Anime Opinion: Sola


Basic story: Boy meets girl. Boy likes the sky. Girl also likes the sky. Boy: sweet! Girl happens to be some mythical creature of the night and is being hunted down. Boy: …wha? Did something happen? I was looking at the sky. Mmmm, sky *heart*

Add in details such as Boy’s sister not too happy when girl moves in with boy and displays obsession mostly found in jealous girlfriends or those seagulls in Finding Nemo. Or Boy’s friend just…being there bc her presence is mandatory in these kinds of anime along w her sister. And the fact Boy may not be who he thinks he is and you have Sola!

I liked Sola. I’m not sure why. Yorito (the main character) had a crazy fetish with the sky, to the point of maybe needing help, but for some reason, I thought that was kind of cool. I liked how he turned his ceiling into a portrait of the sky. I would never have thought of that (and frankly, I want to do up my ceiling in that manner!)

Matsuri was pretty okay as the main heroine. She didn’t do much to annoy me or PO me. She actually kept her clothes on too! Maybe that’s why I liked this anime because I didn’t have panties blinding me ever other shot (so for all you people out there that want some undies action, look elsewhere please. The only thing that comes remotely close is a trip to KAPPA Land.).

Takeshi (the guy hunting Matsuri) had to be my second favorite character, hands down (the first going to Yorito). ^_^ The Kappa Land episode just tore his I’m So Awesome Vibe down to his life’s nadir. I burst out laughing at the CPR scene. I thought: if only Matsuri would do that to you, she’d have no trouble escaping you.

Who I didn’t like too much was the sister, Aono. She had some creepy obsession with her brother. The closest analogy I can use for her is a father who sits on the porch with a shotgun waiting for his daughter’s date to arrive. Except instead of intimidating the guy with the gun or chasing him off, she’d fire the moment that person got into range. Repeatedly. Maybe even eat a body part if she got hungry. Yeah, she’s that creepy. Granted in the end she got better. Still creepy but greatly toned down.

The storyline was pretty good. I didn’t see a few twists coming though I could tell instantly that something was up with Aono. Just had that feeling.

Sola didn’t get me too emotional. It had some cheesy funny moments (Bearded Dandy had me smiling, just because Dandy sounds so wrong) and some tense moments (like during fight scenes) so there’s something for everyone.

Overall, I’m satisfied with Sola. Had there not been that one shot at the very end of the anime (one of those “interpret as you feel” scenes) I would have middle fingered my tv in rage. ^_^; But that scene was there and no finger was issued.

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