Root #5

One more chapter after this!

Root #5

Chikage: “…who…?”

Yuiko: !
[My shoulder!]

[It can’t be…]

Maya: “Young master ~ ♪”

“Please take a gander! Do I look alright?”

Chikage: !!!

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Oni: “Yo.”

“Black hair is the norm around here…correct?”

Chikage: “You bastards!  That outfit-!”

Yuiko: [I knew it…]



Oni: “…what? Too much to handle?”

“Fine.  Then this.”

Yuiko: !!


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Yuiko: “Chi-chan!”

Chikage: “What are you shits doing here?”

Oni: “Kikuichi also agreed to this.”

Chikage: !?

Oni: “Don’t you remember me saying I’m the only one who can retrieve Yuiko’s soul – no one else.  If I’m not near her, how am I supposed to retrieve them?”

“You’re not the only one burdened if Yuiko dies.”

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Yuiko: “…!”

Oni: “Nevertheless, you probably can’t rest easy with such a thing.  Thus, the one who will keep Yuiko company won’t be me.”

“Maaya will accompany her in my stead.”

“…your mien seems to say ‘No way in hell.’” *chuckle*

Chikage: “…Isn’t that obvious?”

“First off, your existence itself is – ”

Voice: “Fujiwara-kun!”

Aihara: What’s this all about!?”

[Me: Holy banana cream pie!  Where did she suddenly pop from?]

Chikage: “Aihara…”

Aihara: “Why did you suddenly just resign from the club!?  You’re the team captain, aren’t you!?”

Yuiko: [Eh!?]

Aihara: “And you were training for the Inter High too!”

Chikage: “That’s…”

Yuiko: [Chi-chan resigned from his club…?]

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Aihara: “Unless it’s a justifiable reason, I won’t accept this!”

Chikage: “Aihara.”
“I’m sorry.  This has nothing to do with you.”

Aihara: !!

Yuiko: “Chi-chan…that was a little…”

Aihara GLARE!

Yuiko: O_O “…!?”

Oni: “Now, now, Aihara-san!  Calm down.”

Aihara: “Satou-kun…”

Yuiko: “Satou…!?”

Chikage: “Aihara!  How do you know this guy!?”

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Aihara: “What are you talking about?”
“Isn’t he in the same class as you Fujiwara-kun?”

Chikage: “…I see…”

[He’s manipulating the student body…]

Maaya: “AHH!”

Yuiko: “What!?”

Maaya: “This!”

“It’s the starting bell!”

Yuiko: “Yeah…I think it’s the…warning bell.”

Maaya: “Time to go, Yuiko!”

Yuiko: “Huh…!?”

Chikage: “Yuiko!!”

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Oni: “You go this way, right?”

Chikage: “…tsk.”

Yuiko: [W-why…?]

[How did things turn out like this…?]

[I just wanted to go and apologize to Chi-chan…]


[Chi-chan…he said he resigned from his club too…but why…?]

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Yuiko: [I can’t get any of today’s lecture into my head…]

Maaya: “Yuiko! Yuiko!

“On our way home, let’s have some crapes!”

Yuiko: “Uhh…” 0.O;

Voice: “Yuiko.”

Chikage: “Let’s go home.”

Yuiko: “…yeah.”

[Oni-san will be coming too?]

Background: *Fangirl squeals*


“It’s Satou-senpai!”

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Yuiko: […Chi-chan…]

[He’s in a bad mood…]

[Only natural – he’s forced to continue along even though he’s vehemently against all this.]

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Oni: “…hmm?”

Maaya: “What is troubling you, young master?”

Oni: “…such a nuisance.”

Maaya: “A nuisance?”

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Oni: ‘That Chikage.  Chikage.”

“The eyes he uses to look at me…have such a blood lust it paralyzes.”

“All the more reason to devour him too.”

Maaya: “Absolutely not!”

“If it’s not Yuiko then there is no meaning!”

