Stray Love Hearts Chapter 2

As much as I love the art of S.L.H. there's just something about everyone's hands/fingers that looks super weird...

Stray Love Hearts Chapter #2 is out people!
This chapter focuses on Kuga! My favorite character! Sweet!

The chapter starts off with Hiyoki getting ready to move on to her next guy XD.  Ren is saddened by this because…this means the end to Hiyoki making him rice balls! Lol! You dork, Ren! Ren is placated when Hiyoki says she’ll continue to make him rice balls…

In class, girls are giving Hiyoki the stink eye.  Confused, Hiyoki turns to her friends who go all evil and eat her.  The reason for everyone’s hostility is that someone took a picture of when Hiyoki fainted.  It shows the student president – Cain – carrying her away princess style and swinging away into the vines wearing nothing but a G-string *gets bricked for lying* Hiyoki gets all embarrassed over this (who wouldn’t =D).  This leads to an opportunity to talk about the history of the school and about how the girls have so much time on their hands they actually have fan clubs to guys they like! Lol! XD

Ren with Kuga stop by to drop off some notes Hiyoki left back at S hall (naturally all the girls go wild seeing hot man meat x 2).  Kuga is all aloof and emo (which kind of surprised me because he’s way different later on in the series).

Time shifts and Hiyoki enters Kuga’s room.  It’s pretty much what you would expect a guy like Kuga to live in.  There’s even a skull.  Yup.  A skull.  Little something to turn on the ladies? Kuga appears and is all don’t touch my skull woman! He says Hiyoki can sleep on his bed and leaves.  Okay.

Hiyoki has a bad night’s sleep because she keeps freaking out about the skull XD  The next day she tries to befriend Kuga but he’s all FLEE!  This had Hiyoki depressed.  I like the fact she has a little student president in her head calling her a pervert XD So random!

Ren notices her depression and takes her someplace secluded…

If you’re thinking of something dirty, don’t worry.  Hiyoki thought the same thing.  Turns out he’s taking her to some underground concert place.  There’s a singer on stage…with silver hair!? The bastard heart thief!?  No…wait…that’s…Kuga!? Kuga’s a cross-dresser!? Ren explains that Kuga is some popular singer but he wears a wig to prevent being killed by a stampede of fangirls (I’m not sure if he’s being insulting but come on.  How dumb do you think people are that they can’t tell it’s you in a wig?  This isn’t like Sailor Moon where putting on a miniskirt instantly hides your idenity).  Ren explains Kuga is scared of girls (guess a prior fangirl incident.  I wonder if he was slapped with one of those yaoi paddles? That’s pretty traumatizing for any straight guy) but he hopes with Hiyoki he can be cured of that.  Because it feels different being around Hiyoki – which Hiyoki translates as = one of the guys D:>.

Hiyoki decides, hey I’ve got problems but this guy got fangirl problems and that’s three categories worse than mine.  She goes out to find Kuga.  She find him on the roof, asleep.  Hiyoki decides to wait for him to wake up but slips and hits her head – causing her to fall into Kuga’s dreams.  Dream Kuga is singing while these naked fangirls are all clinging to him (WTF!? I think even fangirls have limits on what they’ll do for their love! Exposing themselves is a little…out there but explains so much why Kuga is all O_O kill me.).  Hiyoki in this cool outfit tries to beat the fangirls off Kuga but the fangirls beat her instead! Hiyoki wakes up and goes over to see if Kuga is alright because no guy wants to have dreams of naked women clinging to him XD.  Kuga awakes and says he had a dream about his Sun Goddess saving him.  Inspiration time!

The chapter ends with Kuga showing Hiyoki he’s new song, Goddess of the Sun.  Hiyoki is flustered because the person he thinks is his Goddess is her.  Ren congratulates the two on becoming friends to which Kuga is all, I don’t think you’ll be too happy with this new relationship later on no more late nights together Ren.  I like girls again XD *jk*

You can find chapter 2 here

Happy readings! ^o^ 6

*******Picture came from mangafox*********

30 thoughts on “Stray Love Hearts Chapter 2

  1. Lol, I really do think she will get with the Student Council President.

    As for who stole her heart, the newest chapters keep making it seem like everyone did it! Laugh!
    Well, we have to be patient.

