Manga Opinion: Black Lagoon and Dogs: Bullets and Carnage

Manga Opinion

     I don’t read too many English released manga (bc I’m trying to learn Japanese myself and practice via reading manga in its original Japanese language; I’m not a hater, people ^_^;) but sometimes I dip into a series if I know that it’s going to be awhile before I can actually read it due to my current ability (but that doesn’t mean I won’t be better in the future! *crosses fingers*).

     The 2 series I decided to try were Black Lagoon and Dogs: Bullets and Carnage.  I checked out a chapter of each from online scanlations and liked what I saw.

     I know my description says I like cutesy shojos but I also like humor and good characters; as long as it’s not too crazy, I’m there. = )

     In a nutshell, from what I’ve read so far, Black Lagoon is about 4 people working together to do stuff.  Dogs is about four people who are drawn together by fate…(shitty descriptions, I know.  If you want more detail, you can either check out or

     I enjoyed the first book of each series (well for Dogs, I got bk 0 and bk 1).  Both had their deal of carnage but I liked the black humor in each series so I just got over it (Dazzle helped to reduce my ‘gore reaction;’ for such a cute looking series, that thing is bloody sometimes!).  From watching Badou’s actions when he goes through nicotine withdrawals to Revi pulling her gun on a child because he threw food at her – I smiled frequently through each volume.  Maybe I’m just a weird person.  >_>;

     If I had to choose between the two, right now the winner goes to Black Lagoon, just because I like everyone in that series a lot (especially the Revi x Rock scenes.  Is it so wrong that I think they’d make a cute couple? XD).  Dogs is good, but right now all I got out of the first volume were a lot of questions and something ominous in the future.  I’ll definitely still stick with Dogs because I’m curious about what’s going to happen to the four main characters.  The same goes for Black Lagoon (I’m interested in seeing the anime now that I’ve read some of the manga.  A lot of these scenes would look great animated).

    Please note: these two series are not Little Timmy appropriate (in case I haven’t stressed the issue enough)! 

      Last thoughts: ~~Am I the only one that winces whenever Revi bends down or tries to sit?  Her pants seem to be riding up her butt.  I keep thinking, man doesn’t she ever get a wedgie from those things? X_X Well, I guess it’s to make up for the fact her boobs aren’t hanging out…

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