New Header: Spice and Wolf

I officially love “Vigilance” – the new theme for my blog.  Not only can you change the header but you can also change the background color @_@ Especially useful for a computer retard such as myself.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use any other theme again.

This header is to commemorate the new Spice and Wolf light novel which will be released in December! Yeah! I was going to go for a winter theme but the coloring on the picture was being a butt.  Plus I loved the way the Spice and Wolf logo came out (have no idea how that happened. I was trying to color something in when that logo appeared even though I had it on another layer (and I had that layer invisible o_O).  It was creepy but awesome.  I figured this was a predestined thing so I just went with it and thus the header you see before you).

Here’s to hoping the novel does well!

10 thoughts on “New Header: Spice and Wolf

  1. You do relise that I now need you to do mine! see it’s got to be dark and sexy and evil and sexy ichigo and cute rukia and and…but this is so totaly you. i can see you and ur hubby doing this.

    Hubby: >.> omhg shes so cute!

    Fox: (<.<) do I got st in my teeth?


  2. Lol, hey if you send me the picture, I’ll do what I can. Also you need to tell me the dimensions of your header. Each theme has a different size header it can sport. The only bad thing with this Vigilance theme is the header is smaller and longer than I’m used to…

    It took FOREVER to find the right picture used for my header because apparently there’s lots of Holo porn out there (Holo is the girl on the right. She likes to go naked time to time). I was all yeah, just what I want: to be friggin arrested! D8< Who knew trying to find a cute picture would require filtering through so much butt crack?


  3. I love vigilance sooo much too! I completely agree that I don’t think I can switch to another theme anymore, since it’s soooo easy to customize for me! : D

    And I love, love, love! your new header! : D And I too hope that the Spice and Wolf novels do well. :]


    • Thank the power of Photoshop for that header! I’m amazed what that program can do! =D

      I’m super excited to see what Spice and Wolf will bring! After all the hoopla around it, let’s hope it will satisfy those who care what’s on the inside! ^o^ *jk*


    • Lol if anything, I stalk them. XD

      You gotta tell me how Blue Bloods is. I saw it at Wal-mart but I’m burned out a bit on vampire books right now.
      Plus I’m reading my Haikasoru books. Number #3 down! I’ll post a review soon.

      Dude speaking of Wal-mart, totally found Jacob and Edward t-shirts! It’s them from the movie. I screamed when I found Jacob and threw it away from me. He looked scary! Σ( ̄ロ ̄lll)


  4. me too, i am off the teen vamp wagon, give me a full grown male who i can do the nasty w in many diff places, not this stupid omg the world is going to end becase he didnt look at me today and now i have to do hw.

    HAY! Jocob is sexy *licks* w out clothing on,


    • Lol seriously. Some YA books are cute but some of them are borderline stalker obsessive with their love. I remember one bk I was reading had basically no plot and the main girl just kept drooling and fantasizing over the male lead. Which is fine if there was a plot. But there wasn’t. So I wasn’t happy. [And the book was about werewolves! How can you ruin a book about fluffies!?]

      Dude if you saw this t-shirt you would have burned it on the spot. It wasn’t sexy. It was creepy. *shudders from remembering*


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