Be careful what you wish for…

I was looking at comments posted on some blogs I started thinking how nice it would be to have lots of comments on posts I did.  Then I thought, huh, how many comments can one post possibly have?

Thus I created this post!  My friend arkynox told me about this.  You make a wish.  Another person comes and grants that wish but in a twisted way.  Then that person makes a wish and the trend continues :3

So…you wanna make a wish?


127 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for…

  1. [Oops! Crap! And here I was attacking you to make a wish…my bad *sheepish grin*]

    Granted, it’s lovely to frogs =P *avoids knives thrown*

    I wish for Copic Markers! (the damn expensive mother @#$%er pens that make Crayola cry and write suicidal things on LJ)


  2. [Oh yeah, sweet peas do taste good. Hmmm. Sweet peas ( ´艸`)プププ ]

    Granted, instead you have fecal matter in your food (and that’s hella lot worse! Because it gives you the waterfall poopies. Yeah. My prof was very adamant about that symptom.)

    I wish not to get sick. *stupid viruses and their desire to replicate* ヽ( )`ε´( )ノ


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    • Wow, thanks! *blush* ^_^

      If you like my blog, you should check out the other links on my blog roll. They cater to things similar on this blog: kelakagandy’s site is good for shojo manga and light novels, arknyox is more towards books and anime, mangafanatic has shojo manga (though more on the manwha side), and namelissis is good for finding manga with hot guys =3


  4. [Hey, I’m down to dying as an old person. Just not in a retirement home or without the use of a functioning bladder…]

    Granted, they are hot and married to one another. At least you got some eye candy… T-T *cries*

    I wish for mad translating skills =D



    Granted you get earth worm pizza with blood .

    I wish that i didnt read the end of the book i was reading cuz it was a giid book but now i dont want to read all of it. eve though it had a good ending…*cry*

    btw it’s called dragons keep by janet lee carey


  6. [I knew it…]

    Granted, the book never ends but it gets worse with each successive book released. Your favorite characters either die horrible mind shattering deaths or do things so sick and unethical your love for them turns to hate and the desire for them to die a bloody death manifests itself in your heart. The plot stops making sense or even retaining your interest for that matter. It will get to the point where you will wish to use those books as fire starting material. Yet you will still go out and waste $18 on the newest hardcover version.
    [*heavy breathing* That’s what you get when you @#$% with my pizza!]

    I wish Art History didn’t blow so bad…


  7. [What!? No internet!? That means I have to go out and actually interact with people! D:]

    Granted, you see a lady kick a guy in the nuts (using the fable move called the “Nutcracker”).

    I wish I could sleep in more…


  8. [Wh00t! 30 wishes strong! Thx you arkynox for continuing the pain!]


    Granted, you are given 500 male turtles XD
    (OMG, I am SUCH a dirty pervert!)

    I wish for those scary guards at the museum I went to yesterday to stop being creepy and stalker-ish…


  9. [Crackers, I don’t have my speakers plugged in so I’m going to have to wing this mess-up wish]

    Granted, but an incident with helium leads to you forever sound like a chipmunk (or a guy that had his nuts kicked in).

    I wish Polyphonica the sequel to be licensed and brought over to the states so I can watch it…


  10. [Lol, I finally heard the song. It made me depressed then kind of happy but in a depressed way in the end]

    Granted: it’s that worm pizza you gave me a few wishes back >:D Take that!

    I wish I could find the rest of my manga, Wild Act (it’s OOP :c)


  11. [Darn French! Gah! Ever since Kaleido Star: New Wings, I’ve developed a small hate for the French! Eat bread, you cheese eating surrender monkeys!!!! *jk*]

    Granted, but you can only accelerate time forward (and you age hag. Oh do you age… >:D)

    I wish for me not to fail biochemistry the class! (damn, first I had to fight through the lab and now the friggin class wants a piece of me. As my father said, it takes a special person to enjoy chemistry…)


  12. *old OLD!!! let me tell you dear soul sister. YOUER NOT THAT MUCH YOUNGER THEN ME!!!*Breaths fire*

    Granted you’er so special the special buss cant take you.

