Tokyopop’s light novel line coming back?

I’m not too sure how accurate this information is.  I was looking around on some forums when someone posted this link:

The link shows the series being released by Tokyopop and future release dates.  Surprisingly there were light novels listed!

  • Full Metal Panic #4 [2/1/2010]
  • Good Witch of the West #3 [1/30/2010]
  • Gosick #2(?) [3/13/2010]
  • Trinity Blood #4: Rage Against the Moons [5/11/2010]
  • Trinity Blood #4: Reborn on the Mars [1/1/2011] (!?)

If this turns out to be true, then SWEET! I’ll love Tokyopop a little more.
If this turns out to be someone’s idea of a sick joke, I hope you get gonorrhea you twisted bastard! I took microbiology so I know what that stuff does to people! (and if you’re female, it’s even worse because you rarely have noticeable  symptoms while your pelvis breaks apart!) >:O

Rant aside, only time will be able to verify if Tokyopop’s light novel line will continue.

[Update] Trinity Blood: Rage Against the Moons #4 has been added on rightstuf for May 2010! Price: $10.99
[Update] Gosick #2 is on righstuf for March 2010! Price: $12.99 (granted this was already up there but still!)

16 thoughts on “Tokyopop’s light novel line coming back?

  1. U and you’er STD’s…

    lol well i hope they bring saiunkoko monogtari!!!

    Dude i so love this show now! I am on season 2 and will give my review here in a few days…I am avraging about 10 ep a day so ummm 3 to 4 more days at the most…


  2. When you take microbiology by a professor whose research specializes in gonorrhea, you will hear A LOT about it in class.
    And explosive diarrhea.
    The last few classes he started using projectile vomiting which was a very interesting term…(^-^;

    I hope …that book…comes over here too! (Lol I can’t even spell it XD)
    There are so many light novels I want over here! Polyphonica. Ghost Hunt. Shounen Onmyouji. The REST of Scrapped Princess (I love the light novel version MUCH more than the anime. One of the guys was hot in the book and OMG did you get backed over by a horse fugly in the anime. Cruel I know but when you read the books first then watch the anime, that’s the reaction you will make XD

    You have mad skills for being able to marathon anime. I get too restless and want to do something else (or I’m too angry at what’s happening and need to cool off before I punch my first through the scene. Or I’m too emotional (stupid Gankutsuou (/□≦、)) and need to break…)


  3. I think it’s likely that at least the Trinity Blood ones will definitely be back (since they did just publish the 3rd volume of ROM like a month or two ago), but this still makes me happy! I just love light novels!


  4. Trinity Blood and Twelve Kingdoms seem to be the two titles of Tokyopop’s that are still holding their own =D
    I haven’t read Gosick yet. I was going to but then I heard it was canceled/placed on hiatus. After suffering the lose of Shinigami no Ballad, I didn’t want to start a series that wasn’t going to go no where. Now that it’s gotten a listing, I’m willing to fork over some money to Tokyopop (I’ve gotten over my slump from SnB XD.

    Did you hear that Haikasoru is going to release 2 more books? The Ouroboros Wave and another Otsuichi novel, Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse.


    • And another two novels that ANN seemed to miss: Harmony by Project Itoh and Rocket Girls by Housuke Nojiri!! All 4 of which I’m super excited about!! And are also on my upcoming light novel post, so I’ll just leave my spazzing for that and not clutter up this comment. ;]

      And for some reason I didn’t comment on The Twelve Kingdoms, but I’m almost positive volume 4 will be published, since there’s actually a cover up on Amazon for it and from Tokyopop that usually means it’s going to get published. And the series is amazing, so I’m excited!! (Though really, they haven’t ever been put on hiatus like other Tokyopop series, they just literally come out one book a year.)


  5. Lol girl you are on top of things! =D
    Talk about a coincidence! I’m reading Usurper of the Sun right now. I looked at the author’s bio and it mentioned he wrote Rocket Girls. I was all, huh that sounds cool! I wonder if it’ll come over to the states any time soon?
    You just made my day by telling me there are more light novels on the way ^o^
    *hugs kelakagandy*
    *hugs someone from Haikasoru*
    *hugs random old lady crossing the street*

    I need to get book #3 of Twelve Kingdoms. Amazon canceled on me one time. Now they have the hardcover back in stock. I’m going to try one more time to get the hardcover, if not I’ll just get the soft cover. Then I need to read the first two XD I want to watch the anime and read the books around the same time. I’ve just been lazy about it.

    I’m really looking forward to your Light Novel post. I wonder what your team of little uncover agents have found? *jk* ^_^


    • I just have no life. xD But always glad to make someone’s day! *returns hug*

      The Twelve Kingdoms is fantastic!! You should definitely get the hardback versions if you can (there’s not too much price difference on Amazon if I remember right, and they’re so worth it!) Oooh, that reminds me that I need to watch the anime too (I think it’s mostly based on the first novel, if that helps).


  6. Lol, no! You have a life. You’re just using that as a cover up for your little team of information gathers (need to keep their identities a secret so no one finds out about them). I understand ;)

    I need to get #3 but I just splurged on rightstuf! XD They’re having a Yen Press sale. Naturally, I grabbed up several titles I’ve been holding out on. This also included pre-orders like Kieli novel #2, Wolf and Spice #2, and the Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya 8D I couldn’t resist.
    I’m all set for my light novels with them until their next sale months from now (they didn’t have My Girlfriend is a Geek solicited yet. Tsk.)
    If I have any money left over I’ll make that quick amazon purchase. *opens wallet. Moths fly out* >_>;


    • Yeah…that’s it… <..> <..>


      Ah. I saw that sale and was sorely tempted, but the fact that I have literally $1.50 in my account right now put a bit of a damper on that… :[ Fear not though! I have a massive check to cash tomorrow! And I’m going to Barnes and Noble! xD

      Is Kieli any good? I didn’t get volume 1, but it looks interesting.


