Manga Opinion: Zombie Loan #7

Title: Zombie-Loan #7

Author: Peach-Pit

Okay so this review is completely biased in favor of Zombie-Loan!  It’s one of my favorite manga of all time and each successive volume makes me love it more and more!

We continue where volume #6 left off: Z-Loan and A-Loan are trapped in a building surrounded by possessed humans.  Both sides need to find a way out before the week time limit or else they die!  If only they’d stop fighting one another that is!

This volume explores a bit behind the character Chika and his past.  After meeting his dad and sister, I was wondering what happened to his mom.  Well, you get to meet her…and it’s not favorable >:(.  Traveling down Chika’s memories, we also see how Shito and Chika met/got contracted together.  It plays out slightly different compared to when this event in time was mentioned in previous volumes – making me wonder if nothing is really as it seems in this series.

We also get to see that maybe Michiru is something more than just a girl dragged into this mess :O. Dum dum DA!

There are many Shito x Michiru scenes in this volume :D (which surprised me but hey, I’m not complaining!) But for every scene that pushes me towards that pairing, a Michiru x Chika scene happens and makes me question which pairing I should support [And sometimes, a little part of me whispers Zen x Michiru XD]

[I just hope this doesn’t turn all yuri and Michiru gets with Yomi.  >_< Yomi and Sotetsu are a way cuter couple any way].

The translations were clean and easy to understand.  Everything is clear and beautiful, as expected of a Yen Press release!

From comedy to horror to suspense to even a little bit of chemical romance, Zombie-Loan continues to win my adoring support.  I’m eagerly awaiting the next volume (especially after the cliffhanger ending)!

4 thoughts on “Manga Opinion: Zombie Loan #7

  1. hmmm this sounds cool let me know how it go’s .

    i have way too much mang and ani…fuck the lib! aaaa I forgot! my books *runs to the lib at 4 in the moring in underwere and a shert* let me in let me in!!!!!


  2. Lol, I really love this manga. The anime only gets up to like book #6ish so this is new stuff for me. Plus it’s got my Michiru x Shito scenes! (then I feel like a traitor when I squeal Michiru x Chika! XD)

    Now you sound like me, arkynox. While my manga backlog isn’t that bad, it’s my anime that is! *looks at the shelves covered in still plastic wrapped boxes of anime goodness* The rightstuf, damn them (no, they rock so bless them =D)! So many great prices one would be a fool not to grab (then feel like a fool after spending all that…but then feel better if the anime was good and worth it!)


      • Seriously! Sigh, but that’s the price of living here. Oh well, you gotta admit – when you do get to enjoy something, it’s usually 10x greater than had you all the time in the world and could do whatever you want. You’d get all bored and crazy and become one of those F’ed up people in anime or manga that are all I’m bored…entertain me in a F’ed up manner *smile*

        Right now Ghost Hunt is on sale for $14.99 for each box set (there are 2). Wallflower is also on sale for $17.99 for each box set (same: 2). Other than that…>_< ummmmmm nothing else I can think of. But I'll keep you posted!


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