Manga Summary: Ghost Hunt

Is it me or does Naru looked a wee bit...stoned?

Title: Ghost Hunt #10

Author: Fuyumi Ono (artist: Shiho Inada)

Okay, arkynox.  This one is for you.  Here’s the summary of what happened in Ghost Hunt #10 the manga, complete with SPOILERS!

The story starts out 6 months after volume #9 (or where the anime leaves off).  Naru is forcibly discharging himself from the hospital XD.  Everyone goes over to the hospital to help Naru pack up and leave.  They spot Lin paying for Naru’s medical bills with a shit load of $$$ (bc Naru doesn’t have insurance).  Everyone: O_O holy!

After being amazed by the shit load of $$$ Lin is packing, everyone arrives at Naru’s room and begin cleaning up.  As Mai watches everyone, she thinks of how Naru’s parents or relatives haven’t visited.  Then, she suddenly thinks of everyone as his family.  Ayako (the miko) and Monk are the mother and father.  Masako and Mai are the daughters.  John (the priest) would be the middle child and Yasuhara (the…person with glasses) is the middle child.  Lin in the surly grandpa XD (lol!) Last is Naru, the spoiled baby of the family!

Turns out while Naru was in the hospital, Mai and everyone lived at that now not cursed restaurant/resort in the last arc of the anime/manga.  While getting into the cars, Monk announces that only 5 people can fit in his car.  Naru says that’s not a problem and says Masako can ride with him and Lin, much to Mai and Ayako’s chagrin.  Monk teases Ayako who proceeds to beat him even though he’s the one driving!  This scuffle ends up getting everyone lost (as Monk was leading the way).  After driving around for some time, they come to a lake.  The vehicle Naru is riding in suddenly comes to a stop.  Naru jumps out and looks over the railing down into the water below.

“Finally…I found it.”

After saying that, Naru pretty much tells everyone to get lost (sigh, Naru you ass XD).  He’s closing up SPR.  Naturally, everyone is freaking out over this.  Despite Naru’s command, the others refuse to leave (Mai stays too after hearing Masako whisper to Mai: If you go home, you might never see him again).

Over the next few days, divers come to the lake and start searching.  Naru is very cranky and standoffish.  Mai, despite his attitude, asks what is it the divers searching for.

“My brother.”

Yada yada.  The others are concerned with how Naru knows where his brother is.  Lin just answers and says “He just knows.” (WE know – bc of the psychic link both twins shared – Naru saw the last moments of his brother’s life when he was hit by a car and his body dumped into the lake).  The mayor of the area the lake is in comes to Naru asking for help.  Seems there are ghosts hanging around an abandoned school nearby.  The mayor wants to tear down the school and build a resort to bring money into the area.  Naru accepts, saying he has nothing to do until the divers find his brother.

Much of the book is spent trying to figure out what’s up with the school.  No one in town knows anything unusual about the school or even about the ghost stories.  While setting up equipment, it starts to rain.  Mai, Lin, John, Naru, and Ayako run inside the school.  Monk, Masako, and Yasuhara are off getting lunch.  Naru remembers some files he left outside and tries to open the door.  It won’t open.  Ayako tries to break the glass by throwing a glass bottle at the door but only the glass bottle shatters.  The windows are the same way – Lin threw a flippin chair at it!

With nothing to do until the others come back, team A goes and explores the school, making sure to stick together.  Team A finds long dead animals – in unusual states (died wo a struggle).  Later when going into a classroom, they find school supplies and textbooks which surprises everyone bc wouldn’t you take this stuff (like the parents as a memento of their child?). The chalkboard has May 18 clean up duty.  The attendance book shows that last attendance taken was May 16.  Through journals found, they discover the class had a field trip on May 17.

A weird noise up above startles everyone.  Lin goes to alone (Lin…you never go alone…) to investigate through some tiny door (Mai and the others stay behind to keep the door open).  Some force shakes the whole building, causing the door to shut.  When the shaking stops, everyone jump through the door to see if they can find Lin…but they don’t.  Instead they find blood (;_; nooo!)

Outside, Mai sees Monk’s car coming.  Team A rushes downstairs before Team B can enter and close the door, trapping them as well.  However, another weird shaky thing occurs.  The little door shuts but Naru is all fuck that! and kicks the door off.  Team A rushes through the hole but are too late.

Monk: ^_^ oops…

Then Monk comments on where Ayako is.

Team A: …oh @#&$!

Team A rushes upstairs along with Team B.  On the wall are the words: Congratulations Ayako! (whatever that’s suppose to mean).

Team A and Team B are having a powwow.  Yasuhiro explains the information he found: the people in the area were lying to them when they said they didn’t know anything.  Yasuhiro went to the library for data and found that a dry avalanche had occurred here.  People were killed, including school children on a field trip.  The event happened May 17.

The scene ends with giggling in the background…OMG flippin creepy ghost kids!

There, hope you are happy arkynox.  I kept my word!

2 thoughts on “Manga Summary: Ghost Hunt

  1. o no ur fav person is dead…agine! *snikers* sorry Miss fox but its just to funny, I bow down to ur powers.


    And thanks for the up date. i tryed looking for scanaltions but i cant find any and i can work mangafox. it dont like me.


  2. …Lin’s not dead yet! *runs off crying*

    *comes back* And yes, we need some damn romance! You can’t label this series as shojo/romance and not have romance! :/
    I’m weird but I think Ayako and Monk make a cute couple too. She’s like the disgruntled wife and he’s the husband that goes “yes dear,” and takes it! XD

    No prob on the update. Volume #11 just came out in Japan (it had been like 2 years since book #9 was translated here in the states D’: so who knows how long it’ll take for volume #11).


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