Light Novel Opinion: Missin’: Kasako

Ugh.  Man, why is it so hard to sign up for classes!?  Shoots!  The minute seven o’clock hit, my college’s website must have experienced what was akin to an artery clogging as hundreds of seniors from my school logged on to grab at any of the minuscule amount of classes being offered in the Spring 2010 term.  A very pitiable amount of classes, if I do so say myself (I feel a little bad for the freshmen when it comes to their turn because even the dregs will have been taken by the Juniors and Sophomores!).

I was so pissed because every time I entered in the class number I wanted to take, the page would say it’s down.  No you’re not, I yelled!  You just can’t handle the surplus of students sucking away at your bandwidth like hookworms in the intestines (I think that’s the right term)!

Apparently no one has heard of classes not being offered at times other than 12 – 2 and 2 – 3 or MW classes here at my school.  =_= I’m sort of glad I fashioned myself so that when I came to this point in time, I could take just about any old class as long as it was an upper division class.  But still, I don’t like the F’ed up class schedule I have next semester…sigh.  Just need to suck it up I guess.

Anyway, forgive the little rant.  I don’t know how many times I’ve done this and yet I still come out feeling angry and volatile.  So to match my mood, I’m putting up my light novel opinion for Missin: Kasako.

Earlier I reviewed the first book of the Missin’ series (if you can even call it that).  Missin’: Kasako continues the story of our stalker turned rock star protagonist and her interactions with her obsession, Missin.

After finishing this book, I kind of wanted to say “I want the time I spent reading this book back.”  I was sad because this book was really pointless.  Don’t get me wrong, I can read a pointless book as long as it’s entertaining or has something to merit its existence.  But for the Missin’ series in whole…I really don’t know what the whole point of the story was.  Keep your friends close and your stalkers closer?  Don’t let bodily injury to others stop you from doing what you want to do?  Lolita is the saving grace of this black world?

I never felt attached to any of the characters.  In fact, other than Missin and (I’m stretching this) our protagonist, we never really get to interact with any of the other characters in the story.  I especially wanted to know how the other two members in the band felt about everything that transpired.   However, when they weren’t rehearsing, they didn’t exist.  I felt all the other characters in general were just props – there when necessary and forgotten from existence otherwise.

[Another thing that bothered me was the protagonist herself.  Mostly during the entire book, the protagonist would just fangirl about how great Missin was. OMG, you totalz rock my world! My BFF 4eba! Wh00t!  I love you.  I love you.  I love you.  It got really creepy, but hey, if you’re a stalker, you gotta have your obsessions placed right ;-9.]

Near the end of the book, I saw moments that reminded me of the later written Kamikaze Girls.   The scene during the final performance was very inspiring.  My only favorite part in the whole book was when our protagonist jumps off the stage at the end of the show.  I chuckled at the end result.  I thought, had the book only been like this, it would have been much better!  But alas, it wasn’t, and these parts couldn’t redeem the book in my eyes.

In conclusion, I just didn’t feel for this series.  From the characters to the story, it all was just blah for me.  The first part of the Missin’ series was actually interesting (despite it’s not safe for Timmy moments).  It really got a person thinking about how our interactions with others can have profound effects.  The second main story however…well, I’ve already stated my case (well, more like I bitched it ^_^;).   [Maybe I’m just too simple to get the meaning?] It’s up to you all if you want to try this series.  I’d recommend borrowing it from a library first, to see if it’s something you like.


[Edit: I noticed I shouldn’t write opinions when I’m frustrated.  It came out way harsher than I intended!  Oops!  ^_^:]

4 thoughts on “Light Novel Opinion: Missin’: Kasako

  1. Lol arkynox, I love how your comments always go on the wrong post but thank you for the comment! ^_^

    Well seeing as i Just barowed hafe of my lib i an’t going to read this shit!…dude look up the book Lord of Pleasher and just keep looking around . some of the names of the bks just make you blush….i only got 3 or 4 of them ^///^

    …..I realy dont want to go back to school….hmmm how long do u have to be in chool to become a counsoler?


    • Lol I figured you got some dirty romance books. Kya~ ecchi! *jk*


      I’m not sure how long it takes to be a counselor. I know a girl I worked with said she was considering that as a career option. She was working to get her psychology degree (Bachelors). Psychology was fun, I’m sad I had to drop it as my minor though (darn prerequisite! Statistics for Biologists is almost the exact same thing as Statistics for Psychologists, except instead of 10 people with cystic fibrosis being surveyed, the question is edited to say 10 people with bipolar disorder :/)


  2. The whole series is actually based off a light novel series. It later was adapted into a manga. Then later into the anime. Yeah, the anime does just end right there but manga goes further (Del Rey finally released #10 in the states which continues after episode #25 – I ordered it off rightstuf so it’ll be here soon and I can give you details on what happens (or knowing you, you’re already on mangafox looking it up ^_^;).

    The manga takes forever to release though. It’s only on number 11 or 12(?) in Japan. What I want is the light novel though! *eyes sparkle*


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