Anime Opinion: Gankutsuou

I’ve never read The Mount of Monte Cristo so I didn’t really know much going into the anime except it’s about a dude that’s out for revenge.  However, the story actually focuses more on another character, Albert.  While the Count is out getting his vengeance we get to see Albert go through the trails of youth.  Getting betrayed by the people most important to him, seeing the other people he loves die, getting thrown out into the streets, fighting duals in crappy looking robot suits – the usually stuff kids deal with when growing up (*jk*).

The beginning of the anime had me laughing and teasing everything that happened.  I especially loved it when the Count would make an appearance before people.  He had this special choreography made out to him.  Music that sounds like the beginning of .hack//sign’s Obsession would start to play.  We see his feet, then his cane – all the while wind out be bursting around the place (doesn’t matter that the wind is blowing around in an enclosed room.  It’s part of the Count’s choreography.).  One time, there was even furniture floating around but no one cared XD

However, the light hearted feel for me took a quick turn towards the middle half of the series.  The episode “Dual” was so heartbreaking I actually cried.  Probably because I liked the character the episode focused on.  The later episodes for me were very emotional but “Dual” still wins because it made me cry (I hadn’t cried like that since S.T.R.A.I.N. – yeah, I actually cried when watching that anime.  Shut up.).  The ending left me satisfied but it’s a sort of you the viewer gets to decide what happens from here type of ending.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed Gankutsuou.  It was kind of random having a classical book take place in space but hey, I was cool with it.  The designs used may turn potential viewers off (I admit to getting a little nauseated while watching the first episode but you get used to it).  Also Albert himself may make viewers want to slap him over the face for his way of thinking but in my eyes he’s just a kid learning about the harsh properties of life (maybe I’m just weird?).

2 thoughts on “Anime Opinion: Gankutsuou

  1. I like sad endings, but only if I don’t give a monkey about the characters. If it’s to a character I like then no. Especially after watching this anime.
    Man I’m too emotional at those sad scenes.

    I heard Saikino is sad (I probably spelled that wrong). Like tear-jerker sad. Like you want to eat a tub of ice cream and wear Depends so you don’t have to get off the couch for the next 24 hours. That level of sadness.


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