Stray Love Hearts Room 15: Part III

This is part 3 of 3 for Stray Love Hearts Room 15 (translations and RAWs included)

Thanks again to kissmygeass for the RAWs!

Ren: “KAIN!!!”

Hiyoki: [This is…Ren-kun’s dream…]
[After that…]

Hiyoki: [I came out…of the dream?]
[I feel terrified]
[Even though I hold the power to see people’s dreams…]
[It’s because of this power, I’ve stumbled into many dreams I never should have.]
[It’s like…]

Hiyoki: [ – I’m in some kind of maze…]

Kain: ” – why are you here?”

Hiyoki: [This…isn’t a dream right?]

Kain: “Tails” [Lit. Tail girl]

Hiyoki: “Please don’t call me Tails!”

Kain: “…”
“What are you doing out here?”

Hiyoki: “I-I’m out for a walk!”
“How about yourself!?”

Kain: ” – I was just sleeping.”

Hiyoki: “…out here?”
[I want to ask him]
[In that dream with the sakura -]
[ – did your dream get mixed in too?]

Kain: “…”
“Well, good timing.”
“Even though it’s out here, you’re going to play lookout.”

Hiyoki: [But]

Hiyoki: “- truly want to know…”
” – just what is it I’m supposed to lookout for?”
[Since we’ve met, I have never entered into this person’s dreams ]
[Not then]
[Or at that time either]
[Even though I was asleep right next to him…]

Kain: “…”

Hiyoki: [Why?]

Kain: “This island doesn’t have any bears running around so relax.”

Hiyoki: “Please don’t call me Tails!”

Kain: “Then -”
“Stay by my side.”

Hiyoki: [This isn’t good!]
[This fake heart is -]

Kain: “Call me by my name.”

Hiyoki: “Kumoide-san…”

Kain: “I dislike being addressed by that name.”

Hiyoki: “Oh? Fine…”
“Kain -”

Kain: “…”
“Just as I thought.”

Hiyoki: “Um! Could you let go – “

Kain: “When you’re with me – ”
“You silence my nightmares.”

Hiyoki: [Nightmares?]

Kain: “Just what in the world are you?”
“Meh, whatever…”

Hiyoki: [His hair…]
[When it’s illuminated by the moon’s light…]
[He looks just like him…]

Hiyoki: [This man before me…]
[And Ren-kun are…]

Kain: “For me – ”
“The thing called fate has little importance.”
“I take whatever I want.”
“However – “

Kain: “If you have value in that kind of reasoning…” [Lit. If for you there is value in destiny/excuse/explanation –]

Hiyoki: [That night – ]
[I truly lost myself in that maze]
[In the period between dreaming and darkness…]

A Kiss of Fate

To be continued


Damn.  If you are a Kain x Hiyoki fan this chapter was dedicated to you all. I as a Kuga x Hiyoki fan will go sob in a corner now…(;_;)



Next Room preview:

Actually, since this is the most recent chapter as of this point of time, I have no preview to put ^^:
Room 16 should be available in the next volume of Comic Sylph (vol 11) which comes out in January 22, 2010.
I usually collect Comic Sylph in sets of 2 due to high shipping costs from ;_;  So unless kissmygeass or someone else puts the RAWs up online, I won’t get my hands on this chapter until the March volume of Comic Sylph is released.
Thank you for taking the time to read all this.  If you notice any mistakes, please don’t hesitate to say anything! I learn best from my mistakes…*sigh -_-;*
Or if you just want to scream that S.L.H. is the best ever, go for it ^o^


23 thoughts on “Stray Love Hearts Room 15: Part III

    • Hey not a problem. Thank LittleStar for asking :D
      And thank you for your comment.
      You lucky Kain x Hiyoki fan! Chapter 15 was totally meant for you guys ^_^

      I’d like to in the future summarize more chapters of S.L.H. (Right now I’m finishing off Petit Four :3). I’ve got the bound volumes on order right now but it may take awhile because some of my items are on back order (and to save on shipping, I requested everything be shipped at the same time). So keep an eye out in the future ^o^


  1. Um……. Bad. Very bad. I thaught that someday Ren will kiss Hiyoki (I’m the Hiyoki x Ren fan)
    But I’m happy, because I can read my favourite manga!!!! I love it very much. I suppose that you have already noticed my very poor English….. Sorry….. I’m from Russia, we don’t have Stray Love Hearts! here. I don’t understand Japanese. So thank you very much for English translations!!!


  2. Haha, I hoped it would be Kuga who Hiyoki got with but I had a feeling it was going to be Cain. The second he appeared, I was all DARN! DX (no offense to Hiyoki x Cain fans; just expressing my love as a Hiyoki x Kuga fan XD)
    Nice to meet a Hiyoki x Ren fan :D
    It’s fun to see how popular the boys of SLH are! So far Cain is in the lead.