“You too, young master, must realize this!”

“This is all for you, young master.”

Oni: “…”

“…I know.”

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Oni (I’m guessing it’s Oni bc he uses the Kanji to say her name): “Yuiko.”
“What’s that?”

Yuiko: “…it’s a CD shop.”

Oni:  “CD? Those things called Compact Discs?”

“Well, how about that?”

Yuiko: “That’s a bakery…are you hungry?”

Oni: “I eat the foods of man.”

“Though you are a different matter.”

Chikage: “Hey.”

Oni: “…yeah yeah.”

Maaya: “…”

Little boy: “Ah!”

“My ball…”

Chikage: !!

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Chikage: “You can’t just jump out into traffic like that.”

“It’s dangerous.”

Yuiko: […Chi-chan…] ^_^


“It’s lighting up again!?”

[This can’t be my imagination!]

Oni: “This ring is how I confer my power to you – proof of our connection.”

“When the ring lights up, it signals someone in possession of your soul is near.”

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Yuiko: [Oni-san’s bracelet is also…lighting up!]

Oni: “…that guy is someone in possession of your soul.”

Yuiko: !!!

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Yuiko: [Master-san is…?]

*Master-san is that guy from previous chapters who would say good morning to Yuiko and Chikage on their way to school (Root #1).  He is also the one who spots Yuiko when she ditches school (Root #2).  Lastly, he appears in Root #4 to express his concern over Yuiko’s change in behavior.  He tells her to make up with Chikage, thinking she and Chikage have had a fight and that is the reason for her depressed look.

Oni: “You can see it, can’t you?”

“The piece of your soul.”

Yuiko: “Well…”

Oni: “Don’t look with your eyes.”
“Try and feel the energy from your left hand.”

Yuiko: [From my left hand…]

[Feel it…]


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Yuiko: “Gasp!”

Oni: “You saw it?”
“…good girl.”

Yuiko: “…ah”

Master-san: “Yuiko-chan, I’m so relieved.”
“You were able to make up with Chikage-kun.”

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Master-san: “Is something wrong?”

Chikage: ?

Yuiko: [What a shock…I truly was able to see it.]

[Why would Master-san have a piece of my soul?]

[What’s going to happen from here?]

[It’s a little unnerving…]

Grandpa: “Yui-chan?”


Yuiko: [I need to hang in there…]

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Yuiko: [So Grandpa doesn’t end up alone.]

Oni: “…Hey.”

“How long do you plan on trailing me?”

Chikage: “I won’t let you out of my sight.”

Oni: “…sigh.”

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Girls: “Huh!?”


Chikage: !?

“What happened!?”
“Are you hurt?”

Girls: “The desk!  The desk came falling down!”

Chikage: “…you probably didn’t break any bones.”

“You should hurry over to the infirmary.”

Girls: “Y..yes.”

Chikage: [That guy – !?]


“…it’s alright.  I’ll take you there.”

Maaya: “Yuiko! Yuiko!”
“Where’s one of those photo booths?”

Yuiko: “Eh…near the train station.”

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Oni: “Yuiko!”

Yuiko: !

Maaya: “Young master.”

Oni: “Come.”

Yuiko: “Huh!?”


Maaya: “Are you heading out?”

Yuiko: [HUHHHHH!?!?!!]

Oni: “Make sure to hold on tight.”

“Let’s go.”

Yuiko: [Hi – !]

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Yuiko: !!

[We’re gonna fall!]


Master-san: !




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Master-san: “…oh?”


Oni: “Come, Yuiko.”

Yuiko: “Master-san!”

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Yuiko: !!


[Wha – ]

Oni: “Can you see it?”
“Your soul?”

“Well, this is as far as I can go.  As the owner, the one who can unite this soul is you Yuiko.”

“Is your heart ready?”

Phew!  Another chapter down!

Man this one flew by!

I guess bc Kikuichi isn’t around to talk ^_^

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