Random Comic

This comic is from the anime Polyphonica (thank you Sentai for licensing it!).  It takes place in episode 6, where the gang is trying to find a lost cat – only no spirit power is allowed.  When the cat final does get cornered, rather than give up and accept its capture, the cat jumps off a bridge.  A friggin bridge.  Now I thought, why would a cat be so desperate to get away from this little girl (its owner) that it’d jump off a bridge?  That’s how this comic got made:


So that's why the cat tried suicide instead!?

9 thoughts on “Random Comic

  1. ahahahahaha, that’s fantastic!! : D If I were that cat, I would try suicide too. xD

    I love that Sentai licensed this series, and it’s totally another thing on my Christmas list for this year. :] And CMX licensed the Polyphonica: Cardinal Crimson manga for next year. ;]


    • I’m super happy too that Sentai licensed this series. I’m hoping they license the…I think prequel(?) to Polyphonica as well =3

      Sweet! There’s a manga coming here too!? Totally buying that on the next righstuf CMX sale! Thanks for the heads up! Now if only the light novel would come to the states…*wistful daydreaming*


      • Yup, yup, the prequel (Crimson S). :] It was pretty good too, it has a very different style that kind of bothered me at first, but it’s just as good as the first series. Ah…I would love a light novel version… *also wistful*


    • Lol arkynox! I’m calling PETA on you!

      I can’t lie: I wanted to do that to a cat whose cage I had to clean once. When I let him out to stretch, the butthole went nuts and started clawing up the walls! I figured it was probably from being cooped up so I let him do his thing but when I tried to get him back in, the fool wedged himself in a corner under some boxes!
      Had to ask the people of Petsmart to get him back into the cage. This Hulk lady totally just grabbed him by the scruff and butt and chucked him in. Me: 8O (…) *impressed*

      I didn’t know Pandora Hearts had clones. WTF! Everything has clones now! It’s like a new trend. Instead of Gucci bags, clones are so the new purple!


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