    Why did I have to get into a series that releases bimonthly!?


  2. Kuga is totally my favorite character!
    He and Ren have some great male bonding scenes in the later chapters (I love it when Kuga strangles Ren with some seaweed XD It was totally random (Ren gets him back though ^o^)).

    Both are also great in that they keep interfering with one another when each is trying to get close to Hiyoki! Ah, young love (you can tell which characters are my favorite ^_^).

    I’m excited for when the next chapter comes out :D


  3. Lol, it’s nice to have the chapters but understanding it it another matter! If it’s simple talk I can get it real quick but if it’s some complex explanation I’m all o_O durr? *grabs for a dictionary* But that’s what practice is for ^o^

    Haha, my explanation does make it sound shounen-ai-ish XD Ren and Kuga are into that whole S&M trip *jk* Sorry about that! From what I can tell, they are more like friendly rivals in love…well, maybe failures in love XD


  4. Lol, well I say failure because they keep interfering with one another. Just when one is about to make his move the other jumps in and ruins it. Or both are too busy fighting each other, one of the other S Dorm boys jumps in and takes advantage of the situation (I’m looking at you Gai XD).

    It’s really funny to watch but since I’m a Kuga x Hiyoki fan, inside my heart I’m all REN! Stop interfering in their love! Let me have my Kuga x Hiyoki scenes *threatens with a baseball bat* (I’m just a weirdo XD)


  5. Haha, as long as I’m not an anomaly for thinking that way =D Glad to know others have those moments too!

    Hey, go for it ^_^. Chapter 15 is a shocker I’ll tell you that! I haven’t checked out the earlier stuff but I’m sure they are equally good (it’s S.L.H. after all =) )
    Hopefully my translations of chapter 15 won’t be too butchered! I’m still a n00b.


  6. Nope. I’m so slow it takes me 2 weeks to punch out 1 chapter ^o^. Well, I’m not really that bad but I have other things that keep me away from the computer.
    The people doing the actually releasing will probably be faster than I ever will! Haha. (sigh…I’m pathetic…–;)

    Now I understand why it takes so long for a chapter to be released. Translator and editor aside, the guy/gal that has to do the cleaner must also have a hassle @_@ I have so much respect for them.


  7. LOL, I ask my friends to TL chapters for me…
    And it takes them to TL it, uhm, depending on their mood.

    Then, I’ll be the one to clean and typeset~

    And yeah, everything can’t be rushed or else it will look sucky :D


  8. Lucky! No one around here knows Japanese so I’m on my own D’:
    Lol, try and bribe them with the greatness that is chocolate. Chocolate can make anyone happy ;D

    Cool! So you’re one of those photoshop people! I have great respect for you fine workers. Thank you for making scanlations look super great =D


  9. I can’t D:
    We are miles away from each other.
    My friends are in the Philippines and I’m stuck here in Egypt ~_~
    and LOL, no need to bribe XD

    LOL, we just do random scans of the manga we mostly, I like…
    we aren’t scanlators ^___^


    If you want I can scanlate ch 12 using your TLs~


    • Egypt! Whoa! That’s awesome. My friend LOVES Egypt. She’d attack you with so many questions if she ever found out. =D
      That sucks that you’re away from your friends :(
      Thank the Man Upstairs for the internet and texting.

      Ohhh, that’s still cool =D That’s way better than what I do.
      At least you know how to play with photoshop. I still suck at it >_> Darn evil technology…

      I don’t have the RAWs on my computer though but if you have them, then go for it! =D
      The more S.L.H. exposure, the greater the fanbase for it *maybe* ^_^
      And maybe S.L.H. will get the cute accessories Barajou no Kiss has. [there is a super cute keychain of Barajou no Kiss that I want but you can only get it in Japan T_T;]


      • LOL. Is she/he a history fanatic? Or she/he likes to visit the pyramids and other nice tourist spots here?

        Well yeah, being far away from home sucks big time. Plus the fact that anime and manga is oblivious here makes me homesick ~_~. No one to share my passion XD.


