get together. The end.
    I’m not good with drama. I just want them to get together. No random jealous bitch trying to break them up. Or random fiancee flying in from France (okay, so they don’t have planes – shut up). No angry parents with their heads stuck up their asses keeping them apart.
    This is why I don’t do J/K/C dramas. Too much of a heart attack XD


  3. Shudders
    This is why I can’t handle the drama. I remember when you were watching Boys Over Flowers. I’d get a text screaming THEY ARE FUCKING IDIOTZ! RAWR! THIS SHOW IS GAYZ! Then before I had a chance to reply: THIS SHOW ROCKS! I WUV IT! THIS IS GOD’S WAY OF MAKING ME HAPPY.

    Me: =.=||| U-uh…okay…

    I’m glad I have you to watch all those dramas and tell me what happens without affecting my blood pressure ;)


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