    I wish i didnt have to go to the dentis T.T


  13. [But you know what? In the end, you’re O-L-D-E-R~! You walking corpse XD]

    Granted, but that flippin hole in your tooth causes a new breed of parasitical worms to move in. They eventually start eating away at your other teeth till your teeth either fall out or shatter. With no teeth and infected with worms, you go SHIT! Why did I just flippin go to the dentist instead of having Kitsune grant my wish to not go!?
    Then you start pooping worms…[you shouldn’t have made me special…XD]

    I wish my Art History teacher would finally make up his mind and tell us if our final really is optional or if he’s going to be a turd and say just kidding!


  14. *i died cuz you put worms *shudders*…in…you know i have a fear of bugs in the body!*

    Granted you pass and live happily ever after w no man meat.*ha* **no I need you to have a kid so it can marry my kid*

    I wish for fox to have kids.


  15. *lol are kids ar going tobe fucked up…just not to us.*

    Granted, She has 12 kids and they all live at fox’s place cuz Mummy and dada r playing in there room.

    I wish fox will injoy her children when they come.


  16. [I pity my offspring…]
    [I also pity your children. They are going to be crazy and lick the windows of the special bus…just like when we were in school =D]

    Granted, Fox goes to the brain doctors and gets some happy pills! But then has explosive diarrhea…wait, I don’t like where this is going…

    I wish not to have explosive diarrhea plz


  17. [=_= B-bad memories of the Pete pop forming in my head…]

    Granted, you have to clean backed up sewer pipes instead (the ones with poop…you know the ones I’m talking about)

    I wish that fucker neighbor dog would stop barking randomly at himself for 30 flippin minutes while I’m trying to sleep!!! 凸(`、´X)


  18. [Lol great. They took my medically challenged dog too? Ohhhh Pete does not approve of your methods.]

    Granted, but since it eats people it eats you as well

    I wish I had a giant thunderbird who eats people I don’t like (like my recommendation letter ppl but not me or my family/friends)


  19. Granted but bad things happen to us too…

    I wish a lawnmower would run over my Art History teacher’s legs. (I’m not asking for much here – esp now that other students are coming forward to say WTF about their grades too >:/)


  20. [Haha! That’s awesome :D]

    Granted, it turns out to be a F *punches evil fairy granter in the face. Takes wand*
    Granted, she gets a B (truly it should have been an A but I’ll be happy if it’s not what I have right now. Damn mofo)

    I wish for my stress level to go down.


  21. [Lol, don’t be sorry! I’m glad I got to help brighten your dark day]

    Granted, it’s because Fox died in her sleep o_O|||

    I wish NOT to die in my sleep until I’m fossilized old…(I’ve got hot guys to hunt and stuff…yeah)


  22. [I-in the past!? Just how old am I? And how crusty does that make you?]

    Granted, you get medicine that stops the hurting but makes your arm grow 3x it’s normal length. We call you ‘Slappy’ for shits and giggles :3

    I wish Copic Markers weren’t so expensive…


  23. *me too, you have to sell ur firt born to get the primary clors*

    Granted, you get the cheep kind that dies hafe way inot ur art.

    I wish I was already in my other life cuz this one is going to start sucking bad


  24. [NOOO! I hate those! Damn Crayola *shakes an angry fist*]

    Granted, but that life is worse than this one

    I wish I could go back in time and slap my Biochem lab instructor over the head with a mackerel (fool went on vacation and totally forgot about my letters! >:O)


  25. *dude thats not cool, k we will umm “plot” how to get him back*

    Granted you do that and he droops out of school makeing you never take that class and r stuck w 2 classes of art history w urt fav tech!