        Just read on online tutorials :D
        They’re helpful!
        unless you’re a TL;DR girl D:

        Once you get the hang of the basics, you’ll change your opinion:
        “Thank God for Adobe Technology”


        Awww, I thought you have it ?_?
        Cause after 2 days, I’m going to be finished with one chapter, we’re currently working on~

        I can do that since I have nothing to do again XD except work. ~_~


      • She’s a history nut through and through ^_^
        She’s trying to get me to go to Egypt but I’m a lazy person. Plus it’s expensive right now…D8>

        She wants me to travel all over the place but I’m resistant to some of her idea. If I travel I demand only one thing: flush-able toilets *serious*. How are ancestors survived without such a blessed instrument is beyond me.

        I know I played with some tutorials on youtube
        That’s how I learned how to make animations :D
        When I people color and stuff on photoshop I go 8O How’d you do that!? What button does that!?

        No I only have the RAWs in my magazine. I tried scanning some but they came out fugly. That’s why in the summary I have only a few pictures (and those were the ones that were on the very edge of the page and weren’t fudged up -_-;).
        Maybe that website Little Star put a link up for will get the RAWs soon?
        (ah, the pain of work…but the glorious paycheck that it produces =3)


    • Yeah! Another S.L.H. fan!
      You have great tastes, my guest! First Heart no Kuni no Alice. Then Crimson Empire. Now S.L.H. =D
      I’m sure you already checked out Barajou no Kiss, S.L.H. manga-ka’s other works haven’t you ^_^
      If you don’t mine me asking, whose you’re favorite character in S.L.H.?
      I’m a Kuga x Hiyoki fan ^o^


  10. XD…
    I think it’s fun to travel XD
    go with her >:3

    Or you want to travel in a caravan/trailer with all the necessities there INCLUDING that magical TOILET XD


    Still no good on animations ~_~
    I hate making moving stuffs…
    those frames and sh~Ts
    OH, Coloring XD
    you just need to know what tool to pick :D
    and color away…

    Vectoring is something I really want to know


    Okei, I’ll try going there XD


  11. Haha, I think she is going to random summon up a trailer with said flush-able toilet so I’ll have no excuse not to tag along XD
    I know my demands are strange but they are few! ^o^

    I can make really simple animations but nothing like youtube level. I think you need a movie marker for that stuff right? Plus I don’t know where I would get the animations. I’m computer retarded >_<;
    Coloring is fun. I have no idea what I'm doing half of the time but I just go with it. :)

    Good luck! It would be awesome if you can scanlate chapter 12 =D
    My summary does that chapter no justice.


    • It’s not weird! Long journeys while riding a vehicle are annoying! What if nature calls ;o; oh please… XDDDDDDDD


      Oh, you mean AMV’s :D
      I am no good at video rendering.

      LOL, if you can’t color with photoshop, use color pastels or pencils.
      I prefer doing it the traditional way :D
      The effect seems livelier~


      Don’t say that ^___^
      At least you were able to come up with it :D


  12. Haha, so true! It’s really bad if you get car sickness and it’s a REALLY long trip D:>
    I agree that car travel is annoying. >_< Darn motion sickness

    I like playing with both. It's a fun way to relax.
    Cel shading is my favorite type of coloring – that's why photoshop is the best to use!
    Maybe if I didn't have crayola markers that sucked I would enjoy coloring by hand better…

    Haha, thanks. I feel better.
    I just wanted something for fans to check out so they have some idea about what's going to happen in future chapters. I hate getting into a series that takes while to update (or never updates) or ends on a cliffhanger and then stops updating. It's the worse feeling DX


  13. well you, crack me up with your commments and thanks for the summmaries i love them!! <3 keep doing whatcha doing! wait do u have alll the chapters of S.L.H.??


    • Thankies ~
      I just put what comes out of mind as I read the chapters haha xD

      To your question: I have bound volumes 1 – 3 of SLH and I’ve been collecting the magazine, Comic Sylph, which Stray Love Hearts is being serialized in (I have all except #2 Dx *tears*).
      I still need to get the 4th volume (it came out last month)
      So as of right now, I have all the chapters.
      I haven’t done a summary for #9, #10, or #17 yet, but they’ll be here sometime soon :3
      Hope that answered your question
      Thanks again for the comment ~


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