    No problems on the language barrier. You’re trying and that’s what matters! I’m the same way with writing Japanese. I have no one to write to so it’s horrible but my reading is improving because of all the manga I’m practicing with :D

    I’m not sure if you already checked this out, but these are the Russian version of SLH (credits to littlestar/chisaihoshi for the link)

    Thank you for your comment ^_^


  3. It’s too hard for me to speak any language, because I study already 3 languages (English-12 years, German-4 years, Italian – 1 year and of course Russian-15 years – all ny life). I can begin to write German, because this language and English are very similar……..

    Um…. I know about but there are only 8 parts! Of course I read the russian version firstly! I like it so much…….. But they translate it too slowly. 2 years. They have been translating it for 2 yers!

    I had a such feeling, too. I mean Hiyoki and Cain.


  4. Wow! You’ve studied so many! I’ve only learned English – all my life – and recently started (slowly) practicing Japanese. If you ever travel around in Europe, you don’t have to worry about not speaking the language – since you know so many! :D

    Oh, wow. I didn’t know that project has been ongoing for 2 years! I only just learned about Stray Love Hearts about 1 year ago. Only recently did I get interested in the story (I had Room #11 as my first chapter and I was very confused ^^;)

    Haha, I guess even though we like the other boys, we knew Cain probably had the advantage. He is definitely the type of character I can see Hiyoki ending up with.


      • Ah, no problem! ^_^
        I clicked on the site but I couldn’t understand it.
        Thank you though for the link.
        Maybe other fans of S.L.H. who know Russian will view that site :)

        You aren’t dull at all! It’s not your fault for the language barrier *jk* :P
        Thank you again!


    • Ho snap girl breath.
      Are you talking about this part of Room #15? Because this came out a LONG time ago ^^:
      Don’t tell me you didn’t realize Room #15 was a 3 parter? *sweatdrop*
      You mean all that time I was talking about that Hiyoki x Cain scene that appeared here and you never knew about it!?

      PSSFFTTT! >3<


  5. Wow, I totally love Shoutou Aya’s work. I was reading Barajou no Kiss at first, then I got hooked. ,_,
    Do you know of anywyere where I can read SLH in english, chapter by chapter?
    I’m really glad I found this site though, since before everywhere I checked only had english versions of up to chapter 3. I thought that the manga had been discontinued. D:


    • Hi there,
      Sorry it took so long for me to reply to your comment. I too love Shouoto Aya’s artwork – very pleasing to the eyes (especially the guys ^^)
      The only place I can think of is the group that’s doing the scanalations: Turtle Paradise. I heard there were problems with staff or something so that’s why the release is taking so long. You might want to ask there (click here to go there)

      Also, if you have myanimelist and are interested, there is a club dedicated to Stray Love Hearts:
      You can get RAWS, meet other fans, etc. :3
      Hope that helped!


  6. I’m kind of loosing hope for KugaXHiyoki :[
    It’s probably going to be similar to Furuba where the main competitors for Tohru’s love interest are Yuuki and Kyo while the others are just bystanders or people with unrequited feelings for Tohru (Poor Momiji D:, I liked him, too. Stupid underdogs. :[ ) . In this instance, I suspect the two main guys might be Kain and Ren since they also have a connection to each other.

    Still though as Alexander Pope said, “Hope springs eternal in the human breast”! So go HiyokixKuga! I mean, the mangaka might totally go and turn a few degrees and suddenly think KugaXHiyoki is a much better pair? xD

    Anyhow, thanks very much, Sylphalchemist for writing a summary for people who can’t read Japanese (like li’l ol’ moi). I was so happy when I found your summaries, actually, cause i’ve been reading raws…..Well more like looking at the pretty drawings since I have no clue what’s happening other than the obvious ones in the actions. xD So yeah, keep up the good work!


    • Sadly, I too must agree with you (especially looking at this chapter – Cain got to first base with Hiyoki! Kuga, what are you waiting for!? Go on and kiss the girl xD).
      I usually end up rooting for the guy the main female won’t get with (in Fruits Basket, I was a Yuki fan. Sigh. Momiji was just adorable BTW).
      I definitely can see the love triangle forming around Hiyoki x Cain x Ren :,< (though a surprise turnaround with Kuga as the winner would be gladly accepted!)

      Not a problem. I figured since I had the manga might as well spread the love. Plus it helps get Stray Love Hearts' name out there and that's a win for all 8D
      My Japanese skills are still n00b level so sorry for any mistakes I may have made ^^:
      Thanks for the comment 8D
      Hope you'll enjoy future installments of Stray Love Hearts!


  7. *Crying nonstop* Why? Why? Why? Why? *Saying in between sobs* I personally am a HiyokixKuga fan *Still in between sobs* but all is lost. *Crying even more* Writing it makes me feel worse. *Throws a pillow at the wall and crys into another one* I’ll just cry until I feel better. *Crys and sobs even more while hiding under my desk* :'(


    • Chocolate is also a wonderful way to get over the lack of Hiyoki x Kuga!
      I’m glad to find another fan. I’m just sorry you had to see the possibility for this couple go down the drain with each chapter :<


    • For chapter 15, kissmygeass gave me permission to use her scans :3 However, she recently took down her LJ site so she doesn’t have anymore of the scans up…
      You can always try the Russian scanalation team – they’re up to chapter…17 I believe (as of this post)

      Hope that helped!


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