    I wish I cude go back in time. hello sexy romans w no stds.


  26. [O_O W-well if this guy doesn’t submit his shit then that’s probably going to be my fate…I’ll probably end up on the news for sawing for teacher’s head off with a sharpener…]

    Granted, but it turns out the Roman guys are into each other [I need to find the SNL skit they did on the 300. It was hilarious XD]

    I wish grad school applications didn’t suck so much


  27. *dude you need to get flanal shites, i got some for x mass and just that keeps me warm sometimes too warm.*

    Graded *drop kicks you’er ass to Egypt and joins you*

    I wish we could go to the land of sands!



    Granted, you get teleported to a sandbox XD

    I wish what happened to my bottle hadn’t happened…[check my lj if you haven’t for more details…]


    • [Hey at least you have internet access now]

      Granted but the eggs they buy turn out to be golden ones and they make millions off them while the eggs you have just taste good.

      I wish my stupid fucking recommendation letter asswipe finally (FINALLY) did good on his word and sent in the damn letters (I still can’t believe that whore had the balls to say oops. I forgot. No. No you didn’t forget. I spammed the shit out of your email account with my school email. You even replied once (like a month ago). Don’t give me that shit about forgetting. You even tried to avoid me. Well, you are shit out of luck. I’ve my dad’s blood in me and WE DO NOT SURRENDER! D:<)


    • [My dad is also stubborn as a mule on certain things. But then he’s a pushover with others. I definitely get that from him. My mom was a real terror when it came to push and shove. The scariest thing was she always did her dealings with a smile haha!]
      [Also…fuck monkeys! I had better had gotten in before the world exploded!]

      Granted, but the font is too small to be read (by the human eye or any type of machine made by man)

      I wish I didn’t have to have a 4 days a week schedule for school. I like my 3 day schedule better…


  29. *hay thats not cool, I think i would die w out music*

    Granted they do but there in Hawaii or cali

    I wish i cud win the mega millions from pete the Italian fox hound who loves snuggies.


  30. [Why must you remind me of the pain!?]

    Granted, you win mega millions of fleas.

    [LOLZ I have no idea where I dreamed that up. It was so wrong…seeing Pete in a snuggie. I was like WTF!? Pete, et tu!?]

    I wish the school bookstore wasn’t so crowded so I can buy my damn scantrons (some waste of money for taking tests) and carbon backed notebook (some waste of money for lab)


    • *Lolz reminds me of the book I’m reading; seriously messed up shit*

      Granted, but since I’m late in granted in your wish, your day actually sucked instead XD

      I wish tomorrows excursion to my school’s anime club won’t be too bad…


  31. [It’s your work. You have ‘Sparky’ and ‘Free Ride’ as co-workers. Plus…your work is…’dirty’ *jk* You really need a new job]
    [Oh dear God…O_O Fan girls…I’m scared. I can handle maybe 3 but if they have paddles…I’m screwed…]

    Granted, she spontaneously combusted along with your lap top

    I wish I could live in Japan and get the newest issue of Comic Sylph (my FAVORITE magazine publisher) – it came out today :,<


  32. 8O

    Granted, by the Tsunami that screwed me over kills the ones you love (except me because I’m too awesome to kill) after you help them think life is great and worth continuing

    I wish I could translate on the fly and poop summaries out super quick!


  33. [OMG We’re almost to 100 posts! Will WordPress explode!? Or do we have to go to 200?]

    Granted, you find an anime that ends happily, only your favorite characters have died the episode before and only the characters you hate find happiness. Oh and Ichigo and Orihime get married >:3

    I wish my FRICKING stuff would ship already! How hard is it to find a darn book that individually you have in stock but together as a bundle it takes 3 weeks to find!? DX


  34. Granted but arky rips it to tiny bits then burns it then spreads its ashes to the 4 winds never to be seen aging, why…for the ichigo w anyone other then rukia comment.

