Manga Opinion: Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro Volume #1

I totally thought Kuro was a dude. Sorry Kuro...

Title: Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro volume #1
Manga-ka: Satoko Kiyuduki

I won’t lie. I got this manga because it looked cute XD. Also the title was very unique.

To sum it up in a sentence, Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro is about a girl named Kuro and her travels. Sounds a little boring but I found Kuro’s adventures to be interesting. The story is told mostly in 4-koma fashion which didn’t bother me at all (I actually want to check out the other 4-koma manga Yen Press has now!). The humor in Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro was very cute, and sometimes snarky (mostly due to Sen, who rocks BTW).

I liked how some of the characters Kuro meets aren’t just kicked to the side. They actually appear later on! Be shocked people! Haha! Also, the ending of volume #1 ended in a way that made me go is book #2 out yet!? The ending gives us a peek at the secret Kuro is harboring…as well as hints to her past…

In conclusion, I’m greatly satisfied with Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro.  It had just the right amount of humor and story to keep me interested. The cute drawings were a bonus too! :D Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this title on mangafox as of this date so I don’t have a preview for you all. I guess you could hit your local bookstore to see if there’s a copy for you to check out ^_^;


Be careful if you buy Yen Press‘s edition. For some odd reason, the color on the cover is falling off my book even though I only read it one time (and I just got it to boot) :/ At first I thought maybe something white got stuck to the cover but when I tried to wipe it away nothing happened. When I gently ran my fingernail over it (and I mean GENTLY), I chipped the coloring away! That something white was the result of the coloring falling off! And I just made it worse *0*||| And I know I don’t claw at my books when I read so that means the pads of my fingers were causing wear (>_>;).  HANDLE WITH CARE!

Summary on the back:

Regularly mistaken for a boy and/or vampire, the traveler Kuro roams the land, clothed in black from head to toe, a Kuro-sized coffin on her back. Accompanied by her snarky bat friend, Sen, the mysterious duo meets all sorts of individuals en route — some good, some evil, some just plain crazy! But Kuro never stays in one place for long, begging the question: What exactly is she searching for? And what exactly does she intend to do with that coffin?!

14 thoughts on “Manga Opinion: Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro Volume #1

    • Actually, there are a lot of mangas that isn’t scanlated D:
      Prolly, that~ that’s why it aint in Mangafox.

      why did you have to say twins D:
      I adore twins 8D!

      and yeah the art looks very kawaii~


      • I know. There are some manga I have that haven’t been scanalated onto mangafox yet :< (I was hoping I could cheat and see what happens in later volumes instead of waiting for the next translated volume to be released XD bad I know)

        Yup, they are so cute.
        Here's a picture (they have some really awesome (and adorable) scenes XD
        I liked it when their cuteness was used to con stuff out of old people haha!


    • It’s really good. I’m glad I finally broke down and got this series.
      I love the art. I know it’s not kick ass awesome but it’s adorable :3 I love adorable

      For something so cute though it gets pretty dark sometimes!
      But then again, the original Grimm Fairytales were like that. I’m still scarred on Cinderella…o_o|||


    Futago + Nekomimis + Cat’s Tails + MOE PHYSIQUE~~~

    Don’t worry, I’m like that too… I’ll read scanlations and then buy the hard copy… And they always reprimand me that WHY THE HECK ARE YOU BUYING THAT BOOK WHEN YOU HAVE READ IT ONLINE… yadda yadda >_>

    Normal People can’t get the idea that… “We are itching to know what happens next!”


  2. I KNOW! I hate it when it takes forever for the next page to load! Sometimes the pages are out of order or missing! That really confuses things DX
    When you have the hard copy in front of you, it makes things a LOT easier (like before Heart no Kuni no Alice became popular, the first few chapters were all out of order – some pages were also not included. I had the hard copy in front of me so I could use it like a map haha!)


    • Actually, this “opinion” was made before Yen Press and other publishers started to pull titles they have licensed off of manga sites like mangafox
      Yet, even at that time, there were no scans of Kuro
      As you can see, this “opinion” is bit old
      *blows dust off*
      But thank you for the comment :3


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