Stray Love Hearts: Room 15

☆゜・。。・゜゜・。。・゜ Out 5 days early, here’s S.L.H. Room 15!  ☆゜・。。・゜゜・。。・゜
[Actually, it’s because I pushed the wrong button and accidentally published Part III instead of saving it as a draft >_<: That’s also why Part III is out of order.  Darn computer – working against me like that.]

Thanks again to kissmygeass for the RAWs!

Translation: This fake heart trembles from your warmth…why is that?

Okay, so I know I said I would translate Room 13.  The thing is, when I was randomly looking around on the internet for Comic Sylph stuff, I found RAWs to Room 15 of Stray Love Hearts!  Instantly I thought: SWEET! This means I don’t have to do a summary for the chapter! XD (anything to lessen the load!) Plus this chapter has some major spoilers in it (seriously, I didn’t see like 3 things coming at all)!

To prevent your computers from exploding from the overload of images, I decided to break down the chapters into 3 parts (there are 45 pages total, so 15 pages in each part.  Gotta love the fact I can still do simple math even after ordeal of finals ^_^)

I would also like to give credit to kissmygeass for providing the RAWs (that’s right people – get on your knees and give proper worship).  You can find many other Comic Sylph related RAWs if you check out kissmygeass‘s livejournal account (BTW totally love the user name =D).  Just click on the icon below for her page.

Part I: here

Part II: here

Part III: here

8 thoughts on “Stray Love Hearts: Room 15

  1. Not a problem! Always happy to help out a S.L.H. fan ^_^
    Sorry if any of the parts sounded funny or if I translated something wrong.

    You lucky Hiyoki x Kain fan! I can’t hate though. This chapter was just awesome (it even made me weaver a little. Forgive me Kuga XD)


  2. How come your guys always win in the end?
    My guys always gets screwed (and/or die – gen. in a painful and bloody manner).
    Well, the series isn’t over yet! There’s still hope for Kuga *hugs Kuga in support*

    I wonder if it is the president, or maybe his creepy butler guy who has her heart. You saw how creepy touchy he was with Kain. Let me be with you, baby. Take your pants off this instant >:3
    Kain: o_O; Get the hell away from me

    Butler guy at the end: >:O That mofo kissing my man!? *rawr*

    XD I just make the most random situations don’t I?


  3. I learned mofo from – of all people – my dad. We were playing Uncharted or some video game and he screamed that mofo shot me! I just put 3 bullets in his skull! XD Older parental figures are not supposed to use the word mofo. It was great though.

    It’s nice to see you’re finally taking an interest in SLH. :D Guess it didn’t help I didn’t really have any good pictures on my site to show you. But now you have witnessed the glory that is SLH. Worship it. And cry in pain because the next chapter doesn’t come out until Jan >_<


  4. Thanks for the translation. I saw this on Mangahelpers (found via mangafox forums) and I freaked out like the crazy fangirl I am when I saw that Cain x Hiyoki scene. I’m glad that I finally know what everything means.


  5. No, thank you for reading it! :D
    This helps me practice my translating skills. Also, as a SLH fan, I wanted to spread the joy
    I’m amazed how many Cain x Hiyoki fans there are! Chapter 15 was definitely for you. Looks like the winning couple may be Cain and Hiyoki after all. I’m still holding out for Kuga x Hiyoki though ;)

    Thank you for the comment!


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