    I wish for my foxy friend to get her crap so she can once more kick my ass in manga.



    To arkynox’s wish granting: 8O

    Granted, she posts ALL the manga she’s ever read which causes the internet to explode. Meaning arkynox cannot watch her Bleach and learn that Ichigo and Orihime just got married XD

    I wish for more books on parasites (I just found one at the library. Squeal!)


  36. [>:D Fear me! I may be cute but I’m ferocious when messed with]
    [Sweet ~! *Goes to visit*]

    Granted, I do because it turns out you got a bunch of them while hunting for BF yesterday ;)

    I wish my exams coming up will not be hard and tricky!


  37. [We made it to 100 posts!!!! Yeah!!!! All thanks to you arkynox!!!!]
    [Also: fucker baby duck. Probably a Chinese duck too. Damn smart bastard. Making the rest of us lazy slobs look bad XD]

    Granted, I become a parasite and live in your intestines 8D
    [Sorry I couldn’t resist]

    I wish for the weather to be warm when I work ~


  38. [Yes! Let’s make this sucker explode! >:D]

    Granted, the weekend lasts forever and ever but you can’t work because of the never ending weekend so you eventually run out of money and are forced to sell your Eureka 7 DVDs to survive.

    I wish for this anime social party I’m attending to be…not scary XD


  39. [Gah!? How did you know I was having my mid-terms coming up one week AFTER the stupid hw!?]

    Granted, but you run out of things to do and lose interest in the world

    I wish I could platinum another video game (with PS3 games, there are certain goals you have to do in a game and if you meet those goals you get a trophy. If you meet all the goals you get a platinum <– ultra nerd cred. But naturally it's usually very hard to do (unless you play the kid PS3 games then it's easy) I finally got one playing that stupid Fairy Tale fights game :D I wanted my money's worth so I played that game to death!)


  40. * what ur jk about my o so sweet comments*


    Granted I in all my glory am back …now i am off to anime world and shal not be on here for a time

    I wish for more sleep


  41. [Yeah! Arkynox is back! \^o^/ *throws confetti*

    Granted, but only a kiss from your true love can wake you. He travels vast distances to find you, braving mailmen and sewer rats to reach your resting place. He enters and is shocked to find a hairball on your bad. Seems you’ve been asleep so long, your hair has grown to such monstrous proportions. Biting back a maidenly shriek, your true love silently creeps out of your presence and finds a cave in the mountains to sob in for the rest of his scarred life.

    I wish I could concentrate more on studying cell bio (but it’s so BORING!)


  42. *lol i bet thats how sleeping bueaty happends(

    Granted, it as exsiting as snail sex *and it really is they torpedo one another cuz there all both men and woman*

    I wish to know more about sex, the good none creepy kind tuvm


  43. Wow that skills. I usually end up either spitting the gum out or swallowing it after a certain point. Slime…o_o you sure it wasn’t from you? Do you have some type of snail genes in your saliva that produces mucus after prolonged gum chewing? XD *jk*

    Granted, you have now become mucus girl and can climb up walls and shit. Unfortunately a group of french people walk by and smell your mucus-y…musus and eat you because it reminds them of that snail dish back in France…hohoho

    I wish to get the combo trophy in my Cross Edge game :3 *nerd cred!*


    • [I finally got it 8D Yeah ~]

      Granted, but it becomes more annoying than funny and soon you stab bananas into your ears and forks in your eyes to end the pain (because turning off the mess never occurred to your frazzled mind)

      I wish this interview thing doesn’t suck as bad as I think it’ll go…


  44. …gee thanks >_>
    *vaporizes old man and said banana*
    Problem solved ~ <3

    Granted, you mind goes no where and you're unable to make stories or think properly or do shit. You have turned into a potato pretty much.

    I wish I can study for my finals and not have my brain go in 500000000000 different places (I'm not as ADD as you *jk*)


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