  7. Haha! =D

    Yeah for loads of money and bookstores being conveniently located so they can take said money! =D I’ve never really been to a Barnes and Noble. The nearest thing to me is Borders and right now it’s in the danger zone >_>;

    As for Kieli, I liked it. The only bad thing was before I read the book, I had just re-read the manga. Book #1 is basically the manga in novel form. So everything was fresh in my mind.
    I liked the manga for the art (Harvey and Kieli look G-R-E-A-T!) [and also for my one scene during the train ride. My romantic side refuses to accept what the book says >:D] while I like the book because you get to go a little more into the characters’ thoughts. The book sometimes got confusing because I couldn’t tell who was saying what (so I had to open up the manga to figure things out XD I’m so bad).
    That said, this is why I’m really looking forward to book #2! It goes beyond the manga and I’m hoping I get some good Harvey x Kieli moments. Darn my romantic side >_<||| (hopefully I didn't throw you off of wanting to get Kieli; it's good :3)


    • I actually like Borders/Waldenbooks better, but Barnes and Nobel is closer, so I go there more often (though really I get almost all my books on Amazon).

      I can definitely see how reading the manga beforehand could mess up reading the novel! I was reading the Fullmetal Alchemist novels the other day and I was all, “that’s not how it happened in the anime… :/ ” when I was reading the first one. xD
      But I’ll definitely have to check out Kieli then, especially if there’s possible shipping. I kinda sorta starting shipping those two characters when I read the summery on Yen’s site, haha.


  8. Another online shopper :)
    Usually I just browse around in Borders and get what I want online for a cheaper price XD (hey, no sales tax or shipping $$$).

    I need to check out the Fullmetal Alchemist novels. I have the first 13 episodes on my shelf pleading to be watched but I’m watching another series instead XD I’m so bad sometimes!

    Stupid question. What is ‘shipping?’ I sometimes read it on people’s sites and I haven’t figured out what it means. I suspect it has something to do with the pairing of certain characters? When I tried to look up the meaning online, I kept getting stuff about international rates for shipping stuff >_>; and I don’t think that’s what people mean…


    • Oh yes, online shopper. :3 I actually have a friend who told me she was watching a show about people who were addicted to shopping online and she though of me. ^^; But really, it’s bad because my parents have amazon prime, so I just use their account to get free shipping and low amazon prices.

      haha, the FMA novels are fairly good (super quick reads, I finished 1 book a day for like 3 days straight), and the manga and anime are both fantastic (the second anime series is FAR superior to the first, but the first is still not bad). I keep picking up random series just because and it’s bad, like I keep meaning to catch up on Nodame Cantabile so I can watch the final anime series this coming season, but I keep watching random other stuff instead.

      Not a stupid question at all! I try not to use the word around my RL friends cuz I know they wouldn’t understand (other than my roommate who ships things hardcore sometimes) I think urban dictionary defines it best though: “Shipping: A term used to describe fan fictions that take previously created characters and put them as a pair. It usually refers to romantic relationships, but it can refer platonic ones as well. (Just think of “shipping” as short for “relationSHIP”.)” It’s not really just fanfics though (that part of the definition is kinda shitty), but fandom in general. :D


  9. Lol, I don’t know what’s more funny – there’s a show about online shopping addicts or that people watch it! *jk* Actually, I’d watch it, just ’cause it sounds so different and interesting :)
    I hope I never get too bad with my online shopping. I usually know when enough is enough. Last thing I need is to come home one day to find my family waiting for me in the living room (complete with tv crew) – for the intervention (I think that’s what it’s called). That I have a problem and I need to admit it XD

    Haha, the bad thing with being an anime and manga fan is that there’s so much out there it’s hard to keep track of it all. Just when you want to watch one thing another thing pops up and you kick the first thing to the side. I actually did that with Polyphonica XD But that’s because the release was so slow and the picture quality sucked real bad (I finally did watch it all though!)
    The advantage of being a light novel fan is that there’s not a lot out there to lose track of…but the negative is there’s not a lot out there (or the series gets dropped or takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get the next volume out) D’:

    Ah, thank you for the information. Now I won’t look like such a loser whenever I see ‘shipping’ again. :D


    • haha. I don’t think I’m really as bad as my friend thinks. I just buy a whole lot more than her (granted she doesn’t have a job, and I did/do, so I tend to have more money than her).

      Exactly! There’s so darn much, and I see/hear about new series and get distracted with the ones that I’m already following. xD But this is true, the lack of light novels does make it easier to follow them.

      Glad to help. ;]


  10. Gotta love jobs – they suck sometimes but you get money to compensate (and get stuff to make you happy again :))

    This is why I try not to commit to any series over 52 episodes. I lose my way with 24 episode shows so anything like Naruto or Bleach means I’m screwed XD
    Thankfully most shojo-ish anime are only around 13 – 24 episodes (Nana excluded along with others XD). I think the longest series I ever watched was 52 episodes (and it did take a while because I kept jumping around ^_^; sigh me and my anime ADD).

    You are now my person to turn to whenever I encounter unknown slang :D
    You’re a living urban dictionary haha! :)


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