Manga Opinion: かみちゃまかりん (Kami-chama Karin) volume 1

Title: かみちゃまかりん (Kami-chama Karin) volume 1

Author: コゲどんぼ  (Koge-donbo)





Introductory summary from the Publisher/author:

What would happen if a human…possessed the powers of a god!?

When her beloved one and only pet Shi-chan dies, Karin finds her self all alone.  But one day, an encounter with a mysterious boy unlocks within Karin ‘god-like’ powers!?*

*Lit. says: since encountering a mysterious boy, god-like powers have–!?

Kami-chama Karin is a series that runs in Nakayoshi.  Yes…it’s made for girls who are in elementary school >_<;.  But you know what, I’m not ashamed!  For I have read this volume – to completion – in its original Japanese language!  I’m proud of this achievement – for years before when I got one of my first Japanese manga – Mamotte! Lollipop! – all I could do was drool at the pictures.  I had no clue what anyone was saying.  I felt proud when I could differentiate each character’s name from other words…

But now that has changed!  Steadily my skills have been improving.  Soon I will one day be able to read my Heart no Kuni no Alice light novels *sparkly eyes*

Enough about my self-glorification (hey, a person needs to raise his or her moral 3 times daily for a good long healthy life after all), let’s talk Kami-chama Karin.  The story itself felt a little weird.  I found out this series was originally an one-shot.  Popularity allowed the author to continue this story into a series.  So you’ll notice the characters change as well as the story as you read through.

Karin is your typically heroine – albeit she is pretty violent (but that made it easier to relate to her >:D).  Plus I love her reactions to things!  Kazune reminds me a lot of Naru from Ghost Hunt, except he’s an anti-feminist and emotionally moody.  The resemblance comes from both characters never telling you, the reader, or the characters in the story the whole picture.  It’s obvious Kazune is hiding something.  Big.  Himeko was the surprising character.  In the beginning she came off as stylish and cool but three chapters later, she turned into an airhead ditz cliché.  I couldn’t help thinking, are you suffering from some multiple personality disorder?  Did you hit your head while you were away and became someone else?  It’s not a bad thing.  It’s just really random.

Story wise, the beginning is about Karin discovering she has god-like powers and the consequences of that.  The latter half of volume 1 deals with Karin living together with Kazune and Himeko (wow, Aunty sure is nice letting Karin go off with strangers!).  Karin still feels alone without Shi-chan.  Moving to a new location where she knows no one only worsens the situation.  It doesn’t help that at her new school, there are potential enemies mixed in with those who could be potential friends.  Just when life is about to beat her down, a ray of warm light fills her life as she encounters…the ‘Prince.’  The ‘Prince’ is the man every girl dreams of.  But is this ‘Prince’ a friend or foe?  What’s a girl with god-like powers supposed to do!?

The art is very cute.  What I love the most though are the character’s faces when they react to something.  Karin especially is a master at making the most hilarious faces!  Though this is a kid’s manga, I still found myself laughing at her faces (and of course her punches).

Overall, this is a good manga to read if you got nothing else to do.  It’s not ground-breaking awesome or will change your life in a positive direction.  There will be those who may get turned off by Karin and Kazune’s constant bickering or Kazune’s furtive nature.  But hey, how can you not like a manga where the main hero is so scared of bugs he’s nearly wetting himself over some butterflies that land on him during a battle?  ^_^

2 thoughts on “Manga Opinion: かみちゃまかりん (Kami-chama Karin) volume 1

  1. lol i bet in a past life we were some sick freaks with r love of evil and violent things.

    Speking of evil wallflowers fucking rocks. so right up ur stret!

    ….was that it on ghost hunt >.<


    • Lol I think too we must have had issues to be the ppl we are today. But hey, I wouldn’t have it any other way! XD Everyone in the world be sad if I wasn’t as I am today. No need to deny it. Singing ballets of my awesome-ness will do.

      Ah, I want to watch Wallflower! It looks SOOOOO good! I’m trying to take down another anime I bought along with Ghost Hunt called Mushi-shi. It’s weird but kind of cool. The only problem I see so far is that in all the episodes I’ve seen so far, there’s always this generic looking kid running around (either as a patient or a friend to the patient). I want to ask, don’t you kids have any form of variety? What are the chances you’d all have the same hair length, same puppy dog eyes, and same built. If I had to pick one of them out specifically in a line-up, it would be impossible! But I love Mushi-shi all the same =3

      Thanks for the reminder on Ghost Hunt! I’ll have it either today or next week, depending on how the evils of school go. I have two tests (one in that blasted Art History class -__- damn that class would be so fun if taught by someone less…anal), a presentation w paper, and HW that’s said to be from hell itself…*tears*


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