Manga Opinion: Wild Act volume #3

I found this during a random excursion to a used book store.  I only have volume #1 & #2 so to find volume #3 made me happy =D

Volume #3 picks off right where volume #2 ends: with Yuniko finding out her father is none other than Akira Nanase – the man whose memorabilia she has been stealing (and before you scream Butt-poop! That’s a SPOILER! – this was stated in the summary on the back of volume #3.).  Ryu helps comfort Yuniko as she is overcome with emotions over the news – which was really sweet! ^o^

Things take a turn when Ryu states he’s not going any further with their relationship until Yuniko can choose who she loves more, Akira or him (you butt shit, do you really need to do that now!?)!  The conclusion to this episode was kind of shocking…this is only volume #3 but…let’s just say a love hotel was involved! O_O|||  {I didn’t expect that until I looked at the rating on the back: OT XD doh!}

The rest of the volume deals with a tape that supposedly has a recorded conversation between Akira and Yuniko’s mother about Yuniko.  Maki is dead set on finding it so he can get his name in the papers.  Yuniko wants it because this tape contains a part of her past she never even knew she had.  The ending is a cliff hanger which makes me lament over the fact the next volume is going to be difficult to find (at a decent price). (;ω;)


  • Entertaining, esp the chibis
  • Eye candy (Ryu *heart* even though you’re a little too horny for my tastes XD)
  • Cute romantic moments
  • Interesting characters


  • Might be too sexy for some people
  • OOP so finding the next volume is going to be a challenge >_< (of course mangafox is always an option ^_–)

Summary on the back:
Now that Yuniko has learned that Akira Nanae is her real father, she has to come to terms with the truth.  Once Ryu goes away to promote his latest movie, Yukino (ß this is a typo. Oh, Tokyopop…) has time to be alone with her thoughts.  She decides she must accept the truth and move on with her life.  In fact, she decides she’s finally ready to go all the way with the new love…but is she truly prepared to take things to the next level!?!  As she’s mulling that over, Yuniko continues to try to establish a relationship with her mother…but she still doesn’t remember her.  Meanwhile, Maki is bound and determined to dig up concrete evidence that Akira is Yuniko’s father so he can sell it to the tabloids.  Will Yuniko and Ryu be able to stop Maki in time?!

8 thoughts on “Manga Opinion: Wild Act volume #3

  1. …ok is it just me or dose that summery make it sound like she is havind sex with her dad? and another point, I was looking up anime, why is there so much incest in Jappan? I mean are they ok with it? if so…well…ewwwww


  2. Lol, sorry!
    Ryu and Akira are two different people (also Akira, her dad, is dead – like long dead). So unless they dig up his corpse and …necrophilia comes into action, then no…no daddy humping XD (sounds so wrong!)

    Yeah…I gotta admit there are a lot of shows either focused on that or based on that. >_>; There’s some weird stuff in Japan. I won’t lie.


  3. Laugh. Hey if the stuff is good it’s only natural there would be lots of fans =D

    Lol you are in the same boat too. I kind of wish Tokyopop would do what VIZ and Delrey are doing and re-release the series as an omnibus. Fans from VIZ who have read her others works like me (Punch!, Gaba-kawa, or H3) may want to check out her older stuff.
    Just a hint Tokyopop ^_-


    • I wish they would too…but I think it’s likely they’ve just plain lost the license for it. And they do seem to be doing more omnibus version now, it’s just that they do omnibus versions instead of individual volumes… :/ Which I don’t really mind (less for more usually), but it’s kinda weird. (And Punch! and Gaba-kawa are really good too! Haven’t gotten around to reading H3 yet, but it looks good too.)


  4. *sobs in a corner*
    I see…sigh. Darn. I guess this means Kodocha is probably in the same bucket.

    I know some Del Rey series I’ve been collecting in singles formats are going omnibus. They’re going to look a little strange on my shelf but at least they’re on my shelf *tries to think optimistically*

    (Truthfully I’ve only checked out Punch! and Gaba-kawa. I plan on eventually reading H3 but it’s not high on my to-do list. ^_^; I’ll get there eventually though!)


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